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Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 02 Jun 2013 04:55 Title: Chapter 30

And so we have the last chapter here, the last little view into this great family. Malcolm’s present to Lili, and to himself in some ways, was a perfect one. He built his own house! And he made it so she’s part owner of it, just as he’s part of her life. It was sweet and surprising moment, one that thankfully didn’t get really spoiled by Q and his flash-forward bits. If it did, I didn’t put it together.

Anyway, the house is there and a schedule it to be arranged … and they’re close to one another. They can visit anytime. They can say hi in the mornings or hang in the evenings. Family.

At the dinner table, as the fortune cookies are being exchanged (Lady Q is delicious here, love how she’s just outraged they’ve waited THIS long to open his fortune cookies) it’s all just perfect. The fortunes are tailored made for them and Q is nodding back to Lili here that maybe the timeline isn’t as set as she and he would like to believe. Maybe things can be changed … these are just fortune cookies, so perhaps they don’t tell anything super important, but Q’s gift is a good one. A little compliment complete with a peak into the future, a proper happy ending.

And a very well written poem, with a baby named Declan Charles Reed.  

Author's Response:

I struggled with what would be the perfect gift, and then I realized it would have to be a house, that Malcolm would have to have his own turf, and a way to be able to easily be there. And it's a commitment, too, to Lili, and to the family. And he doesn't know, but he'll be buried there, as the ultimate commitment.

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