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Reviewer: KayCee Signed [Report This]
Date: 26 Sep 2010 13:26 Title: Teaser

Although the HQ series is extremely technical, the stories are action packed and held my interest.

Although the plot is as thick as Andorian quicksand, it pulled me in (and may you burn in the Divenium for pulling me through the wormhole into this universe, I was quite content in my little TOS world).

I appreciate the intricacy and the technology. I made the effort to Wikipedia anything I needed to understand better and was educated in the process. MuSpace is an extremely intriguing concept.

The only suggestion I have is to temper the intricacy with more narrative that is non-technical. As I read, I realized I would have to go back and read the story again, ignoring the mind-bending technical detail, and concentrate on the plot and the underlying story.

Example: When we went to see Avatar, we chose the 3D theatre. The effects were spectacularly awesome. However, they nearly obscured the message, which was an indictment of Manifest Destiny. It was only very adept handling of the story that made it outshine the 3D – for me. Most of my acquaintances who saw the movie totally missed the message. Perhaps I simply look beyond the obvious and they don’t.

Slowing down the pace to prevent information overload might appeal to more individuals, including me, who can better appreciate the technology if they have a chance to digest one concept before being hit hard between the eyes with another, and another, and another….

I look forward to the posting of Episode 5!


Author's Response:

An excellent review and my humble thanks are extended.

Star Trek HQ was influenced by the idea that Trek fanfiction would be more interesting if it were reminiscent of an actual script and, among many other things, submerge us in a consistent world of innovative, life-changing treknology to help sustain the believability of the story (and even if it meant occasionally wearing goggles to minimize the pain of getting repeatedly hit betwixt the eyes!)

Your suggestion to temper the intricacy of a story with more non-technical narrative is well received. I understand the analogy you draw with Avatar, too, and agree that sometimes the technology used in the making of a movie can also interfere with the delivery of the message. I can learn from that, as we all must learn from the misguided attempts at Manifest Destiny of big business in the past, especially big industry. The quest for Unobtainium is at least as old as civilization itself, and is the ultimate folly if it destroys our planet in its pursuit.

I love your comment about my burning in the Divenium. Your level of comprehension of Star Trek HQ astounds me and I donít need to tell you how satisfying that is for a writer. Iím pleased if I played some small role in increasing your appreciation of the TNG era of Trek.

I will post Episode 5.


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