Family by FalseBill
Summary: Christmas Eve 2236.
In the JJ-verse Captain Martin goes to see his close friend Captain Lily to check that she is enjoying Christmas this year.
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1. Chapter 1 by FalseBill

Chapter 1 by FalseBill
Stardate 2236.358 (Christmas Eve)
Valley View Town, Earth

Martin Lallason was standing once more outside the door to his friend Lily Fitzroy’s quarters and he was trying to compose himself. He didn’t notice either the cold wind or the lightly falling snow. As so often over the last year or so, he was trying to work out what opening line to use before he pushed the door chime.

Suddenly the door opened and Lily stood before him in a green dress with a matching bow in her hair and her crazy Christmas earrings. Despite all the years Martin had known her, she was still a vision of loveliness to him.

“Martin, it is far too cold to be dithering outside my door, come in and have some hot chocolate,” said Lily.

“Well, hot chocolate in the warmth of the Lily Pad with a beautiful friend, what more could I want for Christmas?” said Martin.

Lily mockingly rolled her eyes at him, she wasn’t sure when her friends had started to refer her small quarters as the Lily Pad, and while she enjoyed the initial joke, it had started to wear thin.

“Here’s a peace offering,” Martin said with a smile.

Then he handed her a bouquet of flowers and a small gingerbread house that he was holding.

Lily’s face lit up at the beautiful flowers. She took the flowers from him and for a moment enjoyed the smell, forgetting the harsh December cold of California. Lily then took the gingerbread from him and led him inside her small flat.

As he entered the flat Martin noticed that in contrast to last year’s gloomy bleak minimalism, the flat was a festival of colour and decorations. The tree was covered in tinsel and bauble balls, with a touch of fake snow. A PADD had been hung on one wall and was rotating through the various electronic Christmas card and videos. The windows were tinted with fake snow and a Hanukkah Candle.

“What is with the Candle?” asked Martin.

“A reminder of a promise to someone who didn’t get to come home,” answered Lily with a touch of sombreness.

“Oh,” said Martin.

Thankfully Lily chose to expand her answer and rescue him from the moment of awkward silence.

“I was speaking with T’Bek at last week’s counselling session, and realised that I still need to acknowledge and accept the results of past mistakes, thus the Hanukkah Candle is to remember the first officer I lost as Captain of the USS Argonaut, Catherine Disraeli, and to recall her and all those other members of the Starfleet family who aren’t here to celebrate with us.”

“A noble sentiment Lily,” said Martin.

“I try. Still Christmas is a time to celebrate, so let’s celebrate! The spirit of the holiday, our lives and those whose noble sacrifices allow us to enjoy it,” replied Lily.

She walked over to her wall radio and switched it on. The room was filled with Christmas music. It took Martin a moment to notice that Lily had walked to stand expectantly under some mistletoe.

His nervousness returned and so to buy a moment more, he joked, “O have you being a good girl this year?”

Lily laughed and replied, “Must have, I’m off to the Admirals’ Ball with a handsome Captain.”

“O shall I go before he gets here then,” replied Martin with a hint of self-mocking.

Lily just raised a finger and beckoned him to join her under the mistletoe.

Martin with a smile stepped forward and took Lily into his arms, and both of them in that kiss realized that the greatest gift was to love and be loved in return, and the other had given each of them that.

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