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Reviewer: Nerys Ghemor Signed [Report This]
Date: 15 Sep 2011 04:29 Title: Phaser for Hire

(Just as an FYI, the "AOS" category is what we use for Trek XI-based fics here.  This would fall under "Alternate Universe.")

I have to say...even though the title had me coming into this thinking I wasn't going to like it, because I am not at all a James Bond fan, and even though I tend not like this particular kind of AU, you really hooked me here.  What makes this convincing to me is the well-written repartee between the characters.  You've got their personalities and tones down, yet at the same time reasonably accounted for the changes in hierarchy between them.  Spock as the officious boss is particularly fun to read.  Bones' tone also sounds very much like the doctor we know and love.  Yet the "big three" dynamic is noticeably changed, and in a reasonable way.

I also enjoyed your look at the ins and outs of the publishing industry, though admittedly that was in capturing exactly why I am not interested in pursuing it as a career. ;-)

The one tiny thing I noticed is sort of broke tense in your narration with these sentences: "But they never have. Likely they never will if they haven’t after all this time. They are too comfortable and too satisfied with their hetro-life-bond."  Everything else in your narration was in the past tense, which made that jarring.

I have a curious question.  How is it that Vulcans exist in this universe?  Are they a nationality or an alien race?  If they are aliens, why doesn't your Earth reflect the technological changes first contact would bring?  This is not a nitpick; it's a genuine question.

Overall, especially for a topic that I normally don't like, you did well. :-)

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