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Reviewer: kes7 Signed [Report This]
Date: 02 Jun 2014 16:37 Title: Who is Knocking at the Door?

Haha, Dale is exactly as good at spying as I figured he'd be.  I knew the moment Ajshae cast that quick look backward that she was already onto him.  I wonder how he's avoided being so close to Vulcans during his service in Starfleet.  Starfleet seems to have quite a few of them around.

The situation on the ship is a bit alarming.  Who IS knocking at the door?

As for Ajshae's mysterious contact ... well, that's a cliffhanger.  Keep going, I want more!

Author's Response:

Yup, Dale is every bit the spy you might have thought him to be! He's been around Vulcans before but never as close up and personal to one, especially one as exotic and as dangerous as Ajshae. As for the contact? Well everyone enjoys a mystery. Who is knocking on the door? That will get answered. All that we can be sure, with Tabatha and co. trouble cannot be far away.

Sorry about the late responses and the fact the story halted. It's only a temporary halt but I realised I was about to make a snaffau for later storylines and had to alter some of what comes next. I'll get Osprey finished up and then back onto getting this back on track.

Reviewer: kes7 Signed [Report This]
Date: 11 May 2014 18:56 Title: Bloodwine, Blood Oaths and Bloody Deals

Well, intriguing developments here at the end, and I can't wait to learn more.  But the standout here is the dialogue.  The snarky banter between Derf and Lorr was priceless, with the bit about the dead targ who pissed on his floor (and apparently his honor) and everything else.  This also cracked me up:

He banged his fists on the table and growled. “I haven’t had any since breakfast.”

I think he and McGregor would get along famously.

Tabatha's made of solid duratanium -- she never loses her cool and keeps her eye on the prize.  She's a complicated character -- Soft on the outside, hard on the inside.  Usually we see characters who are the other way around, and I like that way you've turned that trope upside down with her.

Great stuff, keep it up!  I love to see you posting!

Author's Response:

hee, hee. I had an incredibly fun time writing that pair. The odd couple Klingon style. And yes, I rather imagine Derf and McGregor would get along famously. Oh but think of the mess and the headache afterwards. By the way, I just love, LOVE, love the way you size Tabatha up there. I love it and I love you and thank you for reading.

Reviewer: kes7 Signed [Report This]
Date: 05 May 2014 19:10 Title: Of Curiosities Caitian and Vulcan

“Look, I know they say curiosity killed the cat, but ...”

Haha.  Open mouth, insert foot, Dale.

I really like the way you're fleshing this Klingon moon out with culture and architecture and all the little background details.  It's like visiting a new world, and that's half the fun of sci-fi, isn't it?

I predict Dale is no match for Ashjae when it comes to clandestine operations.  In other words:  This won't end well.


Author's Response:

You are likely most astute about Dale. That said, his Starfleet training is going to have to cut it somewhere. Though he didn,t show much flare for diplomacy given his gaff with Meetra. Glad you are enjoying the Klingon moon details. Quite enjoying that aspect but trying not to go overboard. And yes, that is the fun of sci fi.

Reviewer: kes7 Signed [Report This]
Date: 04 May 2014 20:33 Title: A Double Edged Sword

"Oh don't worry Bora, trouble will find us." She chuckled lightly. 

Oh, no doubt.  And with the ominous last line of this, it seems trouble is indeed looking for them.


Author's Response:

Trouble? What trouble? How can you expect trouble? Ha! More to come

Reviewer: kes7 Signed [Report This]
Date: 04 May 2014 20:27 Title: Getting Settled

Lord, I've missed Tabatha.  Sounds like they had a hell of a morning.  I really love your dialogue and characterization, as always.  Tabatha on her own is pure entertainment but the others each shine in their own ways as they deal with their firebrand captain.

Author's Response:

Awww, thank you. Yes Tabby is fun but I like the dynamic of the others too and I'm so glad you like them some too. Thank you for reading.

Reviewer: kes7 Signed [Report This]
Date: 04 May 2014 20:26 Title: Tethered

As she climbed down the ladder, she shook her head at his unknowing. “You really were a part of Starfleet too long. We’ve landed a great big chunk of metal, filled with huge amounts of electronic equipment, highly sophisticated antennae and highly volatile engine parts. It makes for one hell of a lightening rod! You’ve been used to only landing in small shuttles or runabouts. With the larger vessels that are capable of atmospheric landings you’re still dealing with Starfleet designs and technology. They’ve that already built in. Highly expensive and protected technology might I add. So we plebs are left to tethering the vessel with a static discharge line. It clips here into a grounding plug. And even then there’s no real guarantee.”

This is awesome worldbuilding.  It makes total sense and it's so cool to see the civilian side of things and how people might feel about Starfleet's seemingly boundless resources and control of everything.

I also loved the Firefly callback with "gorram."

Author's Response:

Had to honour Firefly (much thanks to yourself for the repeated calls to view it). Yes, there's a lot of aspects of Starfleet life we take as granted as viewers and as our characters who inhabit that world. However, given that we know not everywhere was depicted as a utopia and it hardly seems feasible that such technology would be so prevalent across the quadrant (giving enemies like the Romulans and Klingons easy pickings to become more technologically advanced) it seemed there had to be certain constraints on technology for civilians and civvie crews especially. The lightning arc towers concept and being tethered was actually based upon concepts discussed with TheLoneRedshirt. It was fun and enriching and yes adds a neat spin on the story telling opportunities.

Reviewer: kes7 Signed [Report This]
Date: 04 May 2014 20:20 Title: Food for Thought

You're so good at writing bitchy Vulcans.  And I love how much Tabatha dislikes Starfleet.  Nothing like a good internal conflict to grab the reader.  

The bit about the backwater Klingon moon and its "no energy weapons" law is a brilliant bit of world enhancement and I can only imagine it will lead to a fun battle scene or two later on ... or maybe I'm just paranoid.

Author's Response:

Oh Tabatha certainly has no love for Starfleet and that's the fun part of playing her character as it offers a new slant to things in addition to playing with the civilian side of life. Not that Tabatha plays it too civil. A battle scene!? Who do you take me for?

Reviewer: the bluesman Signed [Report This]
Date: 28 Apr 2014 05:45 Title: Getting Settled

Love this kinda stuff! We love the big starships too, but these stories let us know the Trekiverse is full of adventure and engaging tales away from the formaility of Starleeet Ops. Look forward to more.

Author's Response:

aww, thankyou bluesman. Yup, part of the process or reasoning for this series was to explore some of the other types of ships and crews that surely populated the Trekverse. And yes, the Rhapsody and Captain Tabatha Chase certainly afford a break away from the formality of Starfleet! Thanks for reading and commentating.

Reviewer: TheLoneRedshirt Signed [Report This]
Date: 23 Apr 2014 00:24 Title: Food for Thought

Oh, I how have missed the wild mis-adventures of Cap'n Tabby (sorry- an old and dangerous habit) and her fine ship, the Rabid Rabbit (sorry again!). Love the dinner reparte' - Captain Chase is ever the congenial and sarcastic host. Her passengers are obviously hiding something (S.I.? Hmmm) and their destination is equally intriguing. Nothing like taking a Millenium-class vessel with serious system maladies into Klingon space - I mean, what could possibly go wrong? Here's hoping Hex can get his head and the ship together, and quickly.
Great stuff! I have truly missed this!

Author's Response:

Hee, hee. You're the only one I allow to call her Tabby or the ship that TLR! Yup something fishy about our passengers - but what? And Klingons - they're probably cuddly to Tabatha. Thanks for reading TLR. More coming.

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