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Reviewer: Nerys Ghemor Signed [Report This]
Date: 07 Sep 2011 02:11 Title: Deanna the Agent

I think I reviewed this one once back at TrekBBS, but the imagery of this story has literally stuck with me for years.  I think it is quite possibly one of your best pieces, given its enduring power.  I cannot believe this one hasn't gained more recognition here; it sure deserves it.

It's horrible as this universe is, these steely versions of the Betazoids are incredibly compelling reading, in a lot of ways more so than the canon versions that we know, who were either bland (Deanna) or played for laughs (Lwaxana).  In some ways they even remind me of the Cardassians, with the extreme mental discipline turned towards aggression.  And in a universe where the Klingons are running rampant, could that kind of display of power be what it would take to bring the end of the war?

I wonder if the antimatter detonation was enough to ensure that the Federation was warned.  Or was she able to telepathically project something over such a long distance?

On a less grisly note, even the design of your aliens here has really stuck with me over all this time.

A job well done.

Author's Response: Nerys-Thank you. I remember what a total bitch it was writing this. I'm glad the effort was worth it. That it stuck with you all this time is the finest compliment you could have given. I think the detonation, as I pictured it, gave the Federation a longer lease on life-but as Picard said in the TNG episode- "The war is not going well for the Federation. Starfleet predicts a full surrender within six months." I think Deanna just gave Picard enough time to send the "C" back in time....

Reviewer: Miranda Fave Signed [Report This]
Date: 17 Aug 2009 19:41 Title: Deanna the Agent

Whoah! Big ending. And a big change seeing Troi so proactive but it works very well. I've always thought telepathic powers could be very useful, indeed as here dangerous, if applied in the right ... er... wrong ways. But of course they usually have moral laws about that kind of thing - well most telepathic races - I know of one or two that don't.

Very gripping. Especially seeing Troi in assassin spy mode. She kicked ass. A tightly written story that explores quite a bit in this alternate universe. And I agree with other commentators that the farewell to her Imizadi was very bittersweet and a nice touch to boot before the explosive ending. Well done Mistral.

Author's Response: Thank you! I worked hard on this-it took weeks to put it all together. I tore it down 3-4 times getting it to feel right. As for morality-after years of war, the best cut corners sometimes-and troi's mom always saw things more or less as they were.

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