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Reviewer: CeJay Signed [Report This]
Date: 11 Aug 2014 03:31 Title: Chapter 1

Aaron reminded me a little bit of myself, in particular being dragged around churches and the like and seeming mostly bored with it all.

But the dude could've made an effort even if he's not a believer. For the sake of T'Beth certainly but there a great number on nonbelievers who can still appreciate, if nothing else, the amazing esthetics of that bygone era. Especially in the 23rd century.

It's not very often you get such a heavily spiritual themed piece of Trek fan fiction and I'm not familiar enough with your work to know if that's a theme or not. But I was a bit surprised at T'Beth's shock at Aaron's atheism. I always figured (and portrayed) the Trekverse as a primarily secular place where religion exists but is not a mainstream, especially among humans. That might be different in your interpretation of that universe which would explain T'Beth's reaction. Not to mention Spock's conversion.

In any regard, this is a very interesting character piece which explores elements we don't often encounter in Trek.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the comments! Religion (pro or con) has been a subtle theme through most of my Star Trek:Beyond series, which are best read in order. Starting in "The Cherished and the Chosen" it figures more heavily. In my stories Spock had been turned toward atheism by Sarek, but meets incontrovertable evidence of God's existence in "Testament" and becomes a Yanashite. As for T'Beth, she too is a convert of sorts and enthusiastic about her relatively newfound belief. She finds it very painful that Aaron cannot share her spirituality. 

Yes, it did seem like Aaron could have made more of an effort, but a later story will tell the tale of his childhood and how the faith that was so important to him was destroyed by someone he trusted and admired. For him it is a conflicted, bitter memory. And though he claims that he finds T'Beth's faith "charming" I am sure that it also makes him uncomfortable. 

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