USS Areus by Erin Moriarty
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Summary: The USS Areus has had a storied past. A Centaur-class vessel hodge-podged together from random components during the Dominion War, she has managed to thrive despite her ignoble origins. Now, the year is 2388, and
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Parent Series: Task Force 89
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USS Areus: Echoes of the Past by Erin Moriarty    Rated: MA      Reviews (1
Summary: Before she became the Captain of the USS Areus, Lav'aura Vrel was the First Officer of the USS Wright. During her assignment, she was kidnapped and held by Romulans; an experience that haunts her even today.
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Genre: Angst, Drama
Warnings: Non-con, Violence
Series: Task Force 89, USS Areus
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