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Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed [Report This]
Date: 28 May 2014 17:07 Title: Chapter 1

Let me start out by saying that this is an intriguing story. Before reading a few of the stories in your Beyond series, I had never considered the idea of Spock having a family, especially not in the time leading up to Undiscovered Country. We don't really know what he was doing during that time, except that he was a member of Starfleet, so I can see how he might have had a family.

I don't remember a Lauren Fielding, so I wondered if she was an original character that you created, or if she was actually someone existing in canon and I am just not remembering her. Either way, I find her unique and interesting. Well Done.

I found myself wondering about Kirk's injury. I haven't read the story that comes before this one in the series, so maybe this was explained before and I just didn't get it--Is it an AU version of the time leading up to Undiscovered Country? It left me thinking how Kirk would be able to command during the time of that last mission, if he was in a wheelchair now. Something must happen between this time and the later time period of that movie.

I find T'Beth an intriguing character. I am assuming she is from a different relationship because of the age difference between her and the smaller children, and also because she is more Vulcan, implying that both of her parents were Vulcan. I would be interested to read the story of who her mother was and how she came to be, if it is written.

It doesn't surprise me that Jim was attracted to her.

It is so very like Kirk to blame himself for the accident, to take all of the responsibility on himself, whether he is the one who was actually responsible or not. I especially enjoyed seeing Kirk stand with Spock and resign from Starfleet. I can see him not wanting any part of an organization which in his mind, convicted his friend for no reason. Well done!

The characters are very well-drawn and colorful, and this was an enjoyable read. Thank you.

Author's Response:

It seems "Twilight" was chosen for one of the contest reviews! Yippee! Thanks so much for your remarks! What I've tried to do in my Beyond series is interweave my stories with canon as much as possible. 

Yes, Dr. Lauren Fielding is an original character. 

Kirk and Spock were injured together in my story "Deadly Intent". That story also explains how Spock ended up in prison as a result of that fateful accident. You're right, Kirk is not in command of a starship just now.

Yes, T'Beth has a different mother, and the circumstances of her birth are explained in the series' first story, "A Taking of Leave". She is actually only one-quarter Vulcan. Her "Sy" blood makes her very attractive to men who catch her fancy. It was from just such an attraction that she was conceived. 

Thanks again! I know these reviews take a lot of energy. Mine tend to be short and sweet. 

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