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Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 02 Jun 2013 02:59 Title: Chapter 24

And so we find Q here, continuing to mull over the decision he has to make. There has to be compromise in a relationship and Q isn’t so comfortable with this, after all he did state earlier that people in the Continuum like to be one way and one way only: atop one another (not sure if that’s in a metaphorical or literal sense, knowing the Q, probably both) but Lili is quick to point out that compromise is necessary, that there has to be someone who’s a peacekeeper in the relationship … even if it’s someone outside the relationship.

Q seems to take this point and whisks Lili again to the future, again to the final scene of one of her dearest family members. Here, Norri is saying her goodbyes to everyone. She’s surrounded by loved one and that’s the way she wants it. Her words aren’t profound, no, but they are very meaningful. The family theme is uttered here “Forever” and it’s appropriate for the moment.

I’m glad to see Dexter has found someone, even if he’s not quite yet ready to have children, but Norri’s final moments are laced with a bit of hope. She’s at the bridge, everyone else is there, and they’re striving towards something, working towards something … it’s nice to think that, in the afterlife, it’s not all about sitting around and patting yourself on the back for making it there and picking the right faith/beliefs … it’s a sense of community, something formed greater than yourselves striving for a purpose.

And now Norri has that purpose again, with her love by her side.  

Author's Response:

Yes; it's purpose.

I wanted what's beyond the bridge to have purpose. Harps and clouds and haloes are lovely; but I think meaningful work and family togetherness is more.

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