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Reviewer: Ln X Signed [Report This]
Date: 04 Jul 2013 11:03 Title: Epilogue

A nice little story with some insightful moments and subtle but good character development. If anything it seemed underdeveloped but it was an interesting format with Limis and Morrison's chapters... I might have to copy that style myself in future stories I'll be writing.

All in all I would give this story a 4/5.

Reviewer: Ln X Signed [Report This]
Date: 16 Jun 2013 14:16 Title: Part Three: Give Me Today, and I Will Be Happy

Wow! That hast to be one of your most erotic chapters ever! Great stuff! And Rebecca... It makes perfect sense how fighting the Dominion became her life, and now there is peace yet Rebecca's inner conflict still rages on...

Author's Response: I don't know if erotic would describe it, but addresses certain Betazoid cultural eccentricities in a non-prejudicial fashion while providing some symbolism to wanting to live life with very few rules if only for a short time. Of course, Rebecca does feel a major identity crisis having been involved in the war the last two years and now facing an uncertain future. It's the sort of thing a lot of today's war veterans face, struggling to re-acclimate themselves to civilian life.

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Date: 07 Jun 2013 17:30 Title: Part Two: Familiar Patterns

"But for us to be on the same transport, sitting across from one another? What are the odds of that?"

Yikes! The fourth wall fell down there!

As for Morrison and this love square or pentagon (possible one) between him, Neeley, Limis, Sara and Rebecca, I would suggest a dark room, lots of alcohol and let things happen. That'll sort things out!

But on a more serious note, I still think Morrison will end up back with Sara. I mean Sara's passion for Rebecca is waning and Morrison is still torn in two between Neeley and Sara, so...

As you said towards the end, a relationship between Morrison and Limis just ain't going to happen. Personally I don't think it should happen, I don't see the chemistry between the two or the spark of something which could be genuine love. So right now I'm as confused as Morrison over which woman he is going to pick.

Author's Response: It's a tough road ahead indeed. Steering Limis and Morrison together was something I had planned from the beginning with the conflict of a ship captain involved with a subordinate. Admittedly, I strayed from that in Year 2, and some loose ends need to be tied before moving on to new relationship arcs. It's just a matter of being done well and in a believable manner. Did you see a Paris-Torres romance coming during the first two seasons of Voyager, given how few extended interactions they had then? Or a Janeway-Chakotay will they or won't they teaser during the first two seasons, considering the conflict of interest from being captain and first officer? Or how about Troi and Worf, when they had very few interactions until she was helping him with Alexander?

Reviewer: Ln X Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Jun 2013 19:45 Title: Part One: A Hero's Welcome

First of all this is a really nice surprise! I have been waiting for you to commence season 3 of Lambda Paz for ages and this... This... You sir have made my day! I personally think you have been holding back from this story until I had read in its entirety Omega!

And I'm really glad that the first chapter of this book addressed one of the main plot ideas I suggested to you; have Limis reunite with her son! So thanks a lot! I don't if you had that in mind or if this story just came out this way, but I am going to really enjoy this story as it already has that feel of the TNG season 4 episode 'Family'.

I think it is a great move portraying how the Bajoran people, or Limis' old village folk, she her and while it is nothing dramatic -- thank God, we could use some quieter moments in this series! -- it does a great service in portraying Limis as this wearied fighter. Plus everything is uncertain now, I love how you throw in the possibility that the Lambda Paz could be taken out of service and thus its crew would be forced to disband. Things are already moving on so soon after the Dominion war, so everything is so melancholy and reflective.

I'm glad that Yanith finally understands his mother's sacrifice. I think that has been the greatest part of Limis' pain, knowing that she has not been the best mother to Yanith but circumstances called for her to be away from Yanith. Plus Yanith being so bitter to her for large durations of his childhood must have been like shrapnel to Limis' heart. So I think this mother/son relationship is one of your most powerful of this series. However I feel there could be one really powerful moment between Limis and Yanith as Limis just lets it all out since Yanith is probably the only one who Limis can have a true heart-to-heart chat with.

As for the rest of this story, I am eagerly looking to what happens to Sh'Aqba. She must be having a utterly miserable time baring an illegitimate child in the eyes of her people and her lover is gone so I know you will be following up on her.

I am interested in seeing how the Morrison/Neeley and Rebecca/Carson romances are going to pan out. Maybe Morrison is going to hit it off with Neeley although if he thinks the Prophets will help with an orb vision, he has another thing coming to him. As for Rebecca and Carson, I feel this is their last trip together and I wonder if Carson is staring to have rekindled feelings for Morrison. In that case we could have a love triangle on our hands!

The final character I have my attention on is Kozar. There has been some bad blood recently between him and Limis, but I wonder if a period of shore leave will help to clear his head. At any rate I sense more clashes and showdowns between the two later in season 3.

Finally I wonder if this story will go to Deep Space Nine and examine any of the characters immediately after the Dominion war ended? Characters like Kira, Nog, Ezri, Bashir or Quark? I don't mind if you do this or not, though I presume this story will focus solely on the Lambda Paz characters you created.

As for this first chapter, this is a great introduction to Victories and Defeats, and I suspect that title will have some serious meanings for this story! Looking forward to more chapters and good job with this one!

Author's Response: Next to come is a chapter centering on Morrison with a little of clarification of what precipitated Kira and Shakaar's break-up. The Prophets never explain anything straight out, and when they do, their reasoning is not all that clear (Sisko experiencing sorrow if he married Kasidy). But how a non-Bajoran will interpret a similar Orb experience is a whole other story.

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