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Reviewer: jespah Signed [Report This]
Date: 05 May 2013 04:07 Title: Chapter 1

A little reminiscent of this story -

Reviewer: Nerys Ghemor Signed [Report This]
Date: 09 Nov 2009 06:35 Title: Chapter 1

While some of the ADU stories are too confusing to follow, this one is just crystal clear.  Anything that can take out the Borg is quite terrifying--but what I also liked was that you gave Ghidorah's features a "logical" basis in your universe so that I have something more to picture than just a Japanese movie monster in space.  Nice!

Author's Response: Well, Ghidorah serves a few purposes. Except for one film, he is pure evil. Two, Godzilla can't fly through space. Also, he had to be different here, if for no other reason than, in normal depictions, the normal Enterprise could take him out with ease. I'm sorry if the stories have been confusing, since I really have tried to clean up this version of them for coherence and trying to avoid the assumption everyone knows what is going on. Any and all suggestions for improvement will be gratefully recieved. Thanks!

Reviewer: KobayashiMaru13 Signed [Report This]
Date: 21 Oct 2009 22:59 Title: Chapter 1

Wow! I liked it! An intriguing beginning, and I hope to read more.

Author's Response: Thanks. I am currently in the process of revising and editing some stories for posting here, which should make events clearer as well.

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