Dear Naurr, Dear Lili by jespah, FalseBill

A friendship comes from swapping recipes and news. Dear Naurr, Dear Lili

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With love to anyone who's ever had to learn a new language, started a business or ruined a meal.

Big thanks to Steff for suggesting it.

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February 17, 2158 by jespah

From: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System

To: Naurr, NX-04, Ariane

Date: February 17, 2158 

Dear Naurr, 

I wanted to introduce myself as I used to be the sous-chef on the NX-01 and I hear you are the chef on the brand-new Ariane! How exciting! 

I bet you’ve got all sorts of stuff we never had. Our sanitizer sometimes went on the fritz. The secret is; you’ve got to kick it. And, while I can’t be sure, I think kicking with my left foot worked better than my right. But Chef Slocum always used to say I was being silly about that. But hey, he rarely dealt with that infernal machine. 

Are you having fun? I do hope so. I used to be such a drudge after a while; I kinda got upset when Major Hayes died and so I don’t suppose I was a lot of fun to be around then. Before that, sure. But then it took a while. You know how it is – we get casualties. And you and I aren’t warriors but there are people to mourn just the same. Actually, maybe we are kinda warriors. I should tell you some time about when I had to defend myself against a Xindi Insectoid, using only a cast-iron skillet and a French knife. 

On the Enterprise, the sous-chef job turned over a bit. First it was Richard Daniels, then it was Preston Jennings, and then it was me, and now it’s Brian Delacroix, who used to be in Security. He’s a good kid; he’s very eager to learn. I kind of ditched quickly because I fell in love and got married. But I did get a chance to teach Brian how to do a chiffonade. 

I do hope we can swap recipes and stuff, and maybe meet some time. My husband, Doug, and I are opening a restaurant here on Lafa II. We’re going to call it Reversal. That is, if we can get enough investors lined up. Oh, and I’m also expecting. Egad, I have a million things going on at once. Either it’ll all go off without a hitch or I’ll end up in the Calafan version of the loony bin. 

Anyways, take care and feel free to contact me if it ever gets overwhelming. If I hear about anybody from my old ship transferring over to yours, I’ll let you know. A lot of the people are just terrific and you can really impress them if you know what they like (it’s an old trick I learned at the Mars Culinary Institute). 


Lili Beckett 

PS If you come across the replicator recipe for Panais a la Jay, it’s roasted parsnips with apple juice and a touch of blueberry juice and I invented it in memory of Major Hayes, who really liked blueberries.

February 25, 2158 by jespah

From: Naurr, NX-04, Ariane

To: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System

Date: February 25, 2158 

Dear Lili Beckett, 

Thank you for writing, your repetition from being the NX-01 sous-chef does precede you and so I’m please to receive your letter. I am still no wiser as to what a sous-chef is thought, since we don’t have one here. Yes I’m indeed excited to be working on the Ariane and learning more about my new alien crewmates and all their interesting and various culinary cultures. 

Sadly I am not so familiar with the NX-01 kitchen, but the Ariane Kitchen does seem to have lot of fancy equipment, clearly more than my last kitchen on the Caitian freighter Star Leopard. However as the Ariane was built at the Tellarite shipyards for Earths Starfleet, for some reasons all the ship labels are in Tellarite, which does mean we all have got fairly good at reading Tellarite script. Regarding the Sanitizer, one thing I do recognize does indeed play up the same as the NX-01 but I have already found that hitting it with a sonic wrench on the left side does seem to help. So you’re not alone, they are all still infernal machines. 

I must admit I do not think of myself a warrior even if I have had to fight off Nausicaans pirates in my previous berth but having previously trade with a Xindi Insectoid before, I am not sure how well I would fight one with just a French knife, It does all sound a scary experience.  So well done you for surviving it. 

Well as I said earlier, sadly here on the Ariane we don’t have a sous-chef, but I do have my good friend Philippe Rivette, who has been helping teach me to cook his native food I believe it spelled Cajun, which has been a fun experience, but I have also learn to cook Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian and Arabic dishes from the various members of the Ariane crew, All these new dishes have kept me so far from suffering to much from the daily drudge. 

Indeed I would like to meet up with you if at possible in the future but while this war is ongoing and I am paying back my debit to Captain Gorrim I am more than happy to exchanges recipes and do the other chef things we can via these remote electronic messages. I do like the word Chiffonade, if we ever get to meet up could you perhaps teach me to do Chiffonade? 

I am sure when the investors discover a famous and talented chef like you wish to open a local restaurant that they will flock to help you establish your Reversal restaurant. I hope to meet you there one day and try some of your fancy sounding dishes. 

I am a little bit confused thought as to why is Egad keeping you waiting? I’m sure that Captain Gorrim has told me that it is rude to keep a lady waiting in Earth culture? Is that way you’ve got so many tasks to do? That does sound like a lot of thing to multi-task at one time? Cannot your mate Douglas help you out? 

Why do you need a hitch? As I am not sure we’ve got one here on the Ariane, though I’m sure the chief engineer Lt. Commander Ziyl might have one we could lend you, I will ask around if you like? Or would me send you a hitch get you put in that Calafan loony bin? 

Thank you for your kind offer of someone to speak to, that is very kind of you. Please be aware that it is a two way street so you may contact me if you get overwhelming and need someone other than your mate to talk to. Please be sure to contact me if you need a sounding board. If I do hear anything about anybody from your old ship transferring over to mine, I will let you know and what their reactions is to the surprise of their favorite meal. 

Any help with impressing any of your old shipmates would of course be a great help and much appreciated. As I believe we are due to meet up with the Enterprise NX-01 soon, so any advise for that would be valued. 



PS: Yes I have tried out the Panais a la Jay it did seem to be a hit with the crew.

