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Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Jun 2013 16:02 Title: The Captain's Den

Ah, McGregor. I’m fond of his eccentric style, despite the way he treats Noah, but here his eccentricity seems to be annoying the hell out of everyone except Eddie and Stan. But Eddie got bribed with booze and Cuban cigars (nicely done, McGregor) and Stan is loyally on McGregor’s side to the very end. The description of the Den sounds like an awesome place, one I’d very much like to have for myself. The place personifies class and … McGregor doesn’t, so I wonder why he has such a place if not for the fact that he likes to flaunt it to the younger crew.

Whatever the case is on that front, the arrival of the various senior staff members and the different levels of moods of all of them (generally, tense) was well portrayed. Dexter flipping off McGregor was the highlight of the chapter for me, as he pretty much expressed the entire staff’s sentiments at McGregor’s antics over this SARAH and I can sympathize with Dexter, as he’s tired and a bit ill tempered.

Molly’s insistence on McGregor to stay, to actually do his job as a captain and maintain a bit of distance from the dangerous stuff was a good play by her but McGregor’s insistence on T’Vel leading the team was an even nicer play by him. He’s not dumb enough NOT to know what Molly thinks of that but she allows it here thanks to Judith. We’ll see what happens, but I sense that this is not gonna be as easy as McGregor says.

It rarely is with him.  

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Date: 01 Jun 2013 06:23 Title: 'Bing Bong'

Whew, boy. Let’s start with Noah and Sebastian, who continue to form a tense dynamic but one that’s warming up. Here Noah is just following Sebastian like a stray dog and I can’t blame him for being annoyed by it. Damn it, Noah, you need to show a little bit of confidence in yourself and figure out what to do away from Jex. But it seems Jex is the only friend he has amongst the crew, at least until he gets to the rec lounge and find Becca and co. there.

Becca runs Templar off (expected) and then poor Jock seems to be trying to get into the Academy, which is much harder than it looks. I feel bad for Jock as he apparently wants to be the next McGregor, but he’s not quite Academy material. I get he feels bad and it sucks to be rejected, but it was good of Noah to pitch a hand in helping Jock feel better (even if Noah was just being honest about his situation as he sees it).

Whatever McGregor has planned, it’s gonna be fun.

Then we have Molly, Judy, and T’Vel in sickbay. Talk about some tension. T’Vel brought it down on herself though, disregarding Judith’s medical advice and seeking out Ronak. Molly’s right, T’Vel needs to be competent and ready to go in an emergency situation and I fear she’s not right now. Something much worse could come out instead of Cassie … we’ll see if that’s part of Stan’s vision. I suspect it is.  

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Date: 01 Jun 2013 06:03 Title: 'The Why of Why'

Well, Sebastian. You are loaded down with some serious issues my friend … no wonder I like you so much! I’m glad McGregor got the truth out of Sebastian here but, man, was it a hard truth for him. That entire day must have sucked in so many ways and poor Sebastian, surrounded by all these Starfleet people who he doesn’t know and doesn’t care about, and he misses his dad and he just wants to do kid stuff. Play baseball, be with his family, and just be away from all these people. He needs to mourn in his own way and his mother has pretty much disconnected from life.

But the ultimate point in his past, the point of contention, was about his sister and how she was his father’s favorite and remained as such even after his death. His relatives are so blind. She’s crying on the bed but he gets nothing from them. He gets nothing but grief and I can see why his motivations for joining Starfleet aren’t to carry on the family legacy (which I’m sure he’s sick of) but rather to kill the bastards that killed his father, the Cardassians. His motivations are dark but they’re, at the heart of the matter, about justice. McGregor can use this and he’s shrewd and observant enough to see this.

I just hope that Sebastian can keep that in mind the next time he meets some Cardassians.  

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Date: 01 Jun 2013 05:12 Title: 'Below Par'

Ah, Sebastian. He might be the next grouch onboard next to Gardener. Every time that barrier of his breaks down, just for a fraction of a second, you see a decent guy there, someone who can be engaging and have a sense of humor, but he’s so serious so often it often comes off as if he’s being a stubborn mule, which he is about most things.

But, in classic McGregor fashion, Sebastian is broken down by the eccentric nature of McGregor. The bit about Molly’s EVA suit having a third arm for bitch slapping people was hilarious and I really appreciated that. The way you described the two of them on the hull, walking amongst the stars, was very First Contact to me. I was almost waiting for Lt. Hawk to show up and get assimilated (being a helmsman for Picard is dangerous work, FYI … they have to have the highest mortality rate in all of Starfleet!).

