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Reviewer: Robert Bruce Scott Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 19 Jul 2021 08:22 Title: Chapter 6

Tantalizing bits about Juneau's alter-ego - whether native, implanted or invasive yet to be seen.

Looks like Lar'rogos needs an extended nap to deal with a few demons of his own.

Speaking of which, there's a familiar scene... 

Thanks!! rbs

Author's Response:

Yes, snippets of this story were moved into the larger The Long Road anthology for Lar'ragos.

Reviewer: Erin Moriarty Signed [Report This]
Date: 06 Nov 2014 21:05 Title: Chapter 6

I think the thing that fascinates me the most about Pava is that out of all the things he fears, he probably fears what he himself is capable of the most. He has had bad things done to him, but he had done bad things as well. In this instance, there seems to be a valid reason for it (although we’ve only seen this one side), but I have a feeling that there have been unjustified acts of brutality as well. You don’t go through as many years as he’s gone through, and seen the sort of things he has seen without reflecting back brutality of your own. It all goes back to the old Nietzsche quote: “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.” I am looking forward to learning more about his life. Some people write their brooding, dark characters in caricaturish form, surrounding them with the trappings of emotion and telling the audience how they are dark, rather than showing. I think your manner of writing a truly dark, conflicted hero is extremely effective. I empathize with him despite never having been through what he has experienced, I feel for him without pitying.

Author's Response:

Thank you for the review! Pava is indeed a complicated creature with a long, sordid history. He's a hard man to comes to grips with, neither hero nor villain, more sinner than saint.

Reviewer: Ln X Signed [Report This]
Date: 27 Jan 2013 19:37 Title: Chapter 6

For some reason Lar'ragos steals every scene, even when he's dreaming, though I wonder if what he is dreaming bears any relation to this threat (in the real world) or the development of the story, or if it is a chance to throw in some character development?

Author's Response:

Reviewer: vincenthugo Signed [Report This]
Date: 27 Nov 2010 03:23 Title: Chapter 6

And we go into even further depths with the Lar'ragos character...I hope he comes to peace with whatever is tormenting him in his sleep. I think it's nice having an El Aurian for an officer. He seems a lot more 'hardened' than other El Aurians we've seen.

Author's Response:

Thanks for commenting!  As you'll discover, Lar'ragos is indeed a lot harder than most others of his species, and for good reason.

Reviewer: CaptainSarine Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 21 Dec 2009 12:42 Title: Chapter 6

I love the alterego you have created for Juneau and am so intrigued to see where that is going.

More, though, I absolutely adored the dream/memory of Lar'ragos - so well written, the world building was amazing and it was such a surprise to see this side of our character.

Another top notch job. You are an absolutely fantastic author and, in the words of Wayne, I am not worthy!!! :)

Author's Response:

Thanks for the compliment! :-)  Yes, Lar'ragos has a long and tortured past, and here we begin to see why the mission to Lakesh effected him so deeply... the Klingons are an uncomfortable mirror to hold up to one's self.  As for Juneau's alter-ego, well, you'll just have to wait and see.

Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 19 Dec 2009 05:30 Title: Chapter 6

Pava's memories certainly don't seem happy at all. And there seems to be a lot more going on them most people know on the ship...interesting.

Author's Response:

He has a very checkered past, and quite a lot to atone for.

Reviewer: SLWatson Signed [Report This]
Date: 21 Feb 2009 19:05 Title: Chapter 6

Ah, now we get somewhere. Either Juneau is a sleeper for Section 31 or the TIA or SOME covert faction. And some excellent backstory on Pava; not unexpected, but still adds more to the mental makeup of the man as we go along with him.

But now, yes, you really have me wondering what Juneau is all about. Great reveal on the device from the story before, too!

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