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Reviewer: Gul Rejal Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 08 Oct 2010 07:23 Title: Chapter Five

It was the first thing I had thought about Folani's victim back on AR-558 - he was most likely too young to be a part of the occupation. But for her it didn't matter, she just wanted him to suffer. And die.

Oh, no, Folani didn't want to use the "s" word with the cutlery in it, did she?

Macet's reaction was understandable for the "alleged' word, but I wonder if the young officer shouldn't be rather educated, instead of punished. She believed what she had be told/taught and she didn't have to necessarily know that her words were offencive and wrong. She had been lied to all her life and in a totalitarian system not many have a chance to know the truth and/or be able to tell it apart from propaganda and official stand of the government.

Folani got her speech too, but I can understand her. I would have problems with putting on an SS uniform too. And I have no idea if any Spirodopoulos would be able to make me do it, if I locked myself in refusal.

Author's Response:

Folani didn't pay any attention to the fact that her victim couldn't have been responsible for the Occupation.  All she saw was...well, a "spoonhead."  Which was indeed the word she was about to use. :-(

As to Macet...there are a number of reasons he reacted so harshly.  Before the Dominion takeover, the Cardassian government had issued a few apologies for certain things done during the Occupation.  Since the government made these official admissions (keeping prisoners on one of the worlds of the Cardassia system after the withdrawal, and another one when they signed the treaty with Bajor), Trughal was essentially denying something Cardassia's own government had said.  And unlike the moment where Macet made an exception on the bridge, here in front of the Starfleet officers, he wasn't about to.  We know he's been willing in the past to publicly punish his soldiers in order to make an example of them when they're stuck in Obsidian Order or other unacceptable ways.  And he especially wants to make an example of Trughal because he doesn't want his people getting the idea that they'll be allowed to mistreat the Starfleet officers without severe consequences--no matter what the circumstances.

But there's also a personal motivation that even if we ignored all these factors, and thought that maybe there would be reason to educate instead of punish Trughal--remember that Macet knows a LOT about the atrocities because of his hated cousin, Gul Skrain Dukat.  Basically, his cousin was in some ways like Hitler...his cousin was the source of those atrocities.  He has a LOT of strong personal feelings about this--anger, disgust, outrage, and though he keeps it contained, I truly think he hates his cousin.  It didn't put him in any mood to be forgiving, that's for sure.

So even though there was an alternative, I think there's reason enough that this character would not take it.

As for the thing with the uniform...that's why Spirodopoulos insisted AFTER Trughal was gone that Folani and any other person who did not feel they could wear a Cardassian uniform could refuse.  He wasn't going to have Folani throwing out racist words, but he also felt that her refusal was understandable.  Spirodopoulos would not make you do it.  Basically, his complaint against Folani was that she should have handled it without resorting to racist language.

Now, I tend to think of the Cardassian uniform as more like that of the Wehrmacht than the SS, but that is still something that would be objectionable to Folani and some others.

Reviewer: Lady Drace Signed [Report This]
Date: 27 Jul 2009 14:52 Title: Chapter Five

Frinx! Hehe, it's the new Frakk!

I love how Folani's promise to go along makes the rest of them decide to go along too. Like she speaks for all the hotheads. :oP

The uniforms! Oh, I could go on and on about this. Because in the show we often see them bend and fold. (cause they're made of rubber or somthing, I'm sure.) But somehow we tend to assume that they're metal. I did myself once in a fic of mine. Huge kudos to you for playing with the memory material idea!

Oooh, the showdown between Trughal and Folani. Loving this!

And ouch! Spirodopoulos really shows his balls towards Folani. And she really had it coming. That's gotta sting.

Author's Response:

"Frinx" is a word I remember from the DS9 novel Betrayal, which is canon material for the Sigils and Unions universe.  I enjoyed letting it make an appearance here. ;-)

I wouldn't quite say Folani speaks for all the hotheads...but I do think it sends a message to everyone when someone who has a damn good reason to be very, very opposed to anything Cardassian is going along with this.

I am SO glad you liked the part about the uniforms!  To me, Cardassian uniforms seemed more practical than ceremonial (like the Klingons), even with their neat design.  I also thought this helped explain the onscreen evidence...I've heard some people say Cardassian uniforms are "flimsy"--but I thought that giving it this sort of reason would help diminish that impression.  Now, there's one change I DID make, though...on the show, I noticed it's usually only legates who get undershirts that go partway up the neck ridges--I've decided, personally, that while legates always do wear such uniforms, that it is still an option for non-legates.  After all, given how concerned the Cardassians have to be about getting cold, I thought it would work.

And glad you agree Folani had it coming!  Really both she AND Trughal had it coming--both were wrong and both were fanning the flames.  And the fact that she was about to call Trughal a "spoonhead"--that was something that had to be stopped, and quickly.

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