Dance By The Pale Moonlight Again by FalseBill
Summary: Here is a collection of 500 words or less random short stories from my various expanded verse characters.
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For the 12 Trials of Triskelion 2014 here are my Ficlet Flashdance challenge Entries.

1. Chapter 1 by FalseBill

2. Chapter 2 by FalseBill

3. Chapter 3 by FalseBill

4. Chapter 4 by FalseBill

5. Chapter 5 by FalseBill

6. Chapter 6 by FalseBill

7. Chapter 7 by FalseBill

Chapter 1 by FalseBill
Author's Notes:

Space Station USS Ganges braces for another Undine Attack.

2410 Prime verse
USS Ganges Command Deck

“Admiral! We’ve just picked up another wave of Undine ships inbound. I can confirm there is yet another Planet Killer vessel in their midst,” called out Commander Senezqu from the USS Ganges tactical station.

Admiral Emmylou Galyaski ordered, “Red Alert! Re-transmit the all frequency distress call message, asking for assistance from any Federation or Romulan ally ships within range.”

“Admiral," said Jalke’i from her station. "I can now confirm our distress call has being re-sent.” 

“Jalke’i, confirm to the various ship captains we’re going to use the same tactics as last time," said Emmylou. "They’re to take down the planet killer ASAP, while we use the station's heavy weapons to try and keep the other Undine ships off their backs.” 

Jalke’i fingers rapidly tapped out the order to the small flotilla of Federation ships guarding the station after the last two waves of Undine attacks.

Her station beeped in acknowledgement of incoming messages. Jalke’i quickly read them and then reported aloud, “All ships have reported confirmation of their orders, Admiral.”

“I can confirm the Undine ships are in the same formation as last time but our station shields are only back up to 82% of maximum strength,” said Reqknor.

“Okay inform Lieutenant Gordris' security teams and the station marines to stand ready to repeal Undine borders again,” Galyaski ordered before adding, “Okay everybody, let's do this dance with the Undine by the pale moonlight again.”


Chapter 2 by FalseBill
Author's Notes:
Big Thanks to LBD for the check.
USS Ganges Command Deck

Emmylou watched as the burning hull of the USS Justine rammed into the Undine Planet Killer and shielded her eyes as its warp core detonated in a huge explosion that destroyed the monstrous vessel along with the old Ambassador Class.

Emmylou noticed the lack of cheers from her officers; they had learnt from the early attack that while killing the Planet Killer was key to winning the battle, it wasn’t won till the other Undine ships were all destroyed.

“Reqknor, make sure you’ve cleared a bay for any Justine escape pods that got away,” Emmylou ordered.

“Already clearing Landing Pad Two and, Hangar Three is ready to receive them. The medical teams are on standby,” replied Reqknor.

“Admiral, message from Lieutenant Gordris: the marines guarding reactor four are struggling to contain the Undine Borders,” reported Commander Senezqu.

“Jalke’i, contact the damaged ship in our docks and see if they can spare anyone else to help reinforce the marines at Reactor Four. Flag it as a priority request,” said Emmylou.

“At once Admiral,” Jalke’i responded.

It pained Emmylou greatly not to just grab a phaser rifle and rush down there to help but she knew she was a little too old for that and besides, her place was here.

The Command Deck fell into near silence as Emmylou had no new orders to issue and her officers had nothing new to report about the raging battle outside. Emmylou turned her attention to the tactical display and accepted that this battle was starting to tip in the favor of the Undine.

“Jalke’i, contact both of our Captains Lallasons and tell them to bring their obsolete ships out from the planet’s shadow. We are going to need their weapons,” said Emmylou.

Surprise crossed Jalke’i face but like a good officer, she rely the order.
Emmylou had wanted to keep the time lost ships and their crews out of this battle but she knew right now she need every weapon she had at her disposal firing at the Undine.

Within moments the Miranda class and alternative Constitution class emerged from the sensor black spot in the planets shadow they were briefly illuminative by the dancing pale light of the local Moon’s as they and head towards the nearest Undine Cruiser.

