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Reviewer: SLWalker Signed [Report This]
Date: 16 Jul 2013 23:48 Title: Chapter 1

Okay. Bethany, I love you, but you are SCREWING IT UP. Lord in Heaven, when your little daughter is apologizing, she ALREADY KNOWS that she shouldn't have done it, you don't need to bunny hop on her about it! There were a number of things about this piece that tripped all my Mommy triggers, especially given that I'm going through exactly this kind of thing with my son. He is beautiful and sweet and smart, and yet stubborn as a mule with a temper and a heck of a time in school. Even so, you'd think by the twenty-fourth century, people would know better how to handle gifted if high-need children. Then again, they screwed the pooch on that in the twenty-third century, so I suppose the even more naive twenty-fourth wouldn't be much better.

Even so, I really feel for Sarah and think Bethany needs a kick in the shin right now.

Author's Response:

Bethany and Sarah's relationship is a tough one. The two are very much alike, but Sarah, being the last of the daughters, has her sisters expectations of what she should be kinda thrown on her as a younger child. Her sisters were angels, as we see here, and Bethany expected Sarah to be that sorta here, but she was not. Sarah is very much her own person. Bethany also thinks a lot of this is a repeat of her childhood in a way, a fear she carries throughout the time she's raising the children with Hank. The relationship between the two gets a lot better later on, past nine or so, but as a younger child things are difficult for both of them. Thanks for the review. :)

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