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Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Jun 2013 22:21 Title: Chapter 8

Wow, okay … well, we do have dark Q here, don’t we? He’s really driving hard this time. He whisks Lili into the future to see a very aged Doug and an equally aged and tired Melisa, both suffering from some serious heartache. Baby Kevin … conceived when both were at an advanced age, already fighting the odds on that front, is born with a number of defects. I see Q’s point here all too clearly … why didn’t they stop? Why didn’t Doug or Melisa get it medical taken care of so this wouldn’t happen?

This is one of those horrible questions that you have to consider … is a child born like this, destined to die in weeks time, one you should have? Is that the humane thing to do, the right thing to do? Love made this possible but was it right to begin with? Medical tech at that time diagnosed him with what he was going to suffer from. They had ample opportunity to end it … but they saw it through.

Despite the suffering of poor little Kevin, they did what I would have done. They gave life a chance and that’s all you can do. The actions you took produced this life and you have to give it a chance, at the very least one chance, to let it live. To give it a shot in the dark that maybe, against all odds, it somehow survives. It happens in this day and I imagine it happens in their day too.

But it was still painful to read about and it was still sad to watch unfold. Lili might be quite shaken by this, I don’t know, but given that she knows the future now I wonder if she’ll tell Doug and Melisa. That seems like the right thing to do, to spare them the pain, but wouldn’t she just be denying little Kevin that chance? The future isn’t written in stone, as much as Q would like us to believe it is … rough stuff. Tough choices. All while that ominous funnel cloud hangs over her house and her loved ones, preparing to drop down on them.

What’s Q’s play here?  

Author's Response:

Kevin is ... he plays a role. But yeah, it's harsh. 

One thing I disliked about later Trek (later in the canon timeline, that is) is that a lot of things are so damned easy. And our lives are so not like that. Innocent infants live and die; people are separated. The world is lovely but it is an imperfect place. Kevin's fortune is not so bright, it seems.

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