I Got Stripes by MIck

Newly minted Lieutenant Elena Ortega inspects her station before telling her mother of some good news.

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Series: Star Trek: Constitution
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1. I Got Stripes by MIck

I Got Stripes by MIck

Elena Ortega opened her eyes as the turbolift doors opened, allowing her to step out on to the Bridge.  Except for the familiar chimes, all was quiet.  She stepped out of the alcove, and looked to her right.  she smiled as she looked at the Communications station, where she would be spending most of her time.


“May I help you Lieutenant?” asked a woman with a Russian accent, and long red hair.


Ortega replied, “I just wanted to see where I would be working.”


“You must be Lieutenant Ortega.  I am the Science officer, Lieutenant Commander Catryn Cojocaru.”


“Pleased to meet you,” said Ortega.


“LIkewise,” replied Cojocaru, “I have some news the comm channel you asked for his now available.”


Ortega smiled wide as she thanked the Science officer.  She ran back to the turbolift, and arrived in her quarters moments later.  She east behind the small desk, and activated the comm terminal. The black screen was gone, and a new image filled it instead.


“Mama,” she said in a thick Spanish accent, “I have news.”


“What is it?” asked Mrs. Ortega.


“I have been assigned to a new ship, the Constitution.”


“Is that good?”


Elena smiled wider, “Good?  It’s the best assignment I’ve had.  It’s one of the best ships in the fleet.  I’m lucky to even get this because there’s only twelve other ships like this one in the fleet.”


“Congratulations, I am very proud of you,” said Mrs. Ortega.


“Thank you Mama,” said Elena, “I have something to show you.”  Elena then raised her sleeve up in front of the monitor to show the two gold stripes now on her uniform.  One of the stripes in a wave, and the other straight.


“I don’t understand,” said her mother.


Elena chucked a little, “You’re talking to Lieutenant Ortega now mother.”


“You were a lieutenant before my child.”


“I was a junior lieutenant, now I am a full lieutenant.  It comes with the job,” said Ortega.


Mrs. Ortega smiled back, “I am very, very proud of you.  I know I had reservations about you joining Starfleet, but you seem to be happy.”


“I am mother, for the first time in a long time,” said Elena.  


“I only wish you would have stayed on the Ajax with Miguel,” said her mother.


“Mama, Miguel and I broke up three months ago.  I know you liked him, but he couldn’t be with someone who outranked him,” said Elena.


“Then you did the right thing,” said Mrs. Ortega.


Just then she heard an announcement over the ship’s intercom.  “I have to go mother, it seems the new captain is about to arrive on board, and I have to get to the cargo bay.”


“Take care of yourself my child, I love you,”  said Mrs. Ortega.



“I love you too.”

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