PSS; do you have any idea how to make corn beef remotely palpable, we have a cargo bay full load of it but I can not find any one who knows what to do with it?

February 28, 2158 by jespah

From: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System

To: Naurr, NX-04, Ariane

Date: February 28, 2158 

Dear Naurr: 

Oh my gosh! I have to remember – our idioms might be a tad confusing. Expecting means I’m going to have a baby. So I don’t think Doug can help with that anymore. Egad isn’t a person; it’s just a kind of a filler word. I don’t think it has a meaning. It’s just nicer than if I were to swear (I’m supposed to be a lady!). A hitch just means a kind of unforeseen consequence. 

So, a chiffonade is when you take an herb that’s got big leaves, like basil, and you fold the leaves up lengthwise and then you slice them on the cutting board so they all come out as pretty ribbons. It looks nice on a plate. You can toss them into salads, too. I think it gives people a little pleasant surprise. 

Corned beef can be pretty salty. A lot of people just like it deli style. You can serve it cold (but not raw), sliced, with rye bread and sour pickles and make sure there’s mustard and maybe some kinds of salads on the side. And then for the vegan option you can just take the salad and jazz it up with sautéed tofu or tempeh for anybody who doesn’t eat meat. 

Now, as for the NX-01, let me see. Captain Archer and Ensign Mayweather really love strawberry shortcake. I can send the recipe if it’s not in the database. Do you bake? It’s got to be done a lot more precisely than cooking because it’s more like a chemistry experiment. Travis also liked cashew butter – you can make that in the blender or the food processor; it’s really just two standard tumblers full of cashews, a pinch of salt, a few spoonfuls of vegetable oil – use a soup spoon – and maybe a half a soup spoon’s worth of sugar or honey. Just put all of that stuff in the blender or the processor, put on the lid and hit purée or high speed. It takes maybe 30 seconds and it’s spreadable and yummy. Make sure to put it in the refrigeration unit and don’t make it too far in advance as it spoils really easily. If you don’t have enough cashews, you can use almonds instead. 

Hoshi Sato is very, very nice – she likes a lot of different stuff and will probably tell you everything is wonderful. Please say hello for me. Dr. Phlox really loves roast turkey, even the sandwiches made from leftovers. Commander Tucker likes pecan pie but it can be hard to get it right. If you make him roasted sweet potatoes – just make the parsnips recipe but substitute sweet potatoes – it’ll be a hit. T’Pol will probably have some, too. 

And if Lieutenant Reed is there, please, please say hello for me. He really loves anything with either pineapple or orange in it but he’s not a fan of cream so if you want to you can make orange beef. It’s really just regular beef stir fry but you add orange juice and orange zest in the last minute or so that you’re cooking. I think the recipe is in the database.

Philippe sounds really nice. I’m sorry you don’t have a sous-chef (that’s just a helper; he or she is usually the person who does the chopping but also the cleanups). I bet you could tell the captain you need help and someone would be recruited, at least for the day. I used to get the Security guys to help me or sometimes people would be sent down on KP duty. Between you and me, though, their help wasn’t always so, you know, helpful. 

Tell me about Cait. I have never, ever been there. In fact, the only Caitians I have ever met were when Ambassador Gopalahr was here with his family a few years ago. He brought his children, even. I remember his littlest. Her name was Parenelsa and she was so shy but very, very sweet. I think she overfed the captain’s beagle, though. 

Your friend, 

Lili Beckett

March 06, 2158 by jespah

From: Naurr, NX-04, Ariane

To: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System

Date: March 06, 2158 

Dear new friend Lili Beckett, 

Please accept my apologies my new friend for the long delay in replying, but we’ve had a bit of a hectic week repelling the latest Romulan offensive and trying to save a Tellarite colony. 

O yes the idioms barrier, please don’t worry about it as Caitian idioms are just as confusing, I think I shock the life out of our poor helmswoman Lieutenant Cassandra Hertford when I used one of mine. I think she though I was making an inappropriate comment about her potential promiscuous, rather than saying may many more people should be enjoy her kindness.

I will admit that Human swear words and their associated ideology are something that I do find very strange, words everybody seems to know and what they mean but you not allow to say them except at certain times but then only if you’re not if you a lady. 

As you might of notice I’m getting the hang of those written contradictions words in your written language. 

Thanks for the clarifications about the word hitch, and Chiffonade, yes Brian did showed me some of his, when we were link up with the Enterprise

Thank you for your suggestions on what to do with corned beef, that seems to have done the trick. Well that and our recent re-supply of horseradish and Worcester sauce. Our armory officer Akua Ghadir has recently suggested to me that if together we could develop a missile to cover Romulans ship in either source than either the Captain or Cassandra could then be trusted to devour the enemy ships, without further support from the Ariane. I strongly think that he was trying to be humorous but I must secretly agreed, that If we get desperate it might well be worth trying. 

Thank you ever so much for your tips regarding the NX-01 crew preferred dishes. I did give baking the strawberry shortcake a go. You be please to hear that both Captain Archer and Gorrim said it was very good, thought I must admit Captain Gorrim did helped out by showing me how to do pastry. I must admit it was a surprise skill from my captain. Though as a scientist first, perhaps he does see it just as another chemistry experiment like you suggest in your letter. 

Travis Mayweather did liked his Cashew butter, and yes Hoshi Sato was very, very nice – she did tell me everything was ‘wander coated’, I think she might have meant to say everything was wonderful but her attempt at Caitian did suffer a bit from a very heavy accent, but I did thank her for trying to speak my native tongue, as the only person on Ariane who still tries is our Communication Officer Savio and he not very good at it. Captain Gorrim did try for a while but, it was so poor that I did ask him to stop; as I couldn’t understand a word he was trying to say. I did take the opportunity to say hello to her for you in Caitian as well as English. 

