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Reviewer: CeJay Signed [Report This]
Date: 12 Jan 2014 01:20 Title: Chapter 17

It's the John Q show.

But that's cool, the dude needs some serious story telling focus after everything he's been through.

Initially I didn't think he was anywhere near ready to step up to the plate and take on the additional responsibilities. But man, the captain really is the one who stepped up here. She's the real hero of this chapter, taking a mostly broken young officer and building him back up to point where he has at least a semblance of self-confidence again.

I forgot but was Adele a counselor once? Doesn't matter, she once again proves why she's the captain here. And she wasn't even all that sure about him herself. No more doubts here.

Splendidly done.

Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 05 Jan 2014 00:19 Title: Chapter 17

Let me first say: JQ! Glad to see him get epically wasted here and do it for reasons we've all done before; shit got bad and we needed to forget. His morning putting himself back together was somber (his thoughts on his mother, the survivors) and funny (the computer makes the best sidekick, ever). I enjoyed the way you weaved in the humor and seriousness. The levity added to the chapter and didn't stand out or subtract from it in my view.

JQs arrival on the bridge could have been all kinds of awkward but no one was there. His trepidation entering the captain ready room, totally right. The scene with Adele was the best Adele scene we've gotten, in my opinion. She is not my favorite captain. Not at all.

But the way she opened up here and helped JQ see he wasn't such a shitty commanding officer (and the way she sorta told him I/M weren't so great as everyone made them out to be) pleased be to no end. This type of support is what JQ needs to excel. He's always been the third banana but I feel like Adele just told him "Hey, you're the best of the bunch and I'm calling you up to the big leagues."

I got a feeling JQ is gonna hit a homerun ... or score multiple goals (hockey he probably gets more than baseball). Well done all around and a complete win in my book.

More please?

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