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Reviewer: Gibraltar Signed [Report This]
Date: 15 Jun 2009 17:14 Title: Chapter Ten - Part One

The tension is ratcheting up nicely here, with Tom's abortive attempt to gain an advantage over Nektrit and her cronies, as well as the beginning of what is sure to be a ballet of starship violence before too long.

I really liked the physical tics and gestures used as coded communication to throw off the Cardassians.  Those Cat guys are da bomb!

Reviewer: Miranda Fave Signed [Report This]
Date: 21 Mar 2009 23:34 Title: Chapter Ten - Part One

Jellico is showing just why he is an Admiral and regarded as a hard ass by many fans. His standing toe to toe with the Cardassians and trying to play at their game with subtle tactics. Hope it pays off and doesn't blow up in his face. But he is taking calculated risks but using Picard like rationales. [To my mind ;) anyhew]. Good portrayal of this character BTW.

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