Sadly I had no turkey to roast for Dr. Phlox but he was such a friendly chap and he was happy with our plum source duck leftovers and birds nest soup I rustled up on Captain Archer recommendation. T’Pol found the roasted sweet potatoes with blueberry’s I did for her acceptable, but Captain Archer said that the highest level of compliment anyone can expect from her. Is that true? 

Your friend Lieutenant Reed was there, and so I was able to convoy that hello for you. Sadly we didn’t have either pineapple or orange in stock but we did have some Andorians magentas, a strange fruit, but does go well with regular beef so I adapt I think the recipe from the database and the stir fry went well especially the magenta zest instead. 

Yes my Cajan friend Philippe is indeed really nice and his friendship has helped me to make the transition to my new life as head chef on an alien starship so much more enjoyable. He says he will make me an honorary Cajun before the war is out. In return I have agreed to visit the Cajun region on Earth even if does have all those insect and the high humidity that don’t really appeal to me. In my rare moments of spare time I’m currently working on a recipe book of Cajun recipes for Caitians; do you know any Cajun recipes not in the database, that I could try adapting? 

Per your suggestion, I did try asking the captain if someone could be recruited, at least for the odd day to help in the kitchen. He agreed and so he got his yeoman to set up a rota for all the crew to spend a least one shift a month helping in the kitchen as their other duties allowed. Which is great, even if they not all helpful, as you note in your previous letter, it does mean that I’m getting to meet all the crew and learn their culinary secrets. 

I’ve got to admit I don’t know Ambassador Gopalahr or his family personally bar the odd appearance in our news, his friendship treaty with the coalition did get him laurel by the popular press. As for Cait, I’m not the best person to ask, being brought up as a space boomer like your friend Mister Mayweather. Which reminds me I’ve still promised to show Philippe, and I’ll extend the invite to you and your family, to show you the real sights of Cait. In truth it’s a lot like your Earth, with a little of each type of region and major cities, but the golden forest is worth getting a renting holiday home log cabin in, especially by the lakes in autumn (or do you call it fall season?). I more familiar with the Caitian colony World Lynuar IV where my father ran his space merchant trading business from, till he retired and gave it all to my big sister Pkyrul. 

Lynuar is a single super-continent world with larges areas of savannah border by giant woods, the southern mountains are beautiful and I feel lucky to have seen it even if they’re not that much for tourist to see yet. 

Anyway I’ve got to dash, I’m now running a major soup kitchen for a Tellarite colony city, whose name I currently forget, which the Ariane, recently rescue from an unknown volcano explosion. Its not easy as the city is without power. So naturally there is no protein re-sequencers to feed the people, and the war has meant that no food convoys have arrived here for a while. So while our Chief Engineer Ziyl is trying to restore power, I’m trying to feed them with whatever food we can find locally and supplement by our emergency rations. The Captain has been playing some sort of Frisbee game with the local children, when not arguing with the adults about the best way to feed and distract the colonists. I did note that he is now trying to teach the locals to play cricket, a strange game, as a distraction from hungry but it does seem to give the local Tellarites some thing else to argue about. I hope to speak or write soon, if I learn any good Tellarite recipes I be sure to send you a copy. 

Your friend, 


March 17, 2158 by jespah

From: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System

To: Naurr, NX-04, Ariane

Date: March 17, 2158 

Dear Naurr: 

It’s now my turn to apologize for being so slow to reply! 

Things have been rather busy here, too. My business partner, Treve, got some open-minded investors to eat my food earlier in the month, and they liked it! I made roasted elekai with olowa. Elekai is a big flightless bird. Doug went on a phase bow hunting trip with about a dozen Calafans and they caught one in the forests in the southern continent. I was so glad he’d gotten a chance to really get out and do something he enjoys. He’s often out and about, helping build our house. He kind of feigns being busy but the truth is, if he wasn’t doing that, he’d be sitting around and kind of bored. So I’m glad he got a chance to really go and be productive. I worry sometimes because he’s not very good at making friends. Me, I’m just Chatty Cathy here and so I guess it comes a lot more naturally. 

Oh and olowa! Have you ever had it? It’s also native to the Lafa System, and it grows on big, spreading trees. The flavor changes, depending upon the maturity of the fruit. And then eventually it turns grey and it’s inedible and you’d break a tooth if you tried to have any. I made roasted elekai (I needed to run about a quarter of the big beast in the oven at a time – that sucker was huge!) and I used the three different stages of olowa as I wasn’t really sure how it was going to go. 

The investors liked it and Treve says they are very baden, which is the Calafan word for prosperous, but it’s also a man’s name. That sounded funny to me, almost like someone saying they were very Philippe! But it almost didn’t go over so well, as I was getting morning sickness again. It’s a human condition, and not every pregnant woman gets it, but I had it really, really bad earlier and we thought I was past that. But now it’s decided to come back. It’s not good to be cooking for investors when all you want to do is go home and quietly barf. 

I’m so glad you got to see everyone. Magenta, huh? I’ll have to see if they get it at the big market. I’m still working on understanding their monetary system, and I have no idea what some of the foods they get in are. They get something called prako. It’s these huge (almost as big as elekai, but not as tall) fourteen-legged squid. I see the Eska hunters bring it in sometimes. I’m interested in trying it but we can’t afford it right now, not until the restaurant gets some cash. 

And it’s so very kind of you to run a soup kitchen. That must be a ton of work. I bet you have no trouble sleeping at night. And I’m so glad your captain got you some help. It’s a lot of people to feed. You know, they don’t always see how important people like you and me are, but I bet they would notice if the food stank. We really are important for morale. 

