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Reviewer: Gibraltar Signed [Report This]
Date: 16 Jun 2009 00:39 Title: Chapter Ten - Part Four

Yeah... I've got to say, Will and Deanna's hand-wringing about the morality of what Tom and Toni inflicted upon Nekrit rings a bit hollow.  I understand they've got their developed 24th century morality, but given the scope and depravity of Nekrit's crimes, I'd as soon spit on her grave than spend a second pitying her for her fate.

But that's just me.

It's a testament to your story and the character of Nekrit that she's evoking such an emotional response from me.

Author's Response: Thanks Gibraltar! I totally understand about that ringing hollow feeling. I kind of hoped it would feel that way actually. I didn't see Riker and Troi as feeling pity for Nekrit as much as I figured they would both be feeling horror and worry over their counterparts (Riker for Toni and Troi for Tom.) One thing I couldn't do with their characters that I could with Picard - was have them cross that "UFP line." Picard HAD suffered torture and HAD felt the pain - it was within his character to allow himself to feel that hatred and anger and to wish his torturer the same pain. But since Troi and Riker hadn't actually been victimized by it - they'd never really "get it." They can empathize with their friends but they can't really sympathize. It's easier for them to grab onto the "ways of the UFP" when for Picard - it's not. He might actually feel some sort of jealousy that Tom and Toni got the dig in on their tormentor when he did not. I can't thank you enough for reading this. It's going through a really good edit phase now. A few tweaks, but nothing too big, have been made and it will be my offering for this year's 12 Trek Days. :) I know it's not a happy tale...and I'm not exactly sure why I felt the need to tell it, I just did. Glad it made some sort of impact. t

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