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Reviewer: M C Pehrson Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Aug 2014 19:36 Title: Chapter 1

This was delightful. As always, your handling of Seven is superb, and you have Admiral Janeway's character pinned down just as well. Her warmth, her humor, her grit. All throughout this interchange, I could see them vividly and smiled along. 

Yes, Seven, emotions do made calculations chaotic. And I am really wondering where her next step with Paul might lead. Will there be a kiss? How would she react to such a human intimacy? 

I found it interesting that she refrained from listing her childhood collective--the birth family she knew and loved before she was taken by the Borg. Was it just too painful a memory?


Reviewer: Miranda Fave Signed [Report This]
Date: 26 May 2014 22:19 Title: Chapter 1

First, I like the calling Janeway by Captain usage by Seven. It seems a comfort zone to go to. Like so much about Seven, despite her former Borg nature, she can actually be resistant to change and adaption, even though this is a cornerstone of the Borg development. Not something Seven would admit about herself. Especially as she does relate to metaphors and analogies in such terms as here when Janeway talks about the 'evolution' of her and Paul's relationship. Seven can begin to make the connection to the need to change to avoid the mistake of Janeway's 'coasting' relationship. However, I sensed from the piece that the fallout from her relationship with Chakotay was such that it changed irrevocably and that has hindered Seven in so many ways, especially as she seems to have cut ties with the crew to an extent (outside work related ties such as Paris and Torres it seems). No wonder Seven is reluctant to evolve her relationship with Paul as it would only cause her to worry that she would ruin the status quo. We saw on Voyager how Seven often did react badly to change - the prospect of returning to Earth etc in various episodes.

This break up does explain why it is only the fourth time she's been to Janeway's. Their mentor/student, mother/daughter relationship aboard Voyager obviously seems to have changed some since too. The break up with the Chak seems to explain that some - although to me it doesn't explain why Janeway didn't instigate meetings. I guess there's a lot of untold dynamics going on here (that I'd honestly like explored especially given that Seven seeks Janeway still for advice).

It is great to see Seven explored beyond the series and what her life is after Voyager. She has to have had a hard path just like kes7's Icheb but unlike him might not have the hopes and aspirations of a Starfleet career to throw herself into. And it seems you are going for the civilian capacity route with Seven. I like that a relationship is a part of that exploration and unlike in Season 7 it is not Seven who is trying to charge the relationship according to a plan akin to an experiment. Instead, she's more willing to seek advice and understands part of a relationship is the risk to get emotionally hurt.

A neat introduction to this, as I've not followed your Paul/Seven series too much to date. However, I really like the idea of it and want to see it handled, like here with a degree of depth and circumspect. Only tidbit of advice is to watch a few instances where the she and she and her and her was a little confusing as to which she. But really well done trekfan, you do characters in (or working to be in) relationship really well.

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