When they finally got to their destination, McGregor sit up his golf game and let it rip. More than that, the purpose of the affair was not to play golf or bug Gardener (hey, good causes both) but to really get to the reason why Sebastian is still in Starfleet. Why he’s there to begin with. Because he could have packed it in and instead he’s here, but a massive sourpuss and … well, he needs to drop it and warm up.

Inside. It’s cold out on the hull.  

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Date: 01 Jun 2013 04:44 Title: 'A View to Behold'

Oh, Stan, you loveable alien you. This was a nicely done scene between the two, Noah and Stan, and it was nice of Noah to state that, yes, he really is quite scared of those visions. And he well should be, considering how Stan himself has no clue what’s really going on in them other then they’re full of pain and suffering (reassuring words, Stan). So, with the two of them here, I felt it was good to see Stan the man explain himself a bit. Noah again is citing regulations too much (McGregor report something to Starfleet … dude, where have you been the last few weeks?) but when Stan left the room via the airlock, that was a LOL moment.

I already knew Stan could do that particular move (thanks, first RR!) so it wasn’t surprising to me but poor Noah was freaking out badly. The way he reacted was natural, especially after how spaced (PUN!) Stan was before and how he had just gotten out of the medical bay for having a weird vision thing. So, totally, I understand why Noah freaked.

Furthermore, I think that McGregor and Molly’s reactions were just priceless. McGregor moaning over the scarf, Molly rolling her eyes at him doing that at warp … man, this crew is a tight knit group.


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Date: 01 Jun 2013 04:14 Title: 'The Seed of Discord'

Oh, T’Vel. So broken. So barely held together and constantly in a state of suffering thanks to her memories of what happened with Ronak’s father, and Ronak’s own poking and prodding. He’s a little prick and I feel some sympathy for him but I can’t help but feel that whatever punishment is dished out at him, is completely deserved. He’s a prick, a little annoying prick and when T’Vel went and slapped him, I totally was cool with that. When he started talking trash about how she LIKED being violated, I was totally cool with her choking the life out of him. She couldn’t kill him but getting him as close to death as he was, I hope shows him how serious she is about that.

And after he stumbles out, tail between his legs, she breaks down. Rage. Sadness. Tears. All of it an explosion of emotions and by far the most emotional we see Vulcans get. It reminded me a lot of NuSpock chocking the life out of NuKirk. T’Vel, at the end, is begging and pleading to logic like it’s a god. It’s not, sadly, and she’s trying to ward off that really dark voice … the crazy voice. The one that wants to hurt and hurt a lot of people.

She manages to do it this time. Will she be able to do it next time?

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Date: 01 Jun 2013 03:55 Title: 'The Rear Admiral'

Oh, McGregor. You seem to conduct business in any form and in any type of clothes. Of course you’d be butt naked in bed while entertaining the call of an admiral. Once more, we see McGregor so cocksure (HA) about his actions, and the way he made sure to point out to the admiral that he believed him to be an old hack with some gold pips, was a nice touch. These two have some clear animosity between them and my goodness, it seems McGregor is hellbent on kicking the crap out of T’Hos and will do so at all costs. This isn’t surprising to me, especially considering what T’Hos did, but McGregor is so blatant about it here (in his own way).

Faraday is right that McGregor needs to be careful, especially considering Stan’s vision. I mean, McGregor, you need to worry just a bit here, right? Right? McGregor doesn’t seem to worry much about anyone except Stan, but that’s another issue all together.

I don’t know what drill he has planned for the crew or how he’s planning to flush out the mole (wait and see seems like a poor strategy) but I hope that whatever it is he has planned, he’s considered the ramifications of it.

It wouldn’t do to have people dying in drills.

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Date: 01 Jun 2013 03:46 Title: 'A Vulcan Morning to You'

Well, Ronak is indeed a little prick, isn’t he? My goodness, if I was Noah, I would be in a war with him. Rock music while I sleep? I’d answer that with some ancient Vulcan chants. He wants to block my way to the door? How about I pour something nasty in front of his door? The dude is the worst kind of roommate and Ronak makes me wanna scream. Noah did well to hold his control and nearly got out of there without getting too involved but T’Vel showed up and Noah’s big mouth got him involved in a nasty family affair.

