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Reviewer: SLWalker Signed [Report This]
Date: 26 Jul 2013 08:59 Title: A.A.R.

Wow, more plot twists. The AAR was wicked cool. I continue to enjoy the little details of your universe and all of its myriad bits and bobs and traditions and protocols. Totally makes my life, and also makes that inferiority complex all nice and active, too. Then you go and throw in a possible plot twist here at the end. I can't help but think you've led Dexter and Harris just so you can spring someone totally out of the left field on me. Because you're about as sly as McGregor when you want to be.

And by the way, I'm gonna be royally torqued off after I finish reading what's here if you don't have another chapter ready by the end of the week. Just as a heads up.

Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Jun 2013 19:37 Title: A.A.R.

Ah, so we have Jex and Sebastian enjoying a nice friendly conversation where it seems Sebastian has got some eyes for Jex. Oh my! You’re giving me so many shipping options so late in the game, MF, I can’t tell who to send where. I may just opt for the whole “Kestrel crew has massive orgy” solution but I think Sebastian’s tough guy exterior is finally cracking away thanks to McGregor having a talk with him before and the high of the SARAH. But Jex, ah, she’s a doll and it seems she’s gonna have plenty of suitors when it’s all said and done (Noah, better get there and fast, you have the inside track but not for long).

Then we have Dashiel (not Daniel) Cain and his apparent feeling for T’Vel. I agree with Chomsky, he’s in some dangerous waters here and needs to be careful about what he’s doing. T’Vel isn’t exactly in a great condition for a relationship and the two’s friendship bespeaks of more than friends stuff. I can’t tell for sure if T’Vel reciprocates, but odds are with the few people standing by her left, she may reach out to him.

Contessa shows up and delivers the big bit of news here, which is simply to say that the bomb was planted and Gunny was gunned down by a traitor. And that traitor could be Dexter (my pick) and with the brainwashing thread now in play, Dexter could very well be doing this without really knowing. Seeing as how his behavior has been a bit off lately, though not skewed as to arouse too much suspicion, the dude is my bet for the mole still.


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