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Reviewer: SLWalker Signed [Report This]
Date: 24 May 2014 11:16 Title: Chapter 2

You just keep upping and upping the stakes, don't you? How are they going to get out of this in one piece?

Author's Response: I do seem to be, Somehow I think it will be a life changing event for some characters.

Reviewer: M C Pehrson Signed [Report This]
Date: 22 May 2014 23:51 Title: Chapter 2

More and more action. It's fun writing that stuff, isn't it?

Author's Response: O yes it's fun ;)

Reviewer: Mackenzie Calhoun Signed [Report This]
Date: 22 May 2014 22:11 Title: Chapter 2

If Spock were here he'd say the situation was grim. Doesn't look like it's getting better alas. Onwards to the next part FB :)

Author's Response: Seems a Logical response but thanks for reading.

Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed [Report This]
Date: 21 May 2014 02:17 Title: Chapter 2

You have quite the battle going on here. I like the idea of being able to hide the two older vessels in a sort of sensor blind spot, but I hate that she needs their help and is having to call them out of the shadows. Hate she's losing the battle, too. Nice job building tension.

Author's Response: Thank you Gatekeeper.

Reviewer: kes7 Signed [Report This]
Date: 20 May 2014 16:30 Title: Chapter 2

Yikes!  Quite a battle playing out here.  I'll never get used to calling them the Undine; I guess it's the Borg in me.  They'll always be Species 8472 to me. <3  (Yeah, I typed a heart.  I have a soft spot for anything VOY.)

Author's Response: I fully understand I still think of them as Species 8472, but then so does Admiral Tuvok in STO. Yay VOY!

Reviewer: jespah Signed [Report This]
Date: 20 May 2014 14:00 Title: Chapter 2


Things are not looking good for our heroes. I liked the tactic of hiding the other ships, but now we're at a kitchen sink phase of the battle, where everything is being hurled at the enemy.

Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

Author's Response: Thank you.

Reviewer: CaptainSarine Signed [Report This]
Date: 20 May 2014 13:28 Title: Chapter 2

Intense! You did a good job of portraying the battle and the stress your characters were under. There were still a few nitpicks, but overall the story worked well. Nicely done!

Author's Response: Thanks CS.

Reviewer: TemplarSora Signed [Report This]
Date: 20 May 2014 08:04 Title: Chapter 2

Definitely ramping up. I can imagine the damaged station looking a lot like the damaged ESD in the recent episode.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. Yes ganges is looking a lot like ESD in that recent STO episode.

Reviewer: Miranda Fave Signed [Report This]
Date: 20 May 2014 07:49 Title: Chapter 2

Eek dramatic events. You depict the chaos and carnage of the battle really we'll. sounds bad for all concerned and very grim. Will there be a day three at this rate?

Author's Response: O they be a day three, but yes things aren't going to get any easier just yet for our heroes.

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