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Reviewer: Gul Rejal Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 01 Oct 2010 00:14 Title: Chapter Two

Owwww, the relation between Berat and Macet is so close, so full of trust. It was wonderful to observe their conversation, something so opened and honest, surely not an often sight in the Union. In my universe the fact that they use their given names would be very significant and seems like it is the case here too.

That trust lets them ask questions no-one would dare to ask and answer them truthfully without worry. Their care for fellow officers, their comrades is touching and telling.

I hadn't realised that Yejain was especially chosen by Tekeny Ghemor to be Berat's aide. Now, knowing a bit of what kind of man Yejain is (from the Natima Lang's article), I am happy that Berat has someone, who he can immensely trust and who is such a decent man.

Now, Spirodopoulos still expects to be sent to hell. He already noticed that there is something different about Macet and that impression only strengthens, but he doesn't expect whole premise to be any different. One good Cardassian doesn't make a POW camp a vacation resort.

And about the "reflex". Was it about zh'Tessel, who thanked, or the Cardassian woman, who helped? Or both? Wouldn't the Andorian thank someone, who helped her, because that someone was a Cardassian /a capturer; or wouldn't the Cardassian help a prisoner, because it was a prisoner and can break her legs for all the Cardassian cared?

Author's Response:

The two of them are indeed very close friends, and the fact that they use each other's given names does mean a lot.  That is something they would only ever do in private, though...they would not use each other's first names if anybody else could see: Berat because it would appear disrespectful of Macet's age, and Macet because it would make it look like he didn't take the younger gul seriously.

Yejain was indeed specially chosen for the position.  In fact, right now (a few chapters ahead of what's been posted), I am writing from Yejain's perspective and he's remembering what it was like when that happened.

You're very right that Spirodopoulos expects to be sent to hell, and he's very much on guard against whatever could happen in there, regardless of what Macet has said or done.

As for the "reflex," Spirodopoulos thinks it was the Cardassian woman who helped, mainly.  He believes that for a Cardassian, another species is automatically a lower form of life and would not deserve the same kind of consideration as a fellow Cardassian (and that prisoners are treated that way, too).  As for zh'Thessel, she doesn't like Cardassians at all, but I think she's deliberately refusing to be rude.

Reviewer: Lady Drace Signed [Report This]
Date: 28 May 2009 00:41 Title: Chapter Two

Another wonderful character of yours. Tayben! You just cannot help but like and admire him!

"ghentregă’ămsthe". I love this word, but I have to admit... it makes me giggle because it reminds me of a rather ridiculous word in my language. Hehe. Could one beg a translation? Pretty Please? Dying with curiosity here...

I love the description of the 'rebel base'. I mean, steel? Not some obscure cardassian metal or something out of this world? Just plain steel. Do you have any theories on how they come by it? Meaning, do you believe that certain raw materials are identical throughout the universe? Is there iron on Cardassia? Or on some of their union planets? I'd love to talk more about this.

Author's Response:

Well, I can't take all the credit for Tayben, I'm afraid.  He actually came from a book called Betrayal, by Lois Tilton.  I loved the character so much that I gave him that first name, extended his story for 7 years, and made him a major character of mine.  (The only thing is...the re-injury was my idea.  But this time...I felt like he had the strength and grace to cope with it.)

And that word means "illegitimate son."

And yeah, that's normal steel.  Since steel is an iron-carbon alloy, it's an easy material to come by.  I do imagine that for planets in life-bearing systems, that'll be fairly common.

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