Trials of Peace by PerseShow
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The Alpha Quadrant is at war.

In the nine hundred years that have passed since the signing of the treaty with the Dominion and Odo’s return to his people, the Prophets have been exterminated, the wormhole has closed, and border conflicts have spiraled out of control. When the Romulans open a new wormhole that leads to the Gamma Quadrant, no power in the galaxy is safe.

The duty falls to Kira Eeris, Odo, and Miro Dax to set the galaxy to rights again. But first, they must settle the conflict among themselves.

Note: There's going to be romance in the future. Only het relationships. No smut.
Also note: If you consider the Trek novels canon, then I guess this whole series is an AU. I've never read them.

At the moment there is no estimate as to how many stories this series will have, and I will probably open it up to other submissions at some point—though it will remain moderated.

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Characters: Odo
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Figurehead by PerseShow    Rated: T      Reviews (0
Summary: Nine hundred years have elapsed since the Dominion War ended and Odo and Kira said their goodbyes. Now, a strange vision sent by his former commanding officer wakes Odo from his sleep in the Great Link. The captain's message is unclear, but one thing is certain: Someone back on Bajor is in trouble. And somehow, Odo is meant to help her.

Meanwhile, on Bajor, Kira Eeris at last resists the fate that she has silently loathed for fifteen years. As the sole direct descendant of Kira Nerys, the first Figurehead of Bajor, her destiny is to succeed her mother and take the throne. But following her heart comes with a price. And being a revolutionary is never easy.
Chapters: 11    Table of Contents
Categories: Deep Space Nine
Characters: Odo
Genre: Angst
Warnings: None
Series: Trials of Peace
Completed: Yes    Word count: 30849    Read Count: 513
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