Simple Gifts by FalseBill
Summary: Spock has a surprise visit from Doctor McCoy
Categories: Alternate Original Series Characters: McCoy, Leonard (Urban), Spock (Quinto)
Genre: Friendship
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Story Notes:
Written for LBD and all the other AOS (NuTrek) fans as part of the forum "Stuff the stocking 2013" gift exchange.

A big thank you to GateKeeper for the Beta read and all of the feedback and corrections GateKeeper provided to help me.

1. Chapter 1 by FalseBill

Chapter 1 by FalseBill
Mister Spock sat in his quarters staring at a blank computer screen. He had spent the last hour or so trying to come up with ideas for gifts for Nyota Uhura. The problem with being on a five-year mission of exploration was the lack of opportunities to acquire suitable gifts.

Especially as items from ship’s stores logically imply lazy thinking and a lack of planning on behalf of the giver. Last year he had managed to arrange mystery gifts for the senior officers but they had still been on earth, they had all suspected he was behind it but they had no definitive proof, which Spock felt tied in with the tradition as his late mother had taught him.

Spock felt the familiar pain at his mother’s death during the destruction of Vulcan and he fought to suppress the emotion again.

‘While this Human holiday was most illogical, it would be even more illogical to ignore its cultural importance to his shipmates and not grant them appropriate gifts,’ Spock thought to himself.

There was a knock at his door. Spock wasn’t expecting any company, as Nyota’s shift didn’t end for at least another hour.

“Please enter, the door is unlocked” said Spock.

The door to his quarters opened to reveal the ship’s physician, Doctor Leonard McCoy.

“Hello Spock, sorry to bother you, but we had a minor outbreak of a virus among some of the junior officers with copper based blood, that Nurse Hudec has traced back to starting after our meeting with the last supply ship from Mars. I believe from analysis that it might be the Vulcan Shikal virus from the Vulcan refugee compound on Mars. As the ship records show that you haven’t had a boaster injection since you were seven, I thought it best to come up and offer you one,” McCoy said.

“Thank you doctor that does seem a logical measure to take, however you didn’t need to come up to my quarters to deliver the boaster injection, I would have been prepared to come down to sick-bay,” answered Spock.

“You right Spock, I didn’t have to come up here, but I did for two reasons: one, I know you prefer your privacy and two, I wanted to ask you a private question about Jim,” said McCoy.

Spock arched one of his eyebrows before replying, “You shouldn’t worry about my privacy doctor, and I’m a little surprised you would seek my opinion in such areas, as the Captain’s oldest friend aboard the ship. However, as you need to give me the immunisation booster shot, it would seem a productive use of our respective time,” replied Spock.

“I shall take that as your way of saying ‘ask away’,” said McCoy.

“I believe doctor, that is your colloquial way of repeating what I just said,” replied Spock.

McCoy muttered something about a hobgoblin under his breath as he opened his carry case and took out a hyprospray and several small vials of different colored liquids.

“Please roll up your sleeve,” said McCoy as he set up the first shot.

“What did you wish to enquire doctor?” asked Spock as he rolled up his sleeve.

“As you likely know, Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat --“

“Perhaps you should change Nurse Goose’s exercise routine then?” interrupted Spock,

“You would have made a great straight man Spock, you know that? I’m referring to the figurative Christmas goose, not lieutenant Hailey Goose,” said McCoy as he gave Spock the first injection.

“You’re not the first human to tell me that, Doctor, please continue with your original question,” said Spock.

McCoy removed the vial, took out an anti-septic cloth, and cleaned the hyprospray before he inserted the next vial.

“As I was saying, it is nearly Christmas and for once I’ve got no idea what to get Jim for Christmas this year. I mean I know it’s the giving more than the actual present that counts but one year into deep space and I’m fresh out of inspiration,” said McCoy as he injected the second part of the vaccination.

“I understand the dilemma, Doctor, I have faced a similar one trying to select a gift for Nyota myself,” said Spock.

That comment surprised McCoy. “What a pair we are Spock, No clue between us. Well maybe you could give Nyota a recording of you playing classic Vulcan tunes on your lute or repeating some of her favorite poetry?” suggested McCoy and as he injected the third and final viral he added “Well that’s all your inoculations updated at least,”

Spock eyebrow raised and he said, “I do believe Doctor, you’ve given me a idea, I shall record a selection of Nyota’s favorite Swahili tunes on the lute along with some of her favorite modern classics. I shall have to ask our astrobiologist, Doctor Ann Mulhall, as the best singing voice on the ship after Nyota, if she will help me,”

“Well, that sounds like a great idea Spock. I’m happy to be of help, but any suggestions for Jim?”

“Given the Captain’s preferences for historical artifacts, perhaps you could trade one of your non-existent bottles of Romulan ale to the ship historian Lieutenant Maria McGivers for one of her classic oil paintings of past starships?” suggested Spock.

A smile crossed McCoy’s face and he said, “You know Spock, you still can amaze me,”

“That would only be logical doctor, as Nyota says the same, and she has known me longer than you,” said Spock.

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