Reviews For Fish Out Of Water
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Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 11 May 2016 18:09 Title: Chapter 1

Finally managed to catch up with this.

Really interesting story. At first you think this is all about one of those Starfleet investigating an odd incident and the crew of Hellespont does indeed get to play explorer here by coming across a never before seen species, but the story takes quite a turn and things suddenly become much more personal.

I like how the v'tosh ka'tur angle becomes an analogy to very contemporary homophobia, and in fact the relationship between Surak Vulcans and v'tosh ka'tur Vulcans seems to lend itself perfectly to this.

However in that regard the story didn't quite feel fully realized and I almost find myself wishing that the story had focused on that aspect more. The interpersonal conflict between T'Pelis and Kuuvar seemed to have been resolved rather quickly by a singe conversation but with little further explanation. It would have been fascinating (excuse the pun) to perhaps get a bit more insight into the Vulcan mindset here, particularly T'Pelis', and maybe even some sort of defense for her behavior, if one exists.

If you ever decide to write a follow-up to this, perhaps you'll have a chance to explore this relationship further.

On another, minor point, I did feel T'Pelis was way out of line when she said she could go over her captain's head to file a complaint. I dunno about that, this isn't exactly like working at an office where you can go and complain to HR, this is a (semi)-military outfit and the captain really should have the final word about discipline on her own ship. It makes sense from a story-telling perspective though and I liked the pressure it put Abby to resolve the issue quickly.

Also, it looks as if the end of the story got cut off.

Fascinating stuff!

Author's Response: Surprisingly for me, the issue of homophobia hadn't been in my head when I was writing it, more to do with Vulcan snobbery. Now you say it though, I see what you mean. This could've been a far more interpersonal story. If I do anything more with this motely little crew then I know what I would focus on more--seeing as how supply ships aren't going to be big action-packed stories, so more focus has to be on the character dynamic.

Reviewer: kaldon75 Anonymous Liked [Report This]
Date: 06 May 2016 22:27 Title: Chapter 1

Another good one Bry, this one also has the potential for a mini series... or a longer series, of course :).

Ok, Abby's command style is a little to relaxed perhaps, but I guess it is how it would be with a very small crew on a small ship. And speaking of the ship, yes the Mediturenian class are simple small ships, but you made a good balance between simple and practical, while still providing most of the aminities for its crew, and it has replicators ! my favorite technology :). Hmmm, maybe they are going to add a single hp;pdeck in the new model.
If you dont plan more stories with this ship and crew, I encourige you to at least have it make an appeirance in some of your other future stories.

A suggestion for a future story. Have you ever thought about " crossing the battle lines " and writing a story, where the daily lifes and the goings on of an averige Cardassian crew are explored ? How they try their best to stay alive and to cope with the stresses of war. I have seen one or two authors who tried this approach, and given your writing style I think you can do well also.

Author's Response:

I'm not sure if the Hellie and her crew will get a spin-off of their own, but I'm sure they'll pop up from time to time in others. The ship was part of a small writers group I was a part of a while ago, but I've edited it to exist in my own fanon-verse.

Abby's style is not for everyone, but it's how she likes things, very casual and free-form, though if she was on another ship that would likely change to be a little more "professional".

I've never considered writing a purely Cardassian crew, but it's not something I'd be adverse too, they are a very interesting species (I have got one on my continuation of DS9) with a very different outlook on things. I do actually have an Cardassian story idea bubbling away in the back of my head, but I've never had a chance to really sit down and write it (it would see the return of a few established characters, as well as shed some light on the fate of someone I really liked in TNG). I may see about putting it down on 'paper' and see what happens.

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