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Reviewer: SLWalker Signed [Report This]
Date: 25 Jul 2013 08:00 Title: 'Portents Perceived'

But it wasn't wolves, it was dogs...

And I liked the interactions in this. The foreshadowing, the cincern, Jex abd Sebastian having a good moment there. But man oh man, Noah can't catch a break with a roommate like that! Maybe if he and Ronak hooked up, life would be easier on both. I could subscribe to that. XD

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Date: 25 Jul 2013 07:33 Title: 'Food for Thought'

This is a whirlwind of a chapter. More awesome backstory. More of McGregor being odd and unnerving. But the ending... wow. First, seeing McGregor be so sweet and gentle with Stanley is delightful and makes me want to plant one on him. But that vision? Geez, is that so immediately forboding. Talk about a large bag of possible metaphors. Well done.

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Date: 25 Jul 2013 07:15 Title: 'A Medical History'

Aww! I don't know who's more adorable, baby Judy or slightly-less-baby McGregor. I love ghe backstory here. When I originally went through, it seemed an illtimed digression from the action. But with age comes wisdom, and now I appreciate it. Another of those fine, aged wine moments.

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Date: 25 Jul 2013 06:02 Title: 'An Honest Prescription'

Judy is a rare sort of delight, isn't she? Her quiet serenity is so very good, as a doctor, for those around her. I already like her approach more than any canon doc, at least to medicine.

Well, except Phil's. I think those two would get along delightfully well.

But anyway, again you draw out the tease and again you manage to backhand the canon writers with a delightfully knavish glove made of panache and grit and realism. Seriously, yes, with me rapidly growing an inferiority complex.

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Date: 25 Jul 2013 05:46 Title: 'Trekkie Brekkie - the way to start your day'

Ronak us every angsty teen with issues ever. Holy crap, that one has problems. Though, I don't entirely think one can blame him. I like how Noah and Jex seem to be settling in more comfortably with one another. Becca remains awesome and will hopefully continue to be.

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Date: 25 Jul 2013 05:39 Title: 'By the Cat's Whiskers'

Holy GOD, McGregor!!! OMGOMGOMG. That may have been the biggest piece of badass and beautiful I have ever seen.

Well, it was in the top ten anyway. Oh my god. Just brilliant. F-ing brilliant.

You're making me kind of incoherent with your awesome here.

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Date: 25 Jul 2013 05:30 Title: 'Second Chances'


Just. Damn.

This is a truly superior chapter. No kidding. The step back in tume. The fight. The way they found each other's bruises and dug their thumbs in. And I don't know if you meant it, but even as they fight here, you can see their love shine through, too. All the scars, all the problems, but here in this moment, raw and real and frank and cutting. Damn. Damn well done.

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Date: 25 Jul 2013 05:10 Title: 'Not to Dwell on Matters'

That is one Hell of a way to meet T'Vel. Or her alter ego. Or both. The dysfunctional but oddly loving vibe of the Kestrel's crew really shines through here. They all have their issues and hang ups and clashing moments, but they also all hang onto one another and pull one another out of trouble and cling together, closing ranks when outside threats hit the stage.

Which makes any and every tragedy even worse for them. But also what makes them the best at what they do on the back of the beyond.

Heh. I think when you finish this tale, you will likely leave me with a massive inferiority complex.

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Date: 25 Jul 2013 04:57 Title: 'Dirt Side'

Molly is so damn wicked here. I love the law enforcement lean, given my somewhat extensive experience with the field. The descriptions of the locale and people please me, too; none of the shiny matte-painting style worlds for you. Something more real and grimy and true.

Which is, as I said before, terrific and subversive.

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Date: 25 Jul 2013 04:47 Title: 'Sleeping With the Enemy'

Not one to not take advantage, is he? I still suspect Harris. I also laughed when he kept referring to her by rank in the sack. As for his approach to find the mole, I would think it a wee bit reckless, except he is McGregor, so of course there is some thought and method behind it. Now it's just a matter of seeing what.

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Date: 25 Jul 2013 04:22 Title: 'The C.O.B.'

Ah Rah and speculation thereof. Why yes, I like him too. But Jock steals the show in this chapter, a punk Scotsman in a kilt. My Cadet could often be found in the same when he was in a flirty mood; kilt, Doc Martins and a tight t-shirt. And sometimes glitter in his hair. And his answer as to what would be in his sporran might even make Jex blush.

But I digress. Sebastian there continues to be an angst puppy. Or a villain. Not sure which yet, to be honest. And I love Becca, she continues to be awesome.

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Date: 25 Jul 2013 04:09 Title: 'The Kestrel spreads her wings'

Oh Captain. They just might speculate for the next ten years what each of you were thinking going out on this one. I am glad he was slightly more gentle with Noah here. And that Molly was gentle with them, too.

And then you have the shuttle and the cross conversation. Which is pretty cute and funny and also endearing.

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Date: 25 Jul 2013 03:56 Title: 'Taking Stock with Expediency' [A Captain's Prerogative]

Ohmigod, McGregor. Whatever scheme can he be up to? Don't answer that. His back and forth with the Commodore is golden, naturally. His noting of Judy's unhappiness. But him asking for porn and scheming with Stan is, of course, my favorite part of the chapter.

