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Reviewer: Miranda Fave Signed [Report This]
Date: 11 Sep 2011 08:54 Title: Chapter 1

I actually could have sworn I had passed word on this when I first read it. I firstly, loved the fact that you took up this weird littel idea. Hee, hee. Quite humorous and ingenious to think it up in the first place.

Reviewer: Nerys Ghemor Signed [Report This]
Date: 10 Sep 2011 19:31 Title: Chapter 1

The section that focuses on Setek, the hypothetical character, was fun to read even though I would agree that there are good reasons that such a plot would not have worked on the show.  That part is--and I think deliberately on your part--in the "so bad it's good" category.

Where I admit I get queasy in reading this is the fact that you've incorporated real, living people into your fanfic.  Real-person fic is something that is not even allowed on some sites.  I would've been more comfortable had this been about a hypothetical show similar to DS9 but that wasn't.  (Kind of like how "Far Beyond the Stars" lampooned certain authors and editors, such as Harlan Ellison, without actually using those characters' names.)

Author's Response:

To my knowledge, Ryan Rhys-Davies does not exist. As to the others--I admit I hadn't considered that. But we do know that they wanted to avoid Wesley-ing Jake, that Rosalind Chao had problems on AfterMASH, and that TOS stars sometimes speak up on future installments of the show.

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