That Undine ship responded to the new threat by peeled away from the damaged Galaxy Class USS Atlantis it had been hammering and went after the two new targets.

“Admiral, reactor four has gone off line, we no longer have shield or weapons on our starboard side,” reported Reqknor.

“We’ve an Undine Battle cruiser starting to do an run on the starboard side, none of our ships are available to intercept,” reported Senezqu.

“Try to use the tractor beam to throw it off course,” Emmylou responded.

“It’s having no impact,” report Reqknor before adding “Undine ship is preparing to fire on the Station.”

“Brace for Impact!” shouted Emmylou.

Chapter 3 by FalseBill
USS Boadicea Bridge

Captain Jolene ‘Red’ Lallason looked at the view screen and tried to make sense of the sight before her.

Her alternative sister Constellation, USS Endeavour, had just unleashed a hailstorm of phaser fire upon the Undine ship and with the enemy’s shields already knocked down, each of the hundreds of small phaser hits must have felt like being eaten alive by mosquitoes to the Undine bio-ship.

“Mister Ivarev. Torpedo away.”

The Andorian officer quickly executed the order and Jolene watched as the photon torpedo sneaked across the screen from the top right and delivered the coup de grace upon the enemy vessel.

“Good shot,” said Jolene.

“Captain,” said T’lara, the female Vulcan science officer, “sensors indicate that one of the Undine vessels is devastating the Ganges Starbase. I believe the command deck armour will fail immediately.”

“Kotei, hail the USS Endeavour and ask them to stay on our wing, Autumn take us towards the USS Atlantis. Let’s see if we can help get them back in this fight, because without either their or the station’s fire power we are not going to take down that battle cruiser,” said Jolene.

USS Ganges Command Deck.

“Thank you,” groaned Commander Senezqu as Reqknor lifted the fallen girder off him.

“No time for pleasantries Commander, the hull is already starting to buckle. I’m amazed it hasn’t gone already,” said Reqknor.

Senezqu looked around at the ruined command deck and had to agree with the Xindi-Reptillian; it was a miracle that they weren’t dead already, as he saw a lot of death.

There was a loud screech of metal and something popped. The sound of atmosphere escaping was all too obvious.

“Abandon the command deck, regroup at main engineering!” ordered Senezqu.

“I’ll get the Admiral,” said Reqknor as he rushed over to the limp form of Admiral Galyaski under another fallen roof panel.

Senezqu, with no one else to command, made his way over the rubble, trying to reach the exit. He nearly tripped over Ensign Jalke’i‘s prone form. He quickly checked to see if she was alive. Despite some clearly severe injuries Jalke’i made a soft groan as he touched her. Senezqu picked her up and put her over his shoulder and resumed his route to the exit.

“Sorry about this Ensign, just don’t die till I can find you medical assistance,” said Senezqu.

There was a loud thud and for a moment Senezqu feared he was dead, but then Reqknor shouted,
“I’ve got the Admiral free.”

Senezqu looked back and saw that Reqknor now hoisted the Admiral over his shoulders. Senezqu couldn’t help noticing all the red human blood over Reqknor, but what caught his attention, out the bay window, was the little dot of an Undine ship returning for a second shot.

“Move it, that Undine’s coming back around,” said Senezqu.

Reqknor cursed and joined Senezqu, running for the door.
Chapter 4 by FalseBill
Author's Notes:
Again Thanks LBD for your Beta Check.
Fluidic Space
Ketcheleb Commanders Office

Commander Torla watched as a Haakona class warbird and a smaller Tulwar class warbird flew alongside her re-fit D’deridex as they went deeper into Fluidic space, the Undine home realm, in search of the strange coral reef like structures where the Undine dreaded planet killers were supposedly being grown.

Torla had seen the latest intelligence reports just before her task force had crossed over into this strange realm. Already Earth, Qo’nos, Fereginar, Gorn, Andoria, Telar and Cardassia had repelled at least two attacks by the Undine, and many other worlds were being seized or destroyed.

It made sense for the Romulan Republic to try help their Federation and Klingon benefactors to cut the supply of the planet killer ships off at the source, before they decided to attack the Romulan Republic worlds. Hence why she had agreed to lead this mission.