You have to feel bad for T’Vel, who has this unruly and illogical son to contend with and yet she herself is fighting the same battle he is. The only difference is that Ronak seems to enjoy being so angry and nasty to others while T’Vel is actually quite ashamed of her state. The two are definitely at odds and poor Noah just sat there and helped Ronak make her feel worse. I really hope Noah can figure out how to put a lid on that mouth of his cause it’s gonna cause him trouble. I wonder if he can request a different berth, but McGregor sticking him there is no doubt yet another way the captain is taking things out on Cutler.

Poor Cutler.  

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Date: 01 Jun 2013 03:36 Title: 'Portents Perceived'

Well, the Stan man’s visions have a way of getting a lot of attention. Seeing McGregor dolt over Stan, make him as comfortable as possible, was kinda sweet in a weirdly-overprotective-creepy way. I know he’s not creeping Stan but man, he really was worried there. A rare sight for McGregror. The rest of the bridge crew showing up, all of them different levels of concerned, was also quite telling … Stan’s vision of death and destruction looks like a sure thing. And since he was touching Cutler it looks like Noah is gonna get the redshirt treatment if he doesn’t step up.

After the ensigns got banished to the corridor, seeing Noah freak out and heave off was pretty much right in line with his character. Sebastian’s and Jex’s words about Noah, about the type of officer he is, were quite telling. Sebastian’s right in the fact that Noah’s lack of self confidence and decisive action is a bad thing, especially in combat situations. He nearly revealed some of his own mysterious backstory here but he just managed to avoid it. Jex is as curious as I am, but Sebastian is tight lipped … oh well, but he seems to have recognized that Jex is trying to help, not hurt.

The apologizes at the end between Noah and Jex were the stuff of friends.

Ronak being the roommate was a twist but an expected one … I thought it would be him. Ronak’s distaste for Noah now has a decent reason attached to it.  

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Date: 01 Jun 2013 03:20 Title: 'Food for Thought'

Well, after the last chapter and its emotional rollercoaster for me, this was a welcome respite of fun. The umbrella is finally explained, Judith gives us a glimpse at the Kestral prior to McGregor commanding her, and we get a special day for the crew. A day that makes a lot of sense considering how good fresh supplies taste as opposed to things you replicate (which I imagine taste a little like fast food, because the replicators are the ultimate fast food). Jex and Noah once again engage in fun conversations, as with Becca and Jock now in the fold. It seems like our young, youthful ensigns are finally blending in with the crew.

Jex’s bridge time was typical boring stuff for most officers and the way she was constantly trying to get a glimpse of T’Vel (well, not constantly, but trying her best to catch one) was a nice. I liked the fact that Jex had to remind herself that not all Vulcans are the same and certainly each has their own individual traits and personalities. Just before we get some really down and dirty information on T’Vel and Ronak, we see McGregor pop in and draw the attention to the room to himself. He has some crazy plan for the next day.

The dryness of Sebastian, as he just sat there in his EVA suit, was amusing and I’m wondering what’s happening the next day. Should be interesting.  

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Date: 01 Jun 2013 02:25 Title: 'A Medical History'

Wow, MF. Just … god, what a gutwrenching chapter. I didn’t expect this here, I was not expecting this type of chapter or my reaction to it. It hurt to read, I had to pause a few times, take off my glasses, and wipe away the tears.  I couldn’t, for the life of me, stop from feeling so emotionally wrecked as I read this chapter. Spoke to me on a lot of levels, but I’m not quite composed at the moment so forgive the randomness of the order and the thoughts.

Firstly, the young Judith Monroe or Judy as she was known here. My goodness, she was such a sweet and inquisitive child, a child who loved to learn and wanted some day to be a teacher. You captured that idealism, that child-like innocence beautifully here and that’s why it was so damned heartbreaking to see that shattered when that shuttle went through her house.

The scene was visceral, it hurt like hell, and watching Judy just make her way through the ruins of her home … man. You didn’t paint the scene here you made it a motion picture with narration of the best kind. I had to stop to wipe my eyes during her final moments with her mother, as her father sat there and cradled the dying and broken woman. You really played that scene just right, just long enough to make it hurt but you didn’t drag it out.