Speaking of morale, it’s St. Patrick’s Day! I am half-Irish so I do celebrate it. That’s another way to eat corned beef. You can make corned beef and cabbage. But it’s usually kind of awful-tasting, and I’ll be the first to admit that. Only my father’s parents ever seemed to eat it that way. It was Sunday dinner once per month for them. Here on Lafa II, I’m wearing a green hair ribbon and I made scones. Even Doug has no idea why I did that. I explained it has to do with my Irish heritage and he just shrugged. And of course the Calafans are even more clueless about it. This is what I get for being one of only two humans in the entire system, I’m thinking. 

I’m also turning 49 soon. I admit it makes me a little pensive. I only miss flying around the galaxy a little, and I do miss the people. I owe them a letter, too. I’m never lonely when I’m with Doug, but of course we can’t be together every moment. And Treve is a good friend, and I really like my obstetrician, Miva, but I need to make more friends, I think. I don’t mean to be a downer. I guess I get retrospective about my life a little when it’s around the time of my birthday. 

So tell me about all of this Tellarite equipment you’ve got. Have you learned how to read their script? Calafan script is all over the place; it’s based on pictographs so some words look like what they mean, but others are more stylized. I guess it’s like Chinese. Is Tellarite a little like that? 

Thanks for telling me about Lynuar IV. It sounds wild and unspoiled. I bet you can go fishing there and hunting and the like. I am all right with cities so long as they aren’t too big. I grew up in New France, on Titan, and it’s kind of medium-sized. Anything much bigger than that, and I feel like it’s too many people. 

Anyway, I’ve got to go. We were going to put in a video call to the NX-01 as Brian wanted to show me something mysterious he says he got in the post, and I agreed to show him how to make napkin swans. 

Take care. 

Your friend, 


March 29, 2158 by jespah

From: Naurr, Hotel Liieri, Florin City, Andoria, C/O NX-04, Ariane 

To: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System 

Date: March 29, 2158  

Dear Lili, 

Please accept my apologize for the slow reply to your last letter but it has been a bad week for us here on the Ariane, as you might of notice from the return address above, I’m currently put up in a hotel in Florin City on Andoria with the rest of the crew, while the Ariane gets repaired in the Andorian space dock and we await fresh crew reinforcements from Earth. 

I don’t know if your local Calafan news service has carried anything about the big battle of the Sierra System but we were there. To put it simply we took a hammering during the long running battle. I think it lasted around nine hours of on/off straight fight and cat and mouse chase around the system. The Ariane eventually repulse the attack along with a couple of Andorian ships who names I didn’t catch plus the Enterprise, Columbia and Endeavor. Indeed it was the timely arrival of your friends on the Enterprise whose timely arrival I think turned the tide in our favor. I won’t mention the casualties as not to upset you. I know even four days later it still upsets most of my crewmates as well as me right now. I mean only Philippe, our good Doctor Thorson and myself we were the only ones out of the whole crew of the Ariane who did not need some sort of significant first aid by the end of the battle. 

I know that our Armory Officer Mister Akua says we all are going to get some kind of battle honor bestowed on the Ariane for it. Not that I can see any honor in that battle myself. 

Any way on to slightly happier news, I think the human phase is every cloud includes a silver lining, as a result of the battle I’ve had the joyful company of our Cornish helmswoman Cassandra Hertford in the Kitchen on our recent slow crawl back to Andoria from Sierra. Since she almost lost an eye during that battle, which thankfully the Starfleet Doctors have now manage to healed, she was removed from bridge duty while she recovered and so she was made my sous-chef by the captain. So during her time helping me in the kitchen I’ve learnt a lot about her home town of Plymouth, it does sounds a fascinating place, but then everywhere on Earth seems exotic like that to me, perhaps when I get to Earth I shall make a detour to visit her home city? Her company is pleasing to keep. As a thanks for her good company I do hope when the Ariane is back under way that I can thank her with a surprise Cornish cream tea, but the ingredients are somewhat hard to find out here on Andoria. 

Anyway enough of my woes I must ask did Treve investors, who enjoy your roasted Elekai with Olowa, come up with the investment for your restaurant yet? I did ask Cassandra about your morning sickness and what ‘to barf’ means, she said her sister also suffer quite badly with it when she had her first niece last year. Cassandra also said her sister, who is apparently called Empathy, a person name that is also an emotion, seems just as strange to me as Baden does to you, said very little seem to help bar lots of rest and than to grin and bear it. I did ask her what use the Earth bear would be and she just had a laughing fit. Do you have any ideas what the bear is for? 

While I was stocking up on Andorian Magentas fruits at the local market, I did indeed came across those Calafan Olowa’s fruit you mentioned in your previous letter, so I’ve now got some for future use, as I’ve not likely to get any Elekai to serve them on, could you suggest something else for the three stages of Olowa’s, so I can add to the Ariane crew culinary repertoire? Is that the right word? 

Your Mate Doug sounds a lot like my old mum, as she was also never happy unless she was out hunting something in the Lynuar IV forests. Perhaps after the war, if I survive, I could take your little family on a trip there? As a sort of ‘thank you’ gesture in payment for your kind letters that I’ve come to enjoy receiving and reading. I’m sure you could enjoy the beautiful unspoiled landscape with your child and Doug could go hunting in the forest with his phase bow. There is a wild variety of game to be had in those woods. 

I must admit I think ‘Chatty Cathy’ is one of your strange idolisms but as you seem happy with it, I’ll just agreed. 

I should ask did you have any joy in your the market hunting for Magenta’s or improved your understanding of the local monetary system? Also have you had any joy with getting to trying to get hold of a Pranko yet? Though I will say before I forget that I did last night get to try an Andorian Squid called an Hrisal-head, which was nice. You should try some if you ever get the opportunity. In return Philippe and I offer to cook them some of my Cajun dishes for the hotel chef and staff at today’s lunch time meal. 

