Douglas' Bug Hunt by FalseBill
Summary: Douglas Gorrim captain on the NX-04 Ariane investigates a timely-wibberly thing.
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Chapter 3 - Under the Weather by FalseBill
Captain Douglas Gorrim leaned on the wall for support. The T.I.C. building was a maze, and unfortunately the painkillers he had taken were impeding his ability to think straight. He been wandering around for some time, his sense of time screwed up as well as his sense of direction. He had not seen anybody, either human or Chilo, since he left the first room.

What am I doing? he thought to himself. I’m bug hunting, in the future, another part of his mind replied with uncharacteristic giggles. Douglas shook his head to try and clear it. He had no food or water, so he needed to find somebody, or the canteen or better still the sick bay soon.

He pushed himself off the wall and stumbled down the corridor. His head swam with nausea and his steps were uneven and very unsteady. He knew that his steps were heavy and loud and that he should try to be quiet but the injuries acquired in his earlier fight with the Chilo meant he wasn’t a hundred percent. He was indeed well under the weather and normally when he felt like this he’d be crawling towards the nearest medic. However, thanks to the Chilo’s temporal intervention that wasn’t an option.

Douglas reached a corridor crossroads. They all looked very much a like to him, so he stood and tried to listen for anything that seemed out of place. However the corridors were ever so silent. Douglas needed to make a decision but as his head swam, he knew he hadn’t a clue what to do next. He sunk down to his knees and tried to get himself back on to a level base. Then he heard it, something that sounded a lot like metal hitting another metal object from somewhere down the right corridor. The sound felt like an explosion inside his skull.

With some unknown reserve of strength from deep within, he pushed himself up to his feet and staggered down the corridor to the right, towards the direction of the sound.

The corridor seemed to stretch onwards in front of him, and he was forced to lean against the wall to move down the corridor.

He didn’t see the door in the wall till he fell through it. As he lay on the floor of this new room, struggling to stand up, he heard someone say: “Please stated the nature of the medical emergency; hello anyone?”

“Here,” croaked Douglas.

A balding man in a doctor’s coat appeared over Douglas.

“Yes you look like a medical emergency,” he said.

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