The next part, with her father taking his wife and her mother and his daughter, loading them all into the jeep, and heading off for the mountains preaching that Starfleet was coming … it seemed desperate, maybe even the moves of a man in shock, but what else could he do. He had to keep what was left of his family alive and he damn well did but getting them up to that mountain. The heated words he had with the other angry men, the other colonists who managed to survive the initial slaughter, were absolutely spot on. He was right to point out that revenge would serve no purpose but a death wish … and then to have poor Judy there to hear that, to hear all of it, was tough.

But having the Nausicans show up and just gut the place was even more shocking and the chase down the mountain side was pulse pounding, heart racing stuff and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen … but when they finally got chased down, knocked down, I thought this was it for Judy and her father. At least her father was going to die and that thoughts saddened me as her father just laid there, ready to be killed. What was she going to do with no parents? Was her grandmother still alive?

But then, with things at their worst, you bring in McGregor and Rah/Fang and they save the day in classic fashion. It was brilliant timing and it made me choked up to see them ride over the hill and save the day. This is why Judy is serving in the Border Dogs. This is why she’s there. McGregor and co. came to her rescue and she’s been inspired by it ever since. A beautiful peace that spoke to me and a few of my characters (noticeably Daren, who was absolutely the cause of my emotionalism this chapter).

Well done, sir. I need a minute to breathe before I start the next chapter, but damn, MF, this was a fine piece. A damned fine piece. And as much as you want to knock your writing, you shouldn’t when this is in you … you hit on something here MF and that takes skill.

This is my favorite chapter so far. I don’t know if it can be dethroned.

Reviewer: Lil black dog Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Jun 2013 02:15 Title: 'He's an Hawsehole!'

LOL!  He's a hawsehole all right, this McGregor.  He's managed to piss off friend and foe alike, but even in the little bit we've seen, his crew seems to stand by him unerringly.  Usually for a crew to do that, it's not because they *fear*, but rather *trust* their captain implicitly.  Curious to see what he's done to earn that trust, considering he's rubbed so many others the wrong way.

Dunno what he's done to make T'Hos Likk so mad; mad enough to risk so bold a plan as infiltrating a Federation starbase and planning to board a ship of the fleet and 'kill all who walk her decks' before doing in her captain.

Something tells me there's much more, not less, to McGregor, and that I'm gonna like him immensely. :-)

Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Jun 2013 01:39 Title: 'An Honest Prescription'

Ah, back to Noah and his continuing battle against crippling self-doubt. The poor guy has had his confidence shattered thanks to McGregor’s constant shots at him and the very unusual manner in which the Border Dogs operate. Despite this, it’s good to see Noah stepping up anyway and combating those fears. Monroe is a nice character, a good doctor, and someone who has constantly been on the side of the new recruits. I’m glad he got to do his shift there and get some lessons from the good doctor.


The sickbay was aptly described, as was the operating theatre and other areas. The medical bay reminds me very much of the TWOK sickbay we saw and the various areas we saw there. Most sickbays just end up being one room where multiple things can happen in, and that’s a fine design, but it isn’t quite as … proper feeling as the old style sickbays were.


Ronak shows up again and he seems to have a particular interest in picking on Noah. I wonder if that’s because T’Vel showed such interest in him before but I could be wrong. He seems to like picking on the poor kid and Noah, once more, has his confidence shaking but Monroe is there to gently guide him along. Once he’s done with, it looks like Noah is gonna get some answers on things but … Monroe deftly avoids them as everyone else aboard does and states a true fact: people don’t like to broadcast secret pasts and such.


Noah will have to figure it out. As we, the reader, must do the same.

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Date: 01 Jun 2013 01:14 Title: 'Trekkie Brekkie - the way to start your day'

Ah, I do love this chapter title. Moving on from that, we find ourselves back with the dynamic duo of the story, Jex and Noah, who are both just the talkative sort in their own ways (Jex with her usual awesome Trill dynamic, and Noah with his pessimistic observations) are the kind of people you’d like to have breakfast with.


But they meet the kind of person you wouldn’t like to have breakfast with in Ronak, punk that he is. I know some of his backstory and why he is like he is (other than choice), so I get why’s being such a punk, but man, cut the crap Ronak. It was good to see Jex and Cutler not give in to the child-like petulance of the Vulcan teen and not engage him in a verbal war that no one would win.


Becca and Tac show up and make sure Ronak gets put in his place, though the way Becca brushes it off is something I wish she didn’t do. Best for the new recruits to get acquainted with the ship and it’s normal operations (normal for them, abnormal for everyone else) sooner rather than later. Jex states as much as Noah sits there and tries to tell her without really telling her that, yeah, this ship has got some weird things going on that are not SOP.

Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Jun 2013 00:59 Title: 'By the Cat's Whiskers'

Oh boy, did Dexter and Sebastian stumbled on trouble or what? The two of them def had their hands full with Durmok but the showed themselves well, especially Sebastian who proved himself adept at fighting in a brawl. He was pretty good there before he got overwhelmed and the fight scene was written well and the choreography was well done. Feel bad for Sebastian getting the crud beat out of him but I see it as a humbling experience. The guy will, hopefully, grow from getting his tail kicked so much.


Moving on, we see Rah come to the rescue and and scare the crap out of everybody with his roaring (oh, my, those Kzinti are some scary folks … I like them, but I def don’t want to make oner mad). McGregor shows up and does his best impression of a mad bomber, blowing up everything T’Hos holds valuable while making Durmok pretty much expendable and def a man who needs to get away from T’Hos. He didn’t give McGregor any information but the theatrics and dramatics did get the message across to the Klingon that McGregor is out for blood.


McGregor’s umbrella trick was very Mary Poppins (favorite Disney movie ever! Can you Dick Van Dyke’s horrifying Cockney accent?) and made me smile. Now that all that’s been done … well, the move is T’Hos. We’ll see what the surly baddie will do. Maybe he’ll forward McGregor his plans this time to save everyone a bit of effort.

Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Jun 2013 00:29 Title: 'Second Chances'

Whew, what a heated conversation between these two. Molly is necessarily uptight and nervous about bringing all this to McGregor. She hid it from him. She let her ex husband go. And McGregor is upset. Well, more than upset, the dude is RAGING and it’s nice to finally see him get mad. McGregor smash! Anyways, with McGregor so angry (apparently the way to get McGregor’s whitty cool to drop is to threaten his ship and crew) getting through to him was goin to be tough and it was.


I’m proud of of Molly standing up to him, sitting there and engaging him after all this time. She makes some tough points abou McGregor giving out second chances, and we get some nice backstory history here on all the crew. Dexter, troubled child. T’Vel, with a crippling condition. Becca, and her deal. Eddie, a recovering alcoholic and someone dealing with massive grief. And McGregor himself, who got his second chance that took away his family (more backstory, McGregor! More!)


McGregor is duly reminded of all this and finally gives in to the terms of Molly’s agreement. But man, some harsh words were exchanged between the two and now Paul could be in some super serious trouble. I hope, for his and Molly’s sake, that he stays out of trouble. But McGregor seems to have lost some trust and faith in Molly. I hope the two can patch things up. They’re gonna need to be on the same page when crazy things inevitably happen.

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Date: 31 May 2013 23:56 Title: 'Not to Dwell on Matters'

Well, here we are planet side again and we’re back to Sebastian and Dexter, having a heart to heart. Or security officer to security officer. Or man to man. You know what, I’m not sure what kind of conversation it was other than a tense one from Sebastian’s end. He didn’t seem to think much of the big, bad planet but Dexter’s right in that he needs to pay attention to the criminal elements and stop being so boastful.


He needs to also stop being so sensitive about his past. Crap happens and it’s about time for Sebastian to heed the advice of his elders and start moving on. He seems to be doing that in some ways and in others he seems so be stubbornly stuck in the past. Whatever the case is, he needs to take some lessons from Dexter and learn to be a bit more humble.


Meanwhile, Noah and Molly are hitting up some sources for information on Cassie. Oh, Cassie AKA T’Vel, she’s so much fun when she’s drunk or sober. She’s a big fan of Noah’s bum apparently (HAHA, oh, Cutler he’s got Cassie/T’Vel after him and Harris flirting with him … player, player!) and has her own past issues to deal with. Noah is a bit unsettled with all the unusual stuff going on, but this is the ship he’s signed onto. He best get used to it.

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Date: 31 May 2013 18:29 Title: 'Dirt Side'

And so we have Cutler going on his first away mission ever! And then we have Jex fumbling over him like a new mother … that can’t be a boost to Noah’s confidence and he desperately needs one following the many weeks he’s been blaming himself for what happened to the ship (no thanks to McGregor). Speaking of McGregor, he’s going on an away mission too (screw protocol!) and offering Noah a compliment (say what?) and … well, he’s dressed as per McGregor’s usual eccentric standards, though this time those standards look to be actually useful.