It seems that the locals Hotel staff all appreciate our efforts, as it would seem that the Andorians also enjoy Cajun strongly spiced food as well. The hotel chief even swapped me some of her recipes and she even has given me some Andorian spices for our next patrol. So you now know you can get Cajun food at the Hotel Liieri in future, well at least while the current chief is kept on. 

Yes the soup Kitchen was indeed a lot of hard work; so yes I did slept very well apart from the occasional waking up thinking I forgot to prepare something for the next day. 

Captain Gorrim did succeeded in getting the locals interest in the strange Earth game of Cricket, but Mister Akua reckons they only like it as there is plenty of time to have a good argument between overs. Though the Ariane team lost the match, as I understand it, we did win a return match in which we play the Tellarites at their own Frisbee game. I did find it all very hard to followed. Still kept the locals entertained and gave them plenty to argue about while we served up the meals. The only thing that really surprised me was Captain Gorrim response to losing, which was “he had upheld an proud English tradition of teaching someone new to play our sports and then lose to them,” He can be quite a strange alien some times. 

Sadly the ship morale is still low after the Sierra battle especially Captain Gorrim's and the wake we held when the battle was over for those whose we lost didn't seem to help much. Well your St. Patrick’s Day sounds fun, I asked Philippe about it, and he said we should definitely celebrate it next year, and then he dug out some pictures of St. Patrick's day in various cities on Earth worlds did look to be very green. 

Why are you a pensive about being 49 is this a key age for a human female? You’re downer? I’m not sure I understand quite what this means.  

I can understand being retrospective, since the Ariane save my life from the Romulans, I have had the opportunity for a long look back at my life, and I have come to the conclusion that every day since that rescue is a gift. Since for the first time that I can remember I do enjoy getting up in the morning and waiting to discover my next recipe and the crew feedback on my day’s dishes, that not to say the battles aren’t scary but I feel some sort of bond to my crewmates that I’m not sure I can fully explain. 

I’m not sure to where to start with our strange Tellarite cooking equipment that we’ve got on the Ariane. Most of it seems to be some thing like a blenders or auto slices though we do have something that we seem to think might be a mass automated steamer or casserole maker that I think might be big enough to even boil a whole Elekai in it. I’ll admit we’ve still not found a use for it yet. 

As for how I’m getting on with learned how to read the alien Tellarite script, I can just about managed to get the key basic words, like Hot, Cold, Danger, Men’s, Ladies and Kitchen. The script itself is nothing like Caitian hieroglyphics or human standard. The phase the Ariane crew use it to describe it, is that it’s the illegitimate love child of Arabic script and Morse code. I don’t know what Morse code is, so I did asked the Captain about Morse and he given me a book about an old Oxford police detective, I don’t see the link yet, but I’m enjoying the book for the moment so perhaps it will become clear at the end? 

I know what you mean about big cities, been a frontier boy myself, it always surprises me that the Ariane never feels crowdie despite it large crew in a relative small ship. 

Anyway, I’ve got to go. Ensign’s Dubrovnik and Diaz have manage to get us an invite to lunch with one of the Andorian crew we fought with at Sierra, as always if I learn any good recipes I shall send you a copy.  

Take care.  

Your friend, 


April 1, 2158 by jespah

From: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System

To: Naurr, NX-04, Ariane

Date: April 1, 2158 

Dear Naurr: 

It was lovely to hear from you as always. I’m glad you and Philippe weren’t hurt but man, how awful. Battles always make me sad and scared; Doug is a retired soldier and I’m just relieved that he doesn’t do that anymore. The news reports were pretty sketchy but it was obvious that it was a big one. I got a note from Hoshi Sato that there were some losses and poor Brian broke his arm.

We had some casualties while I was on the NX-01 and it is so very hard. I remember Major Hayes the best; he was one of those people who never seemed to let anyone ever get close to him but I recall he used to always be the last in the chow line. One of the MACOs, Frank Todd, he said he thought it was that the Major had liked me but I never saw it. Still, I was in the Major’s will. When he died, he gave Malcolm Reed a book and I was given – it’s so strange to say it – a nickel, minted in 2012. I guess he liked it. My old roommate Jenny Crossman (she’ll be Jenny Ramirez soon) joked that it was a bad tip. I don’t know. It was years ago. I keep it on me; I guess I’m a little superstitious so I consider it to be my lucky nickel. 

Speaking of money, yes! We impressed the investors enough and the restaurant is a go!!! It’s very exciting around here now.  They gave us several thousand Calafan Los (that’s their unit of currency) for the specific purpose of getting our act in gear. 

Treve and I decided to not build a brand-new building as that would be expensive and it would take a while. We found a likely looking place at the corner of Enne Street and Dary Street. Enne is the Calafan word for water and Dary is their word for fire. The building needs some renovations and some updating but we think we’ll be able to get in and start up some time in August or September or so. Funny thing is, my baby is due to arrive in late August or early September so we are going to be very, very busy. I hope I get some sleep! Doug says he’ll be glad to take care of the baby; he is really, really looking forward to becoming a father for the first time. He’s 55 years old so he came to it late but he’s very enthusiastic. 

Oh my gosh, your confusion about the word bear made me laugh a little, too, I admit. There are a lot of words in our language that have more than one meaning. Plus we have lots and lots of words with really similar meanings. I think you’re doing really well in English, I will tell you right now. God knows I don’t know any Caitian. And being able to read some basic Tellarite as well. I grew up speaking French and English at home so I have a little experience with bilingualism, but those are two fairly similar tongues. I bet I’d be really lost trying to learn Caitian. 

