Lord Mr. Archer by MIck

On the night before the change of command ceremony, Lt. Commander T'Vana confronts the ship's new helmsman who has decided to take the shuttle she was going to use apart.

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1. Lord Mr. Archer by MIck

Lord Mr. Archer by MIck

Lieutenant Commander T’Vana walked into the shuttle maintenance bay, her long dark hair held up by a hair clip.  She walked along the shuttles trying to find the one she was looking for, having been told by Chief Engineer Yu that it was being worked on.


After walking for a few more meters, she saw the Tranquility perched up on antigrav sleds.  “Damn,” she heard.  Looking down T’Vana saw a pair of legs sticking out from underneath the aft end of the shuttle. and the bottom half of a gold shirt.  Looking at the right sleeve, she then said, “Lieutenant.”


Wayne Anderson slid out from underneath the shuttle, his curly blond hair was a mess, and he was dirty.  The tall human looked up at the Vulcan, “Yes, Commander.  If it was about the language, I’m sorry.  I dropped one of my tools.”


“That is not the problem,” said T’Vana.  She kept her voice level as she said, “I am wondering why you chose this particular moment to take the warp drive apart on this particular shuttle.”


“It needed some parts replaced, and I am qualified to make the repair,” said Anderson.


T’Vana looked around to see parts from the shuttle scattered on the deck.  She then said, “I am needing this shuttle ready by 0800 hours tomorrow.  I will be taking it to the orbital facility to bring our new captain aboard for the change of command.”


Anderson shook his head, “Even if I worked all night, I can’t have this shuttle ready in time.  You can use one of the others, I’ll even change the flight plan for you.”


T’Vana glared at the helmsman, “No, the Tranquility must make the flight.”


“Why’s that?” asked Anderson.


“Every commander this ship has had has first set on board this ship from the Tranquility.  It is a sense of tradition, and one I will not allow to be broken,” said T’Vana.


“Oh,” was all Anderson could mutter realizing his error.  “Listen, I’m sorry.  I know I am new here.  I got bored, I was anxious for something to do.  Mr. Yu said some work needed to be done down here.  I was on the Jovian run for a while, so I know how to maintain the shuttles.  I just thought I’d get started on the repairs.  I’m going to need some help if this is going to get put back together in time.”


“Then I suggest we get started,” said T’Vana as she crawled underneath the shuttle, and began to work.



‘Lord Mr. Archer, how I wish you could see what your warp engine has done to me,’ thought Anderson as he resumed his work.

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