Anyway, the away team arrives and you’ve described us a very back alley planet. It seems to just be as nasty and murky as the word “back alley” conveys. Everyone on the team splits up and their individual missions should make this stop very interesting. I love the way you’ve identified what each team is going to do and how you’ve split them up. I find myself struggling with that sometimes in my own writing but you’ve given a nice template here to follow.

Ah, and the bar scene (there seems to be one in every chapter … drinks on McGregor!) is really nice. Molly is getting Noah acquainted with the way things work on the border and her explanations of what everyone is doing, and what she is doing, are welcome and well done.

Poor Noah must be thinking the worst of this whole thing.

He might be right. I’m hoping for a badass moment here for him that way he can rise to the challenge and show McGregor that, though he may be a noob at some things, he has the potential for great things. I really just want him to have a moment of win because the guy has had it rough from day one on this bird.


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Date: 31 May 2013 18:12 Title: 'Sleeping With the Enemy'

Ah, the beginning of this chapter was … well, McGregor. Giving us WAY too much information (thanks for the image of him playing with his crouch hair, MF, really glad I didn’t read this before bed :P) but showing us that, even when he’s not on duty, he still is on duty (like every captain in the fleet). Yeoman Harris by his side, him and her being playful in a number of ways … very well done. Harris is a babe, plain and simple, and you painted that spot on. McGregor obviously enjoys her company and that’s nice to see that he can wind down and relax.

Dexter showing up and delivering the news made me think that, maybe, he had found out about Paul and Molly was going to be implicated in something … but the surprise here was the mole. Someone aboard the ship let T’Hos in? But who? It looks like McGregor is suspecting Noah (with the general incompetence line) but I think that’s just to throw Dexter off the trail (for he likes to make his people work). No, the chapter title itself leads me to believe that the mole is indeed Yeoman Harris herself. And T’Hos was going to end her anyway (loose ends and all) but she’s alive and so is he … he must have something on her.

Whatever the case is, she’s my leading suspect.

Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 31 May 2013 17:55 Title: 'The C.O.B.'

Ah, Jex and Noah, and Templar. They are a trio of interesting characters and they continue to learn more about one another. The banter between the three is, as usual, very entertaining but I’ve been wondering where Sebastian got off to. He seemed to disappear since the end of the attack and I wonder what he’s been up to. Obsessing over his past? Trying to hook up with Becca (there’s some fire there, some intensity … )? Or has he just been stewing over things since then?

Whatever the case it was a welcome sight seeing back here and continuing to be as unlovable as ever (yet strangely likeable still). Jex and Noah’s convos about him and Rah/Fang (I like Fang better, it’s a cooler nickname!) were laced with the proper amount of history and mystery. It’s a sensitive subject for Jex and I’m glad Noah didn’t pursue it too hard, sensing that she wants to just let it go.

The bar scene was well done, with the crew mingling and exchanging good natured banter. I love Gordon, ever ready to pour a drink and offer a friendly ear, and Jex being the life of the party is just what a Trill is most of the time.

To good hunting indeed.  

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Date: 31 May 2013 15:48 Title: 'The Kestrel spreads her wings'

And so we have our ship launch and, in classic McGregor fashion, it’s not even remotely close to “by the book.” McGregor gets to the ship, gets to the bridge, and does so stealing a shuttle (called it, McGregor!) and he and Molly are both dancing around things one needs to tell another. Judith calling the new ensigns to the bridge for the launch was a nice, sentimental touch, but McGregor does away with that pretty quickly once he gives the order to launch and the proceeds to leave the bridge.

Poor Noah. He probably was having a bit of a flashback to the last time he was on the bridge and McGregor left it when he called out. The way McGregor put him into place with the fake, it’s gonna be history speech was kinda funny but tinged with some wincing too as Noah, once again, seems to be the target of McGregor’s ire. I’m still rolling with the theory that McGregor’s got a axe to grind with the boy’s granddad as the way he just keeps going at him … well, seems overkill to me.

Nonetheless, McGregor gets away from that moment and heads down, with Judith in tow, to have himself a drink. I wonder what the two will talk about.  

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Date: 31 May 2013 15:38 Title: 'Taking Stock with Expediency' [A Captain's Prerogative]

Oh, McGregor, you dog. So we meet McGregor meeting the commodore again and, much like before, the two are not entirely sure which way to divide the blame pie. McGregor is more than willing to blame the commodore and his damned starbase for their lack of security (which, again, I don’t mind) but little acceptance for the blame falls on himself (McGregor’s MO so far: blame others, not himself). He’s the captain so he has to take some responsibility, even if he is from 60 years in the past (which I’m dying to know more about).

