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Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 09 Jun 2020 22:46 Title: Episode 3.10 - Surf Lesson

A lot going on in this chapter.

I still have a bit of trouble keeping T'Lon and T'Lok apart but that might be because I tend to skip the summaries and character blurbs.

Using a mind meld as a tool to teach people surfing is a pretty novel idea. I really liked the way you described the meld and the affect it had on Dolphin. That was pretty vivid stuff.

As for Dolphin, the man clearly has had quite a career history. He might be working in flight operations these days but it sounds like he'll play a crucial part in catching these peculiar assassins.

Author's Response:

Dolphin plays an absolutely crucual role - but not in any way you might expect..

Lt. T'Lok Smith is half human. I named her father (who shows up in a later episode) after my voice teacher - Dr. George Smith.

Glad you're enjoying my surfing vulcans... Thanks again for the review and the kind words!! rbs

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