Reviews For Semper Fidelis
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Reviewer: Shada Dukal Signed [Report This]
Date: 28 Dec 2014 14:03 Title: Part III - The Olive Branch: 6

An intriguing chapter adding a new factor – the local authorities whose active support is required for the successful settlement of this mess. Obviously, Lam has not done his homework on Valerian internal matters and has contacted the wrong lobby. Sharval‘s observations on Federation are really funny – Starfleet officials rarely take into consideration the non-Federation perspective. And with people like Lam it is really difficult to claim that Starfleet was started by explorers not space conquistadors. The usual suspects, the Cardassians, are almost innocent for a change. In fact, Belore had a fair share in bringing this awkward negotiation to fruition.

Author's Response: Thanks, Sharval's observation was one of my favorite parts of this segment as well. I thought it be a bit refreshing to get a different perspective one which helps ground Starfleet and Owens' high moral ideals a little bit. Of course Owens will need much more than morals if he wants a real chance of fixing this big mess.

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