New Beginnings by Enterprise1981

Before taking on his new position as DS9's first officer, Elias Vaughn takes in some of the scenery.

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1. New Beginnings by Enterprise1981

New Beginnings by Enterprise1981

Commander Elias Vaughn walks through an airlock leading out onto the Promenade of Deep Space Nine. He takes a quick glance at two passing aliens before taking a brisk saunter down the lower level walkway.

The first landmark on his quick tour of the Promenade is the security office. From there was where Constable Odo would doggedly conduct his investigations into criminal activity. From there, he kept a close eye on the coming and going visitors. Elias had not had a chance to familiarize himself with the entire senior crew manifest, but he has a feeling that the new security chief has his own clever ways of keeping on an eye on the infamous Ferengi barkeep Quark.

Further along the way is the Bajoran Shrine, where various religious services are conducted. That was where people prayed to those Prophets, who seemed to have an influential role in the Dominion War. While he may not embrace every aspect of the Bajoran people’s faith, he’s satisfied that the entities within the Bajoran Wormhole do have some passing interest in corporeal matters.

Further down the Promenade is Quark’s Bar, Grill, and Casino. While the proprietor of that establishment, who is now bantering with a portly individual seated at the bar, did seem to be involved in a fair share of criminal enterprises, Quark has reportedly been most the Starfleet and Bajoran Militia crews’ one-stop shop for entertainment and catering the last seven years.

Just across the Promenade from Quark’s is the primary infirmary. From there, Doctor Julian Bashir had performed some of his great medical feats. While Elias only knows of the doctor by reputation, he feels content putting his own health and wellness in the good doctor’s hands. Though he owes still going strong at one-hundred and one years of age to being half El-Aurian, Elias still considers it a medical miracle that his human half hasn’t failed him.

And a few doors down from the infirmary, is the space that was formerly Elim Garak’s tailor shop. The alleged spy had been a constant source of intrigue for many of the station’s senior crew. As a former member of Starfleet Special Operatons, Elias would certainly have enjoyed picking Garak’s brain. That would have to be for another time.

His attention is diverted when he hears two reptilian-like aliens arguing in their native language. He has encountered aliens before, but often for the purpose of blending into their societies. The diversity of cultures here will give him a new perspective.

Can’t believe I was actually considering retirement a few short months ago. I may like it here. This place is in much better shape than when Benjamin Sisko first set foot here seven years ago.

End Notes:

While as far as the Deep Space Nine relaunch novels are concerned, Elias Vaughn is fully human, I am merely putting a new spin on his durability.

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