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Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 15 Jun 2020 00:51 Title: Episode 4.1 - The Crusher/Crumar/Carrera Effect

Wow, 14 billion people on Earth in the 24th century? Might be a little crowded. But I suppose if you have enough energy production, plus replicator tech, feeding that many folks might not be an issue.

Anyway, interesting strategy by Shran. Not quite sure yet what their plan is on actually capturing these mysterious killers.

Author's Response:

According to UN estimates, even if we have a big war, pandemics, etc., we're pretty much on course for a stable world population of 12 billion by 2100. The current distribution is 1 billion in the Americas (north and south), 1 billion in Europe, 1 billion in Africa, and 4 billion in Asia. The 2100 distribution is estimated to be 1 billion in the Americas, 1 billion in Europe, 4.5 billion in Africa and 5.5 billion in Asia. We have already reached peak child - the birth rate is down to replacement population. The reason we will get there isn't more babies - it's the people who are alive today. And we can easily support that population - but it will take revolutions in energy production, environmental management and food distribution. We already produce more than enough food - but an astouding amount of it goes to waste.

I just took that projection and added 2 billion aliens, mostly vulcans...

Thanks!! rbs

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