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Reviewer: raven jean Signed [Report This]
Date: 09 Sep 2012 20:45 Title: Chapter 1

this was a cute story but i really don't see james kirk as a father to saavik, maybe to his nephew peter, yes, but not to saavik.

Author's Response:

Thanks. I would say Jim tries to be a father to Saavik, but fails. He is an uncle, trying his best but never being a father. Their relationship is still quite tender, and they are a lifeline to each other in the hard times before Peter returns--which brings its own set of problems, including the apocalypse.

My premise for Saavik in this AU comes from the novelization of ST2:TWOK. In it, David finds out his parentage much earlier and then snarkily assumes that Saavik is Spock's daughter. Saavik rebuffs him, saying that if Spock were her father, he would endure the shame of the rape her Vulcan parent suffered at the hands of a Romulan.

My thought was, Spock is always Saavik's rock in most stories. But what if he himself were the victimized traumatized parent? We know Vulcans do not handle supressed memories very well. What would it do to their relationship?

In the end, Sarek and Amanda are both her grandparents and her parents. Even though Jim has no idea of Spock's past trauma, he feels he is standing in for his brother until that brother can take care of his child. Unfortunately, not calling Spock out on this is one of two great mistakes he makes in this AU.


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