Reviews For The Siren Arcturus
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Reviewer: Gibraltar Signed [Report This]
Date: 23 May 2009 08:26 Title: Chapter 1

This is a wonderful glimpse into the early days of Will Riker, and helps to explain both his alienation from his father, as well as his motivation to enter Starfleet.  You've captured the character perfectly, as well as shown the reader a younger, more fractured Riker, one yet to be molded into the man we will come to know.

Reviewer: Gumnut Signed [Report This]
Date: 30 Mar 2009 20:04 Title: Chapter 1

This is an extremely moody piece :D The atmosphere you build is so crystal clear it almost raises goosebumps on my arms.

It was good to see that Riker didn't choose to go into Starfleet to spite his father. I got the impression that he had simply removed the man from his world and gone his own way.

I like the ideas of Riker having neighbours that he was really close to. It helps when your parents don't supply what is needed to have it come from another source.

A really nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing.

(prisoner of Ork)

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to read and review it! Glad you enjoyed!

Reviewer: Mistral Signed [Report This]
Date: 24 Mar 2009 13:11 Title: Chapter 1

A very beautiful little piece. Covers an area I've never seen addressed before-Riker's youth.

Author's Response: Thank you Mistral. I am glad you enjoyed it!

Reviewer: MrsPicard Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 19 Mar 2009 11:33 Title: Chapter 1

I loved this little story... I wonder who you based David Jameson on. ;) *has a gut feeling but is not sure*

And damn Kyle Riker. For everything. Or rather, for nothing. *glare*

Loved the story. ^_^

Oh and... how about you writing the story of Will Riker's life? *nags at you until you do it* *lol*

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed the story Mrs. P! One thing that I always kind of wondered about was the fact that Kyle left him when he was 15. Bits and pieces of Will's past life were given to us in TNG (the fact that Kyle left him so young forced him to learn how to cook, etc.) but this one fact - that he was left alone at 15 never sat well with me. He HAD to have people who guided him, and I surmise there had to be a man, who was more friend than father, who was able to give Will the foundation of what it was to be a real man - the complete opposite of Kyle. Dave Jameson is an amalgam of two people. Jean-Luc Picard - the man Will would always admire - and my uncle David, a man who has worked hard, lived well and holds the love and respect of everyone who has ever known him, and thoroughly enjoys being exactly who he is. Writing the story of Will's life? Hmmmm. Let me get through Cassidy's tales and I'll think about it!

Reviewer: Funngunner Signed [Report This]
Date: 18 Mar 2009 21:57 Title: Chapter 1

I agree with MirandaFave. This was a brilliantly written piece, I loved the descriptions, particularly the voice. "Rich... baritone." That's a great detail that many of us, myself included, forget to add.

Reviewer: Miranda Fave Signed [Report This]
Date: 18 Mar 2009 17:23 Title: Chapter 1

You've got Riker down cold in all your stories. For a while I'd been put off by the character for having stayed on the enterprise for so long when clearly he should have been out on his own. Your stories help me to remember the good about the character.

As to this particular story, I think it is a great exploration of why Riker chose Starfleet. Growing up in Alaska he could easily have been removed and aloof from the rest of the world/universe. I think you went some way to reconile the leap he had to make, the motivation and inspiration behind it and the gulf between Riker and his father.


Author's Response: Thanks MF: I'm still not exactly sure how Riker ended up being my character of choice. He was never close to being the reason my Trek fandom was reignited over a year ago. In any event, he still finds a way to make me write about I do. Thanks again!

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