I don’t know as I’ve ever played cricket or seen it played. I used to play baseball when I was in High School. I was the shortstop on my school’s team and sometimes played second base. That was all back when I was younger and skinnier and a faster runner. Right now, I just feel like a whale. Or maybe a Xindi Aquatic. Either way, I’m getting over my morning sickness for the most part, or so it seems, and now I feel like I just want to eat everything in sight. Doug went hunting on Lafa XII recently and brought home a perrazin. It looks kind of like a big, blond buffalo but it has fangs. Ask Cassandra or Philippe what a buffalo is if you’re unsure, or I can send you a picture if you like. Anyway, I ended up eating about 2/3 of it in four days! The meat tastes a little like pork if you’ve ever had that. 

I still haven’t tried prako. And now we’re on a much tighter budget so I don’t think it’s in the cards, at least not for now. Particularly if I start eating that much perrazin on a regular basis. Oh! I should tell you what to do with olowa. 

Olowa is different colors, and those colors tell you what the flavor will be. Really dark purple olowa is immature and it tastes like pears. You can make a tart with it; just bake it in a pastry shell. Medium-aged olowa is a kind of reddish-purple and it tastes spicy. You can add it to your Cajun dishes or you might want to make Mexican specialties. Have you made tortillas yet? You can get the tortillas pre-made and just fill them with whatever you like. You could use raw medium-aged olowa or you could batter it and fry it if you liked. Maybe add some protein like some shredded chicken, and a little salad, too. Serve guacamole and black beans and seasoned rice on the side and you should be good to go. The oldest olowa is light lavender and it tastes like peanuts. You can grind it up, mix it with sugar and ground ginger and canola oil and red pepper flakes and mix the whole mess with cooked angel hair pasta or ramen.  Toss in some protein and serve with soy sauce on the side and you can call it Chinese. I think most people will accept that. 

Oh, my! I do go on so. I’m sorry this letter is so long. Today is April Fools’ Day, do you know it? I seem to be the only person in the Lafa System who does. I mentioned it to Treve and he thought it was rather silly. 

I also want to thank you for your incredibly kind offer. I think I’ll take you up on it – and hopefully it won’t be too long from now that the war will be over. I hope you don’t mind us traveling with a baby. 

I’m glad we’re friends. You be careful out there, okay? 

As ever, 

Your friend, 


April 21, 2158 by jespah

From: Naurr, NX-04, Ariane

To: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System

Date: April 21, 2158 


Dear Lili, 

Your letter only arrive today, as recently a lot of our mail seems to have being going astray, we just hoping it the War-Office taking to long on the security review and not something worse. Anyway your letter was the Icing on the cake as it top off my wonderful day. 

You see we came to the rescue of a Caitian freighter owned by my family business and I came face to face with my big Sister Pkyrul, the current C.E.O. for the first time in eight years. Like all my family meet up it start off a little rough, as we never seen eye to eye, I like to blame it on her being such a daddy little girl and she is so is just like our father, she is a hard nose business person with little time for the little joys in life. However captain Gorrim point out that I’d become fixed in my defensive position of being an artesian instead of a hard nose business mind. 

Still I took his advice and so did Pkyrul and so over the few days that she was on board Ariane, we made a real connection for the first time as adults, and while she might not have enjoyed Cajun spices instead I got to her heart via her stomach with an English ploughman platter and the coalition cheese board. When she left she said that she was I’m glad I finally found my pack and thanks for giving her a new view on the world. I’m not sure but I think she might have taken a fancy to our Doctor Thorsen. 

I hate to say it but it does appear that the war is sadly heating up yet again, We’ve spent the last few days escorting a freighter convoy, thankfully we only had one minor engagement but like you said battle is so scary and I find it so hard to deal with the sadness of the waste of live. 

Have you heard from Hoshi or Brian recently? It must of being hard for him to do much of anything like cooking with just one arm? I know that all the NX Captains have been cutting down available communication time for personal messages, since Columbia went silent last week. I can only hope for your sakes that no one on Earth tries to un-retire Doug in the name of this Earth-Romulan War. I hope I can get this entire letter inside my weekly communication allowance. 

I take that your old roommate Jenny Crossman becoming Jenny Ramirez is because she is soon to partake of that earth cultural mating bond event call Wedding? I understand they are significant social gathering so has she asked you to do the catering or will you get to enjoy the day off and someone else cooking? 

By no stretch of the imagination am I an expert on human courting habits, so I’m not sure that I can comment on Major Hayes reasons for being last in line. I would be first in line for some more of your wonderful cooking, still him leaving you the nickel says to me that both the nickel and you must of mean something to him. Have you tried asking your husband if he can think of a reason? 

Well your lucky nickel seems to have worked as you’re going to get your restaurant dream. Thought I have to presume that getting your “act in gear” is a human phrase that relates to your restaurant renovations. Still thanks to you I now know two words in Calafan, I becoming a real renaissance person serving on this ship. 

As water and fire seem to be a key part of human cooking, I think it’s a most appropriate address for your restaurant. Well I’m not sure about human reproduction but I know from Caitian Reproduction the female does need lots of rest in the final stages of pregnancy. So please don’t over do it. 

Well I’ll be happy to try and teach you Caitian but as Hoshi seems to struggle, perhaps we just have to rely on her excellent universe translator instead. 

The Captain and Cassandra have tried on various occasions to try explained the sport of Cricket to me but I remain so confused by it. Philippe has set up a sports night on ship shown all the major coalition sports games, so I’ve got to see some baseball matches indeed a couple featuring your red sox, do you get to follow their progress on Lala II? 

I’ve been trying to talk Philippe into including a couple of the Major Caitian sports into sports night, ‘Crowal’, a game a lot like Earth Volleyball and ‘Eomeo’ a team game that Captain Gorrim calls a cross between hide and seek and live action chess. Though he seems to enjoy the tactical aspect of it but sadly my team Dusk Forrest Hunters is having a bad season.  

Well I’m glad you’re now getting over your morning sickness but having now look up an image of a whale and Xindi-Aquatic, I have to say that you can’t be that big, well unless your litter is going to be a lot bigger than one. 

