Reviews For Tech Failure
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Reviewer: SLWalker Signed [Report This]
Date: 17 Jul 2013 00:20 Title: Chapter 1

Hm. I am rather 'uhhhhhhh...' on this one. For many a reason; one, writing a little boy who got labeled defective even though he was both a product of nature and nurture and paid too high a price for that labeling. Another for the fact that I fear for my own son. Yet another for the fact that I don't hold a whole lot of stock in TNG-era tech, or their philosophies, some of which are downright terrifying. I sure hope Sarah gets a say in all of this. I don't think Hank would be able to make himself go to any screwed-up places, but it's amazing what you can convince parents to do to their own kids, supposedly for their good. Or what parents can convince themselves to do, for that matter.

Should be interesting, if nerve-wracking, to see where this goes.

Author's Response:

This one was a tough piece to write initially and I really debated whether to include it or not in the series. It could have easily been lost as it didn't really get that much love when it was first posted, but Sarah was like "it's official" and so it is. Even in the 24th century tech isn't perfect (though by the time this happens, we're in the early 25th century) and it misses things. It missed something here. Sarah has her issues and this is a major arc in her young development, but suffice it to say that the end result of this arc is very ... Sarah. She doesn't get forced into anything nor does she have anything done to her that's crazy like. Sarah's childhood years are rough, things get a bit easier as a teenager, and when she gets into the Academy she really starts to blossom. Thanks for the review on this one, really appreciated.

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