Torla didn’t like Fluidic space, since her ship’s main advantage, the legendary Romulan cloaking device, was useless here. Even if the Undine couldn’t detect the ships directly they would detect the ripples of the ship’s movement through the strange liquid that fill this void. She wished she had more ships at her disposal but the Republic fleet was spread thin and she would have to make do with the three ships she had.

Torla could feel the crew’s nerves, despite the Ketcheleb now being a Romulan Republic Ship and in theory free of the dreaded Tal Shir security services. The fact remained that they still had their agents onboard somewhere, working against the civilizations of the Alpha and Beta quadrant for their new masters.

Suddenly she saw an incoming message from the Commander of the Tulwar: coral nest detected at bearing 27 degrees to port.

Torla looked at the visual feed and the scientist in her was intrigued at the ship’s egg sacks. The baby bio-ships were growing here but now wasn’t the time for that side of her. So with her rage focused she sent the code command to attack and destroy the enemy facility completely.

‘From under the raptor wings feel the raptor claws’

Chapter 5 by FalseBill
Author's Notes:
Again Big Thanks to LBD for the Beta Check.
USS Endeavour

Jolene ‘Blue’ Lallason was grateful for her seat belt as another Undine hit shook her ship under her.

“We have hull breaches on decks two through six and deck twelve is completely depressurised, but our emergency bulkheads are holding for now,” reported Lieutenant Loket.

“They won’t hold for much longer if we don’t...” Jolene didn’t get to finish that sentence as another shot hit home.

The bridge light switched over to the emergency circuit but Jolene knew what that meant; it only took a moment for Loket to confirm it. “We’ve lost main warp power, we’re now on emergency batteries.”

USS Boadicea

Jolene ‘Red’ Lallason, saw on her view screen the Endeavour’s warp nacelle go dark and the ship starting to list. Jolene gave a fresh order: “Autumn, keep us clear of the Endeavour and try to draw the Undine fire away but I’d prefer if we didn’t take another direct shot from that Undine ship.”

“Captain, the USS Atlantis has affected her repairs and is back in the fight,” said T’lara.

As if to empathise that comment a pair of torpedoes crossed the view screen and crashed into the enemy cruiser, knocking it away from the Endeavour.

“So it’s once more two on two, well I’ll take those odds. Autumn, put us in position above the Atlantis’ damaged port section. Ivarev, focus our weapon fire upon the same targets as the Atlantis. Let’s hope we can finish that cruiser before its big sibling finishes destroying Ganges, and if we’re lucky the Endeavour will be able to re-join us soon.”

“Aye Captain,” came their replies.

“Captain, the battle cruiser has broken off from its attack on Ganges and is now heading towards the Anastasiastad Colony,” said T’lara from her science station.

“It never rains, it just pours here,” said Jolene darkly.
Chapter 6 by FalseBill
Author's Notes:
Day 6 of the TTOT 2014.
Thanks LBD for your Beta help. Early version errors corrected.

Unable to get through to Main Engineering due to the Undine forces on the station and corridors blocked with rubble, Senezqu and Reqknor had diverted to the Station Medical Bay to seek aid for Jalke’i and the Admiral Galyaski but upon their arrival, both wished they hadn’t bothered.

The medical bay looked like a morgue, with broken bodies and smashed bio-bed and shattered cabinets. Indeed the only person they found alive was a junior Rigellian doctor, who looked like a shell-shocked butcher from all the various blood stains on her costume.

“Situation report Doctor,” requested Senezqu.

The junior doctor just looked blankly at Senezqu.

So Senezqu tried again. “Lieutenant, please give me a medical update.”

She looked quizzically at the Sauron Commander and then she said, “An Undine Warrior just overran sickbay and killed Doctor Chamze, his medical team and all the patients.”

He was just about to ask for clarification when the junior doctor did a twisted smile and said, “Then it killed you.”

Senezqu and Reqknor looked at each other and Reqknor replied, “We’re not dead.”

The Rigellian laughed and said, “All the un-pure are dead here, you’re just not smart enough to know it.”