I did ask both Cassandra and Philippe about buffalo and got slightly different answers, so I had to go look at my Earth animal books I think it to do with the American bison been called a buffalo was the reason for the difference answers. 

Well if you going to eat like that Doug will clearly need to hunt down some more, just don’t let him hunt them to extinction like the bison. Cassandra does likes to eat pork, so I’m well aware of it, especially as it recently did cause a bit of a fuss when the Captain took Pork and Bacon off the menu while we were transporting Tellarite Marines to a frontier Tellarite colony. 

Though I understand one of the Tellarite favor meat animals after canine is called ‘Koturera’ which is a hairless monkey, with a passing resemblance to humans. (I only serve it once to the crew, by accident, I should of check first what the meat was I know, but given the strange intolerance most of the crew showed to it, I don’t think it every going to get much market on earth or in Starfleet). 

Thank you for your suggestions with what to do with the various stages of olowa.

I’ve tried them out and on the whole the crew has enjoyed them all. I’m getting the most use out of medium-aged olowa as an alternative spice. 

I’ve found that using the youngest olowa in crème anglaise sauce is popular pudding dish among the Ariane Crew, while the oldest olowa when blended with cashews make a good alternative to almond or penult butter.  

Sadly resource shortages means I’ve not been able to try tortillas but it’s on my to try list.  

April Fools’ Day, Yes Captain Gorrim was kind enough to warn me in advance about it, and then we together set up and execute a prank on the crew for Breakfast, basically we set up nearly raw meat Caitain style with just jalapeño sauce for breakfast and then when I told them we were all out of orange juice and coffees they all took it hook, line and sinker, or so said the Captain. I did enjoy the look on the crew faces, as they didn’t suspect me but I did have to be alert till lunch for their revenge. I must admit like Treve thought it was rather silly but after recent events it felt good to have a laugh and be a bit silly. 

I look forward to taking the Beckett Family on holiday with your new baby to Lynuar IV, I do hope the war is over soon, as I know young children don’t seem to take to warp travel that well. 

Yes I’m glad we’re friends. Chefs in arms I’ll be careful out here, you look after yourself and I’m sure everything else will be okay? 

As ever your friend on the Ariane

Your friend, 


May 4, 2158 by jespah

From: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System

To: Naurr, NX-04, Ariane

Date: May 4, 2158 


Dear Naurr:

Thank you so much for your letter! It arrived on the same day that I heard from the people who bought my first restaurant, Voracious. I tell you – they have always given me a hard time. This was even during the Xindi War. They would write and complain about the oven or whatever. It seems now they’re selling it and want to list me as a reference! It’s so odd; I know they ran the place into the ground. Sad, really. 

In some ways, it’s convenient that the mail is slow. I figure I will pretty much just let it go and then – oops! It’ll be too late. I guess that’s a tad passive-aggressive of me, but I’ve got other fish to fry, know what I mean? 

So – Reversal! We are set for an opening three weeks from today. It’s nutty and scary and probably way too early, but what the hell. The Calafans have tons of religious festivals throughout the year and this will be a chance to piggyback on one of them. I think it’s the Festival of Abic? I’m not sure. There are all of these amplifier dishes not too far from our little apartment, and they do something … transdimensional. I think that’s the word. I’m sure I’m saying it wrong. But the Calafans have a big festival and then of course they want to eat. Treve and I feel that we should take advantage of that. But I don’t think we’ll be serving that Tellarite specialty you mentioned in your last note. I think the Calafans would have the same kind of problem with it that humans do. 

My baby is due in late August, early September; I am thinking I can go go go at least for a while there. I will need to take a maternity leave, of course, but we can also take that time to determine what’s working and not working, and adapt accordingly. 

I’m glad you got to see your sister, and get along a bit. I have no siblings so I confess the relationships between them can be a bit of a mystery to me. Doug wants a whole baseball team’s worth of kids but I don’t know. Our boy is quite the miracle child already, plus I am forty-nine. I’ve got to be coming close to the end of my reproductive days. Oh! I did mean to tell you; my obstetrician, Miva, she says the baby is healthy and is looking good. He is also huge!! No wonder I want to eat all that perazzin. 

I meant to send you a picture. So here I am! Lili pregnant with Joss

This was taken recently; I feel so large. It was funny when you said litter. I bet if I could have a litter, Doug would get his baseball team. But nope, it’ll just be the one. We decided we’ll name him after Doug’s parents, so he’ll be Jeremiah Logan for Jeremiah and Lena. I’ve got to think up some sort of nickname for him. I can’t see calling a little baby Jeremiah

And yes, you’re right; Jenny’s going to get married. She’s said she wants to wait until this tour is over, which will be – I think – sometime in mid to late 2159 or so. She’s already asked me to cater, and I said yes. I do tend to overextend myself. You’re right, I know, and I know Doug is right. I’ve got to take it easy. It just feels, sometimes, like I’m finally getting a chance to do everything I always wanted, and to have everything I ever wanted. I guess I try to rush things and do too much. It just gets me so excited. 

But you and Doug are both right; I’ve got to take it easy. 

I haven’t gotten a chance to follow the Sox; I imagine you know more about them than I do right now. I thought it was so nice that they did a tribute to the war wounded before the game on April the 30th. I heard they read out the names of all of the wounded that were in New England area hospitals. It’s so sad that that were a lot of names. I understand it took a while to read them all. 

I have never heard of your sports, but they sound fascinating. If you can point me to classic games, or maybe a famous athlete to follow, I’ll see if I can find information on them when I’ve got some free time. Ha, who am I kidding? I never have any free time! 

XXXXXXI haven’t heard from the NX-01 as I think they’re out of range these days.XXXXXX


XXXXXXRight now I think Doug will stay retired, but they are calling for volunteers so I don’t know.XXXXXX

Anyway, I don’t think so.

