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Reviewer: Gul Rejal Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05 Oct 2010 00:04 Title: Chapter Three

Gul Macet is as loyal to his crew as they are to him, no doubt. He cares for each and every one of them, which is a very good and important quality in any commanding officer. They are not expendable cannon-fodder for him, they are his people, his officers and his troops and he is reponsible for them. He respects them. And they answer with respect, loyalty and trust.

And Rhos's comment on Damar? Oh, my. She's no fan of the Legate's, but such words? Macet is really lenient, leaving it practically without a reproachful comment. Stress or no stress, I think he should have a talk with her, in private. She shouldn't express such disrespectful opinions of high rankings officials, no matter what she thought of them and certainly not in public! Such behaviour could negatively influence crew moral, which probably isn't at its best right now anyway.

I like the crew's Cardassian spirit and readiness to sacrifice their lives to free their home. "Cardassianness" at its best :)

Author's Response:

He definitely cares about his crew...that's for sure.

The situation with crew morale is interesting.  While it may sound crazy, I actually think that crew morale right now is far higher than it's been since the Dominion took over--they're thrilled to hear the news that after all their preparations to fight back against the Dominion, they're really going to get to do something!  They are now fighting for something that they can really believe in, and I think that makes a huge difference.

Macet did take a gamble here.  I think that he felt what would be MOST damaging to crew morale is if he just told her to shut up, and he did not address the suspicions they ALL had about Damar, and whether or not by rebelling they were going into a trap.  If he was evasive after this "bomb" was thrown, he thought that they won't see "Rhos is insubordinate," they would see "Macet and possibly others are playing a dangerous game with our lives."  However, while I didn't state it outright, it was my intention to imply that there was indeed a very stern private conversation about those remarks.  That's what I meant with "dealing with Rhos’ borderline-insubordinate attitude later."  I expect he told her that while he chose to let it go this once, there will be no more exceptions and any further comments like that will be dealt with severely.

Reviewer: Lady Drace Signed [Report This]
Date: 31 May 2009 09:43 Title: Chapter Three

DAMAR! Oh, you captured his voice beautifully! Slightly pompous, but deadly serious.

The tension on the bridge as Macet announces the intention to follow Damar is thick as custard! Had me glued to the screen, that's for sure. And I say again how much I love the character of Mindesa Rhos.

Lovely too, how Macet doesn't order his men forward, but simply asks them. Now that speaks of a greatness most humanoid (or Cardasnoid, hehe) species can appreciate.

I cannot get enough of your personification of the Trager. It's just so yummy to read! Like:

"The Trager leapt hungrily into warp"
"the Trager wailed at its wounds"

The description of the shuttle going kamikaze is just awesome! I don't think I could ever recount a spacebattle as believable as that. Great job!

And I'm sure you're aware by now just how much I go into nerdgasms over Cardassian physiology...
"this crawling sensation was that of microscales locking down as tight as they could to contain whatever heat they could manage to hold." Oooohhh.

Macet only gets more and more cool as the story weaves on. Phew! Intense!


Author's Response:

Thank you so much for reading--and I'm glad you're enjoying it!

I am especially happy to know you feel I got Damar's voice right. :-)

About the personification of the Trager...I think we as readers are used to seeing alien ships as the enemy.  Simple machines to be blown out of space.  I thought it would be nice to show something a little different from that. :-)

And I'm glad you like the Cardassian physiology stuff--even though I stay out of certain departments you venture into! ;-P ;-)

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