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Reviewer: CeJay Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 09 Apr 2016 14:46 Title: Star Trek: Orion - The Only Easy Day...

Oh Marines and Fleeters, why can't you ever just get along? Hell of a way to start a story though, with a good ol'fashioned, if rather one-sided bar brawl. D’Kehra clearly is a serious bad-ass. Or maybe it was the fact that the three jarheads were drunk.

And while we are getting a little glimpse here at her background, the most important question about her history reminds unanswered. At least she is getting a bit of love ... and then some. I wonder if this might complicate things for the good captain though. Conventional wisdom says, hands off your own crew. Even Kirk knew this. Well, most of the time at least.

Still appreciate your restraint here and your continued focus on Orion's less glorious but no less vital mission, instead of on the battle raging around her. Nice.

Author's Response:

Good thing I didn't include Border Dogs or there would be nothing left of the ship, hehe! When I think of D'Kehra in action, I imagine River Tam, tiny but whoops serious ass--definitely not the kind of person to be underestimated...ever.

The Deimos incident is a mystery even to me, and due to its heavily classified nature then the events of it would never pass the Lieutenant's lips--she may have suffered at the hands of Starfleet regs but still believes in them. As for the...ahem...relationship, well now I'm almost finished with this series, part of me wishes I'd done a little more on that (of course there could always be an Orion Next Generation).

Thanks, that was the primary goal of this series, to look at the war outside of the combat.

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