Oh, and have you ever made a chocolate bombe? They’re good! I should send you a recipe. 

That’s it from here! Stay safe. 

Your friend, 


May 29, 2158 by jespah

From: Naurr, NX-04, Ariane
To: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System 
Date: May 29, 2158


Dear Lili: 

I don’t know if this letter will get to you before you open the Reversal! If it doesn’t I hope the opening went well and wasn’t too scary for you. 

I Thank you for your latest reply, your latest letter as always bring joy to my day and I am glad that you enjoy my letters in reply as much as I enjoy your recipes and advise. 

I’ve got some good news to share with you friend! 

Captain Douglas has told me we will have a limited opportunity to visit Lafa II in the very near future, however for operational reasons he won’t tell me an exact date. I do hope that nearer the time I can drop you an advance communication to book lunch at Reversal! As I expect I will need to book in advance once the locals try your food you’re have a long custom list. 

Yes I do think it is sad that your Voracious restaurant was ran into the ground, perhaps you should have left them with no running signs? Ha He Ha. 

I must admit confusion at the phase ‘tad passive-aggressive’ is a very alien concept to get my head around both Cassandra and Philippe have tried to explain it but I’m still confused. 

What other fish? Other than the aquatic pets you were keeping in the restaurant? Is this another one of your unique human statements? 

Why do you want to ride piggyback on a Calafan for? Is this part of the Festival of Abic? 

I’m not sure what to make of those transdimensional amplifier dishes as science isn’t my strong suit I did ask Captain Douglas to try and explain but he seemed unable to explain properly but he does seem intrigue by them and I think he will want to have a look for himself when we visit. 

Well thank you for the picture but you look smaller than Xindi-aquatic to me and while I am no expert on human beauty, you look intriguing artistic to me. 

I please to update you that my sister has sent me a letter updating me on my extended family matters, Indeed it seems my re-telling of your cooking has led her to try and get a Cait Government trading license to open trade with the Calafan for Perazzin and Olowa.

I can’t really comment on your choice of the name of Jeremiah Logan for your future kitten, since all these names and titles you humans have seem strange to me. 

Well we’ve not being getting many updates of late but I did see that several earth teams of various sports have done that name role call. It seemed alien but very touching to me. Well actually I did see the last Sox game versus a team I think called Kansas City Royals. Your team won though I remain unsure of the final score or the rules. 

I can understand the feeling of never having any free time but if you do the classic game of Crowal to watch for beginners is the 174th north league season IV against the President IV pick. While if you want to get into Eomeo like Douglas, then either find a game when Meurr was playing for the Wing breakers, the first female pro and still arguable the best player of the last fifty years. Else try and find any game between Night Villains and the Royal chasers they’ve the big two teams and they games are nearly always classics. 

Sadly I haven’t heard from the NX-01 either but we have being to Denobula and meet Phlox extend family. They also like Turkey Sandwiches and just as nice as the good doctor. 

Well on the volunteer topic we recently had guests from something called the French Foreign Legion, which Cassandra said should of being renamed the Earth Foreign Legion as it included volunteers from Andoria, Tellar and a few other worlds of the Coalition. 

Well I’m sure you know your mate mind about returning to active services, I do hope he stay close to you. 

Thank you for the chocolate bombe receipt it seems to have being a hit with the crew, however I did discover that chocolate and Caitians don’t mix, turn out that it’s poisonous to Caitians, which is a shame as it’s a taste substance. Thought I did manage to use one to scare off some Romulan borders and give the Captain a bit of a scare. I’ll save that story for when we meet in the person. 

Hopefully I shall see you soon and I can give you all the rest of the gossip. 

Your friend on the Ariane


June 4, 2158 by jespah

From: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System
To: Naurr, NX-04, Ariane
Date: June 4, 2158


Dear Naurr: 

I don’t know if or when I have ever been more tired. We opened on the 25th of May, which was just under two weeks ago. They don’t quite have weeks here on Lafa II; it’s another one of their compound words with –Fep in it but right now I’ll be damned if I can remember what it is. I’m just too tired to think about it. 

The opening was successful; Treve says we made back about 1/10 of our investment so far but I think he meant the initial investment and not the overall. I don’t know. Like I said, I’m too tired for details right now. His sister came over – he suggested it – and she helped me clean house as Doug and I were just too tired to do so. Yimar was such a huge help that Doug suggested that she be hired to help babysit. She agreed and so we have a sitter! Of course I want to be at home with my little kitten as you called him, when he’s first born, but later on that will be just, it’ll make it possible for me to go back to work. 

I think she was a bit relieved – Yimar, I mean – to be doing something. She’s got school of course; I think she’s fifteen or sixteen, but their mother had been ill and is home now and I think Yimar is a little overwhelmed, as their father is going through the justice system and their little brother is still pretty small. I think Yimar just feels too responsible for everything and everyone. Anyway, Doug and I have a theory that she’s happy to come over because we don’t demand that much from her. At least, I like to think so. 

Speaking of guys named Doug; I guess I just realized that’s your captain’s name, too! I gotta like any guy named Doug! I hope you can figure out a way to swing by soon. Even if I am on maternity leave, I promise I will set aside time to cook for you. Now that I’ve got Yimar to help me, I can afford to take a few hours and whip up a few things. 

If your sister is able to get trade going, that would be wonderful. The only name I know of in our government is a guy named Ubvelwev (isn’t that a mouthful?). He’s some lower-level official. Frankly, I’m unsure as to what he does. It’s really that that’s the only name I can remember, as it sounds so exotic to my ears. 

Well, I am yawning and I’m getting a little kicking and Doug is looking at me funny so I think it’s time I hit the sack. Thank you for your letters; they always brighten my day. 

Your friend, 


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