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Reviewer: Miranda Fave Signed [Report This]
Date: 29 May 2014 00:56 Title: Chapter 1

Funny how despite so much derision in its run, and despite the hopes of fans for some focus on the crew after their return to the Alpha Quadrant it was never feasible for the show to explore such stories, and yet they do offer such rich potential for story telling and character studies. Gilmore and the other Equinox survivors are a prime example of that potential.

Just like Seven and icheb, the crewmembers of the Equinox had to face the prospect of return to Earth with in trepeditation and fear not really knowing yet also quite aware of what they would face. You deal with these issues here and focus on the most sympathetic of the Equinox crew, Gilmore. The Admirals make some valid points about the ethical mettle of Gilmore - will her experience actually stand her in good stead and serve as a learning curve or would she buckle again under such pressures to do what was expedient? It's hard to say, and I imagine from this that it is hard for Gilmore to say too. However, she made the hardest call ever, before. So perhaps she is made of sterner stuff than imagined. One wonders, what awaits her now.

Reviewer: FalseBill Signed [Report This]
Date: 28 May 2014 23:14 Title: Chapter 1

The Equinox Question, something Voyager didn’t pick up with after the two-part episode or give time to upon their return to Earth.

You draw out Maria Gilmore deepest thoughts and fears over the tainted actions of her part in helping Captain Ransom with murder of the nucleogenuc lifeforms and using their corpses to improve the Equinox Warp Drive.

I’m not surprise that the other three got ten years in a Starfleet jail as they didn’t seem to show any real remorse other their actions in support of Captain Ransom where at least Maria you felt found her conscious and was seeking redemption.

Perhaps that why the idea of still being lost on Voyager in the Delta Quadrant fighting the Borg and Hirogen rather than rotting in a Starfleet jail and then having to explain to other people why she was sent there and lost her officer commission.

I like that you had the Admirals split and clearly Janeway and Torres statement were the ones that swung two of the Admirals. Seems Maria is smart enough to understand this by her careful silence and her response to the Vulcan Admiral.

I can understand why the Bolian Admiral lays into her and questions her moral fiber and his fear that letting her keeping her commission might be deployed by others within the Federation.

I’ve got to admit I’m surprise that the Admiral Board decide to let her keep her commission and continue to serve even in a non-authority position. Still in the final paragraph by explaining her joy at the let off and then showing that all she has got left after the delta quadrant and the Dominion War is Starfleet.

An interesting scene and well delivered.

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