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Reviewer: Gul Rejal Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 10 Oct 2010 03:53 Title: Chapter Six

"But... but... but... but..." Poor Iymender. Bad Va'Kust, bad! To terrorise the poor guy! And so Spirodopoulos has learnt that the Cardassians have familiar sense of humour, maybe more cruel (;)), but they do!

It was such an important moment for them all, and still not silly pompous, but natural and smooth.

"Guinness meets maple syrup!" Ahahahahahaha!

This is my favourite chapter. It was when I had read it the first time and it still is. Seriousness mixing with humour, big plans with little gestures. They attempt to build a bridge, which would connect them and let them meet in the middle of it; no one has to be more important than the other. They are equal, even Folani seems to understand it. And Speros too.

Gul Berat! The first deep glance into him, what he is like, why he is different - and I don't mean only his physical condition, but his open personality; his readiness to forgive, to remember, but forgive; his honesty; his open-mindedness.

Did Spirodopoulos actually hear his name before? I remembered that Berat told him that at the end of their conversation, so I had been paying attention if the Greek was actually told the young gul's name. He wasn't "on-screen". And in this chapter seems like he didn't "forget", but "didn't catch". Cardassians should learn to introduce people properly ;)

Author's Response:

I think that for whatever reason, Spirodopoulos didn't hear it or didn't remember it.  When he first met Berat he had a LOT going through his mind.  But I'd actually hidden his name so that if anybody were to read my stories who remembered Betrayal, it would come as a surprise to see who he is.

Gul Berat's still all Cardassian (at least I hope so), but there's no doubt he's a very unusual person.

As for Va'Kust and his humor...well, some of that is just Va'Kust's personality.  He has a very dry sense of humor, so it's easy for him to string people along, so to speak.

I'm really glad you like this means a lot.

Reviewer: Lady Drace Signed [Report This]
Date: 15 Oct 2009 10:56 Title: Chapter Six

"Burakgazi’s speech bore a distinctive form of border-colony syntax—the oddly common verb-first construction an influence most of them would rather die than acknowledge as Cardăsda in origin."

Another wonderful language tidbit!I love it!

"Dukat-the-avenging-angel-of-Cardassia…" Perfectly put!

Oh and I love the little mention of Legate Ghemor. :oP

I guess some of the inspiration for your lovable characters shine through here. I might go and read Betrayal, just to hear more of Berat. :o)



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