Senezqu and Reqknor started to back away but the doctor’s features started to warp.

“O great, an Undine infiltrator,” said Senezqu. He turned to Reqknor and asked, “Mister Reqknor, I don’t suppose you’ve got anything that would help right now?”

“Commander Senezqu, all I’ve got on me is an unconscious Admiral, a pack of mints and a razor sharp wit,” answered Reqknor.

“I don’t think using an unconscious superior office as a club is a good idea, I’m not sure what use the mints are and I hate to tell you that your wit isn’t sharp,” replied Senezqu.

The Undine creature loomed over them.

“I could try to choke it with the mints,” replied Reqknor.

“Retreat,” ordered Senezqu.

The two officers turned to run, lumping their colleagues over their shoulders once more; both of them could feel the deck shake as the Undine started to chase after them.

“Reqknor, for the records you’re free to try and choke the enemy with your mints if the opportunity presents itself. All that will achieve is make us the only two Starfleet officers ever killed by an Undine with minty fresh breath.”

“Commander, permission to hope it has an severe allergy to spearmint then?” asked Reqknor.

Before Senezqu could reply, the Undine caught Reqknor across the back with its venomous claws and the Xindi dropped the admiral and crashed to the floor dead with a single, final scream.

“You don’t even have the mints now,” mocked the Undine.

As the Undine closed upon him Senezqu accepted today was a good day to die and turned to face his foe. the Undine. He would die as a Starfleet officer, not as prey.

Chapter 7 by FalseBill
Author's Notes:
Thanks again to LBD for Beta check help.
The conclusion (Day 7) part of my TToT 2014 ficlets.

Captain Tavik would never have admitted to such a human emotion as pride but as he watched the Undine cruiser die from a volley of torpedoes from Atlantis, he felt it was proof of his logical approach to his crew that they all performed so well. He also saw that while they were down to the last Undine vessel, none of the five Federation ships under his command could intercept the enemy vessel till after it reached the Federation Colony of Anastasiastad.

Thus he gave the only logic command left to him. “Inform the Boadicea and Prometheus to join us in intercepting that battle cruiser, and tell the Endeavour and the Republic to concentrate on their repairs.”


Jolene ‘Blue’ Lallason finished zipping up her swimsuit, and took the underwater rifle from one of her security guards and stepped on to the transporter pad.

She did one last look around the transporter room; she had four of her red-shirts in their swimsuits with the Xindi-aquatic design underwater rifles and rebreathers. She said to them: “Thanks for volunteering for this mission. We are about to use the Ganges and Anastasiastad satellites to beam directly on to the Undine ship. You are authorised to fire freely. Remember, damaging the ship is key, and without our warp core this is a one-way trip.” Then she said to the transporter chief, “Okay Chief, energize when I give you the thumbs up, everybody rebeathers in.”

Jolene and her team slipped their rebreathers in and with a final check round she gave the thumbs up and felt herself disappear into the transporter beam.


Torla wiped the green blood away from her eyes as she surveyed the ruined reef and said to her crew via intercom, “Yes we’ve neutered this facility. Let’s get back to our Republic.”


Emmylou awoke to find a dead Undine right in front of her. As she sat upright she also saw her XO Senezqu learning against a nearby wall; he wasn’t looking too good. Seeing her, he weakly said, “I’m sorry to say I fear the station has fallen; we’ve no support, no weapons and no medicine.”

Emmylou replied, “We’re not finished yet Senezqu, we’ve got to survive. If my memory serves the original station builders’ status pods are nearby and are self-powered. Let’s try and get you and Jalke’i to them.”

“Yes Admiral,” replied Senezqu.


Captain Tavik couldn’t believe his eyes as the large Undine vessel came to a complete stop.

“Captain, I’ve detected an away team from the Endeavour on the enemy vessel. They’ve somehow managed to cripple it,” said the Bolian at Ops.

“Beam them out and then inform all ships to fire weapons at the Undine.”

It might not have being logical but Tavik did secretly enjoying watching the torpedoes blow up the last enemy vessel.

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