Reviews For Vantage Points
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Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Aug 2014 18:17 Title: Chapter 2

Spock and Lauren sitting in a tree …

Oh, boy, has Spock got it bad for her and he’s finally at the point where he can admit it. The two of them are just so nice together and this feels like what it should have been all along, if not for the pesky stuff that got in the way on their last mission (drugs, dying, aliens, you know).

Back in the old west, seems as if T’Beth and McCoy are enjoying themselves (at least T’Beth is anyway). I’m wondering what McCoy’s role is in this old west tale … he’s amnesiac and maybe dangerous, but he seems decent enough at the moment. The way he was dressed makes it seem like he was a bad guy but his head injury has wiped that idea from his mind.

The old west did turn out to be a dangerous place and McCoy did ride to the rescue, as he does. Man, that place is like a holodeck from hell in some ways. Spock getting stonewalled left and right was totally frustrating to watch, I can’t believe he didn’t call Kirk down to lay into someone with his “I’m an Admiral” thing, but everything turned out all right in the end.

Fun tale all around.

Author's Response:

K I S S I N G....

I rather think that Coy was a gambler who sat in on the wrong game. Probably won big and got rolled on his way to the next town. Things got hot indeed for a so-called amusement park. 

Spock seemed about ready to knocked down walls and punch a few noses in order to get his daughter back. Thankfully it didn't come to that. 


Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Aug 2014 17:56 Title: Chapter 1

Oh, the opening of this warmed my heart. It was good to see the turmoil that was in Spock subside and dissipate. The time jump wasn’t too jarring and was actually a welcome respite. It was nice to see Spock and Lauren hanging out, developing a mutual appreciation for one another, and having that blossom into a romance of sorts.

Seeing T’Beth again was also nice. It really seems like the girl has come a long way since reaching the understanding with her father about how she came to be in his care. She’s developed some, as any adolescent, and looks different but it’s good to see that she’s still that same girl, if only a bit more refined with some Vulcan discipline.

The wild west amusement park was inspired and the interplay between McCoy, Lauren, Spock and T’Beth is made of win in all forms. That dialogue was tight, fun, and absolutely a blast to read. McCoy vs. Spock is a classic and never gets old, IMO.

Spock and Lauren, out in the old west, is a sight to see. The vortex thing sounds like a bad idea at this juncture, maybe McCoy might regret it later, but at least T’Beth is having fun, right?  

Author's Response:

Thanks! It was fun letting Spock and Lauren have their secrets while McCoy thought he was foisting her on the Vulcan. And the misadventures of Coy and Beth were a blast, too. 

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