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Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 02 Jun 2013 01:05 Title: Chapter 17

And so we finally see the last day for Lili. I feel bad for Malcolm here, He’s waited so long to marry her and only gets about 20 odd years or so. He’s been faithful, loyal, patient, and loving … but I suppose that was really the best they could hope for. Neither of them is a spring chicken and both are up there in years. The last moments the elder Lili has, of sweet love with Malcolm evolving into some fun wordplay (which has consistently been good in this piece all around, the wordplay), and then something she see that Malcolm doesn’t … a bit of heat lightning.

You portray the way she just slowly drifts off quite well. I don’t know if that’s how it happens, I’ve never been in a situation like that, but I assume that’s pretty close to it. The soon to be departed seeing things that aren’t there (I see things that aren’t there all the time, should I be worried? ;) )and the strength leaving them. Lili went the way Doug did, much the same, and I feel that Q’s influence on events in the past (by him taking her there) played a part in the way she went. She left all the things and she bid Malcolm farewell, but was happily greeted by Doug and Kevin.

We should all be so lucky to go so peacefully, but Malcolm’s loss is felt here at the end. The piercing wail and the tears. He’s alone now. He’s lost his heart and his soul, his day and his night, and I don’t see him living much longer without her. I see him dying of heartbreak and heartache at the end, the kind of couple that just can’t see to go on without one another.

So, Q, what was the lesson here? Till death do us part? I’m curious to see how it ties it all back together.  

Author's Response:

It's about eternity.

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