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Date: 25 Jul 2013 03:50 Title: 'Taking Stock of the Truth' [A Rogue's Confession]

Molly has some real dirt in her background. Which is probably why she is such a good match to McGregor. Her putting her ship and crew ahead of this scudball is a win. Paul's mere existence in this universe, though, is about to become vastly less certain. And as well it should, the criminal jerk.

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Date: 25 Jul 2013 03:42 Title: 'Taking Stock of the Heart' [A Frontier Girl]

The blend from one conversation to another here is really well done, you can almost see the camera panning. I liked how Jex was both serious and a little silly in trying to deal with Noah's angst. And I loved Judy's reasoning behind why she wants to stay with the Kestrel. Jocum is kind of a jerk trying to force her hand like that and it's awesome seeing her stand up for herself.

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Date: 25 Jul 2013 03:31 Title: 'Accommodating Commodore'

I say "I love" a lot. Must try to come up with different words. Except, none come to mind.

McGregor is awesome here. Bold and snarly and protective of ship and crew. That he notes the loss and says their names and drives that point home elevates him even further in my esteemed estimation. All at once you have the madcap front. But also the man who writes home to grieving families.

Molly is particularly good here. Sly and well spoken and the perfect foil to get the ship -- and by proxy Captain -- cared for.

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Date: 25 Jul 2013 03:21 Title: 'A Let Down'

McGregor is setting himself up for a bad bruising or worse. His beat down of Noah was still both crazy and oddly hilarious. Because God what a groaner he told there.

It's the ending that is chilling, though. I called him Ahab the first time around. I have long since revised my opinion, but I still see the elements of it in him.

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Date: 24 Jul 2013 22:26 Title: 'Into the Maelstrom'

Damn, is that a gamble. I'm amazed he didn't crisp himself! Or for that matter, that Harris is even alive after that! But the actual plan, on the fly, was genius. McGregor using his escape pod as a weapon, using EV as a boarding method, using Rah as an escape method... it's mad, but it's definitely clever, outside the box thinking that shows just how canny and cunning McGregor actually is. I wish half or more of the writers of Trek had managed to pull off clever of this caliber.

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Date: 24 Jul 2013 22:15 Title: 'Countdown to Oblivion'

Poor Jex! I love Rah, but I admit, it would probably startle the life out of me to see him, too, all fur and fang and blood. Three meters tall? Really? Geez, how does he fit on that ship? Jex flashing back was interesting. I wonder how many Kzinti serve now; I can't imagine even after all that time it's too many.

Neat POV work, too. Eventually, though, we've gotta actually see what happens!

Reviewer: SLWalker Signed [Report This]
Date: 24 Jul 2013 22:05 Title: 'Controlled Chaos'

Seriously. A shake and a candy bar. But anyway, McGregor points out the most delightful flaw of a villain gloating while trying to kill everyone -- you remove any incentive for the person you're threatening to do what you want. I suppose it ties into the same reason why physical torture is so ineffective.

Anyway, it's delightful. I love the Starbase's scrambling and disbelief. I love the half-resignation on Dexter's part. I love a lot of things. Especially McGregor and his reckless-not-reckless ass kicking moves here.

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Date: 24 Jul 2013 21:54 Title: 'VIP - MIA'

Molly trips me out in all the best ways. I like the way you present the relative chaos of this boarding from multiple POVs. It sort of slows it down, but not so much I'd recommend cutting them, because you also gain some fun character work on the other side of it.

Reviewer: SLWalker Signed [Report This]
Date: 24 Jul 2013 21:49 Title: 'Destructive Behaviour'

Just about everything in this chapter is a win. I'm feeling damn low today, and McGregor made me laugh out loud about four different times. I love every single move he makes here, even as he's knocking back his drink, even as he's all but selling poor Noah to the enemy, even as he's displaying his big, giant brass ones on the table without so much as a hint of remorse.

God knows how many little booby traps like that he has on the Kestrel. I love Molly's reply. I always have, and I always will. And that the computer does it anyway!

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Date: 24 Jul 2013 07:01 Title: 'A Hostile Environment'

Okay, Eddie and Jex? More awesome than Holmes and Watson any day. I love how sharp and quick they both are in putting it together. Bing bang boom, and they know the score. Then you have Becca and Berkley, and lo and behold, at least one more competant individual!

Seriously, Kev, you're making the pros look bad and I love it. However, you are also mowing people down left and right. I don't remember if Berkley lives or not, but I hope he does.

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Date: 24 Jul 2013 06:49 Title: 'Party Crashers'

If course he gets beamed out with a drink in hand! It does definitely liven up the party, that's for sure. The kitten comment made me laugh and groan at the exact same time. Of course, now the real chaos can begin.

Reviewer: SLWalker Signed [Report This]
Date: 24 Jul 2013 06:42 Title: 'Boarding Party'

Man, you set us up and knock us down, what with making two instantly likable guys and then brutally slaughtering them. I mean, as writing goes it happens to be a masterful stroke -- rarely do we get to know and like, even briefly, Dead Redshirts Walking.

So you take the trope and turn it on its ear and get us to like them and then with almost casual brutality, you kill them off. The more I read this story over again, the more it seems like a delightful flame mail to canon Trek producers. Or perhaps a giant middle finger. Either way it remains wonderfully subversive stuff.

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