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Reviewer: mabb5 Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 23 Apr 2011 16:35 Title: Part Three

Fittin epilogue to the original well done novel. It's rare to read fan fic that creates believable new characters, especially characters that you come to care for too. Again, well done.

Reviewer: Miranda Fave Signed [Report This]
Date: 10 Jun 2010 22:03 Title: Part One

Well wow. I know I myself wondered about what became of Thomas Riker and Toni Steele. So it is indeed fascinating to see their onward tale at last. It is also a remarkable piece of writing given that is a talky piece as a therapy session is like to be and yet one feels engaged by it. I feel like I want to know how Tom is feeling and how he is faring after all this time. I get a real impression of him as Riker and yet similarly that he is different, changed and grown because of his experiences. Really taut writing given the meandering emotional miasma that is Riker's emotional state.

And of course, the fact we are on the cusp of him making some bold new moves in his life, opening up to Toni, making new plans for the future, plans that might involve wokring for Starfleet Intelligience again. So we are about to delve in and see what he begins to make of his new beginnings.

The focus on his road to recovery, the huge ramifications of his past life, the loss of Ro, his torture, Toni sharing his pain and memories, all of it it brilliantly conceived and kudos for tackling it so head on and not sweeping it under the carpet and making everyhting fixed magically and we can have Riker clone character. instead we have a Riker moulded by the experiences that HE has lived, which naturally means to say he is the same and IS different.

Author's Response: Thanks MF! It's funny, I heard Frakes once say that he was rather bummed they didn't kill off Will Riker and replace him with Thomas in Second Chances because he felt that Thomas was the character with more meat on him. I strove to write Thomas to be a role and actor would want to really get to chew on. He is different but he's is different for having gone through so much. However - he still has Will Riker's core foundation...because he is still, Will Riker. Thanks so much for reading. This piece and one more will actually act as segue pieces for Book Four of the Heritage series. :)

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