The two briefly showdown as McGregor tries to convince the commodore to give him a new travel pod, which I figured the commodore would do gladly. But, he surprised me (and McGregor it seems) and completely said no to the idea. I find that kinda admirable for the commodore, but he’s not exactly know for having a backbone so perhaps a random outburst like that might just keep people from taking advantage of him too much.

McGregor’s interactions with his fellow captains seems to indicate he’s not well liked among the rest of his brotherhood. Asking about a porn shop in the Starbase … come, McGregor, you know you would have found one there already with how often you visit.

The last parting scene where he ignores Judith (perhaps some feelings?) and then goes to the hanger deck (he’s stealing something, I swear it) is golden.  

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Date: 31 May 2013 15:20 Title: 'Taking Stock of the Truth' [A Rogue's Confession]

Molly was married?! I must have missed this. Her ex-husband certainly is a piece of work though and most definitely has himself plenty to answer for. He’s the type who just never seems to listen or stay out of trouble, so for Molly’s sake I hope she doesn’t go and fall back into his arms. But his showing up obviously meant trouble and she knew it. The interplay between the two is how you would expect between exes … a bit cold, somewhat angry, and always full of tension. The way Molly treats him it just seems that these two never quite got along well when they were married, that they ended up together was as much a surprise to either of them as anyone else. But I’m merely interpreting.

Whatever the case may be, Molly and Paul get together and Paul tells her, quite frankly I might add, that he may have had something to do with the whole “your ship and crew nearly died” thing that happened a month ago. Molly’s reaction is pretty spot on and I can’t blame her for a second for being as angry as she was. He was engaged in illegal activity but he didn’t bother checking on who he was transporting, who they were working for … seems like he just took the money and ran. Background check my friend, background check.

I wonder what McGregor’s gonna do?

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Date: 31 May 2013 07:11 Title: 'Taking Stock of the Heart' [A Frontier Girl]

Oh, poor Cutler. He’s put himself on lockdown, exile, and he’s got himself in the most miserable, worst way. I can’t blame him. McGregor laid into him hard and left the young guy no room for defense or anything remotely close to it. He verbally beat him and then sent him on his way. Cutler wants to run, wants to get away from it, transfer out, and I can’t blame him again.

But he needs to take a page from Sebastian’s book I think. He needs to acknowledge that past failure and he needs to plow on ahead. Right now he’s wallowing in misery and I feel his pain, I really do, I’ve been there and done that. It’s no good. It’s still no good, to this day, it’s a waste of time in any case. Noah needs to listen to Jex and just do the best he can.

Seeing Judith hop in here and provide wise counsel was good. I’m glad everyone else isn’t taking it hard on the young guy. I really, really wish that McGregor would just apologize to him or at the very least offer him a whiskey. Whatever the case, Judith has her own issues to deal with as Jocum, her friend/lover is just not pleased with her constant need to be a frontier doctor.

He doesn’t get it. She belongs out there, it’s born in her. She can’t change that and if she tried she’d be miserable. If he was smart, he’d just follow her and tag along. Business can come from anywhere. Love is the hardest thing of all to find.  

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Date: 31 May 2013 05:28 Title: 'Accommodating Commodore'

Well, McGregor did in fact let the commodore have it and there were a few characters in my head who were more than happy to see a higher ranked official get slapped down hard (most of them captains). No doubt Georgetown isn’t used to this being in charge thing because most admirals who would have been addressed like that would have stripped down the captain doing to a lowly ensign without a second thought. You don’t get away with that in the service often and McGregor did get away with it, simply because he’s an eccentric Ahole but a fun one.

Molly played her role well here as the “good cop” or “sane cop” in this scenario, being as diplomatic as possible while also getting what McGregor was aiming for: his ship to be bumped up to the top of the repairs list and them getting underway ASAP to hunt T’Hos down and gut him like the pig he is. I’m sure McGregor would like to father her children, but Molly is far too much a lady for that.

Georgetown is just a nice guy with no backbone and McGregor and Molly had their way with him. There needs to be more higher ranking officials like that so captains don’t have to be all frustrated with the higher ups all the time.  ;)

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