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Reviewer: SLWalker Signed [Report This]
Date: 26 Jul 2013 03:33 Title: 'Bing Bong'

Damn but Molly pulls no punches here. I think this is the first time I can maybe see her as cruel, but then again, given what T'Vel did to Ronak, I can also see why some extreme methods might just be necessary. Even so, this is a hard chapter to read for everyone's sake. And Eddie's various rants were awesome. As was McGregor's cleverness in rigging the systems, for good or for ill.

Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Jun 2013 06:23 Title: 'Bing Bong'

Whew, boy. Let’s start with Noah and Sebastian, who continue to form a tense dynamic but one that’s warming up. Here Noah is just following Sebastian like a stray dog and I can’t blame him for being annoyed by it. Damn it, Noah, you need to show a little bit of confidence in yourself and figure out what to do away from Jex. But it seems Jex is the only friend he has amongst the crew, at least until he gets to the rec lounge and find Becca and co. there.

Becca runs Templar off (expected) and then poor Jock seems to be trying to get into the Academy, which is much harder than it looks. I feel bad for Jock as he apparently wants to be the next McGregor, but he’s not quite Academy material. I get he feels bad and it sucks to be rejected, but it was good of Noah to pitch a hand in helping Jock feel better (even if Noah was just being honest about his situation as he sees it).

Whatever McGregor has planned, it’s gonna be fun.

Then we have Molly, Judy, and T’Vel in sickbay. Talk about some tension. T’Vel brought it down on herself though, disregarding Judith’s medical advice and seeking out Ronak. Molly’s right, T’Vel needs to be competent and ready to go in an emergency situation and I fear she’s not right now. Something much worse could come out instead of Cassie … we’ll see if that’s part of Stan’s vision. I suspect it is.  

Reviewer: Starfire Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 21 Apr 2010 06:47 Title: 'Bing Bong'

Quite an array of fireworks between the crew right now, be it an engineer tired of having to deal with a captain who seemingly has a Cardassian like way of ensuring he has control of his ship when he needs it most, the junior officers not getting along with Templar because his his past transgressions, or the senior staff being rightly concerned about T'Vel's frame of mind.

Not the sort of discord you need when McGregor's evidently planning on busting up someone's ship/planet/base.

Author's Response:

Yeah some fireworks between the crew. It should make the senior staff meeting interesting. Or so I hope. And yes McGregor's got a Sarah up his sleeve. Search and Wreck Havoc! His favourite sport! Thank you for reading Starfire. Continues to make my day every time I read one of your reviews.

Reviewer: kes7 Signed [Report This]
Date: 09 Apr 2010 23:20 Title: 'Bing Bong'

I'm changing my vote for McGregor as "Captain I'd Least Like to Serve Under" to "Captain I'd Most Like to Serve Under" just because of his antics in this chapter.  I love a boss with a sense of humor.  (This change of vote is, of course, subject to change without notice if he pulls anything crazy, which I'm sure he will.)

I liked Templar trying to be a halfway-decent human being here.  My heart broke for poor Noah, who apparently considers not getting his head bitten off "niceness." 

Lots of fun dialogue from everyone in the earlier parts of this chapter, but then we get to sickbay.  I see I was right about Ronak's emotional instability rubbing off on his mother, but then you've gone and upped the ante with hints of events we've not even heard of yet.  Molly was quite hard on T'Vel, but it's her job to be, and apparently there's cause.  I imagine for T'Vel, that  has to be a double-whammy of not only the guilt of having screwed up in the first place -- but then, when confronted like this with it, she's probably having an emotional reaction to the criticism Molly gives her and beating herself up for doing so.

All in all, another great chapter with a wider scope ... and the hint of action to come with the impending "Sarah."  Can't wait to see it!

Author's Response:

Well McGregor is chuffed to have at least one vote - apart from the one he cast for himself of course! Ha! He could be described as having a sense of humour - being mad often is! Hee hee.

Yeah Templar did try, somewhat and rather passively, and got shot down for it into the bargain. Hopefully, it will not dent him too much and he might try to human again. As for Noah - he continues to be a sap but at least he too is trying - what with talking to Becca and Jock and sticking up [lamely] for Sebastian.

Yeah, Molly has to play nanny and bad-cop and all of that in the absence of McGregor doing so. She hates being so hard on T'Vel but she also knows there is a potentially hazardous mission in the offing and T'Vel needs to be on form for it. And yes, you were spot on about Ronak having a rather adverse influence/effect on his mother. That is what has Molly worried - especially given the past history alluded to here about T'Vel's past mistakes.

Action coming up indeeed. Of course, you wouldn't deny McGregor a little sauntering about before hand now would you? He has to have his 'office' meeting first. ;)

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