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Reviewer: Gibraltar Signed [Report This]
Date: 19 Sep 2010 07:27 Title: Faux Q

I'm not sure if after the stunt Q had just pulled if Janeway and the others would be terribly excited to see Earth again so soon after their worst-case-scenario nightmares.

True, the reality of their homecoming would almost have to be better than what he put them through, but it's certain he savored every delicious moment of their discomfort and that all his protests of good-will are nothing more than a bad joke.

I'm almost surprised that Janeway didn't attempt some kind of rescue of her Maquis crew, but given that Voyager was docked, boarded by Starfleet security, and that Janeway would have had nowhere to run, any such effort would have been destined for failure.

The darker part of my personality took some perverse pleasure in the fact that Tuvok was saved from his suicide attempt by none other than Neelix, doubtless the last person in the whole universe he'd choose to save him.

Oh, and Q's crack about Janeway cutting back on the caffeine... priceless!  ;-)

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